Chapter 578 Secs. 32-1 to 32-9zz Department of Economic and Community Development
Chapter 579 Secs. 32-10 to 32-23zz Connecticut Innovations, Incorporated
Chapter 580 Secs. 32-24 to 32-31 Connecticut Research Commission (Repealed)
Chapter 580a Sec. 32-31a Economic Development Projects: General Provisions
Chapter 581 Secs. 32-32 to 32-47a Innovation Capital Act of 1989. Connecticut Innovations, Incorporated
Chapter 582 Secs. 32-48 to 32-55i Surety Bond Guarantee Program for Small Contractors (Repealed)
Chapter 583 Secs. 32-56 to 32-59 Defense Contracts
Chapter 583a Sec. 32-59a Task Force on Manufacturing in Connecticut (Repealed)
Chapter 584 Secs. 32-60 to 32-69 Industrial Revenue Bond Mortgage Insurance Fund
Chapter 585 Secs. 32-70 to 32-80c Enterprise Zones, Entertainment Districts, Enterprise Corridor Zones and Airport Development Zones
Chapter 586 Secs. 32-81 to 32-85 Loans to Small Contractors and Small Manufacturers (Repealed)
Chapter 587 Secs. 32-86 to 32-95 Connecticut Film, Video and Media Office and Commission (Repealed) (See Chapter 184b)
Chapter 588 Secs. 32-96 to 32-109 Small Business Advisory Council
Chapter 588a Secs. 32-110 to 32-129 Infrastructure Development Economic Assistance (Repealed)
Chapter 588b Secs. 32-130 to 32-139 Loan Incentives for Employment (Repealed)
Chapter 588c Secs. 32-140 to 32-149 Industrial Development Bonds
Chapter 588d Secs. 32-150 to 32-155 Employee Ownership Trust Fund (Repealed)
Chapter 588e Secs. 32-156 to 32-159 Northeast Connecticut Capital Assistance Fund (Repealed)
Chapter 588f Secs. 32-160 to 32-169 Exporters Revolving Loan Fund (Repealed)
Chapter 588g Secs. 32-170 to 32-174 Job Training Coordination (Repealed)
Chapter 588h Secs. 32-175 to 32-179 Small Business Innovation Research Assistance (See Chapter 588r)
Chapter 588i Secs. 32-180 to 32-184 Connecticut-Israel Exchange Commission
Chapter 588j Secs. 32-185 to 32-199 Connecticut Convention Center (Repealed)
Chapter 588k Secs. 32-200 to 32-219 Lower Fairfield County Convention Center Authority (Repealed)
Chapter 588l Secs. 32-220 to 32-244a Economic Development and Manufacturing Assistance
Chapter 588m Secs. 32-245 to 32-259 Commission on Connecticut's Future
Chapter 588n Secs. 32-260 to 32-299 Credit, Jobs, Capital Investment and Tax Incremental Financing Programs
Chapter 588o Secs. 32-300 to 32-314 Tourism (Repealed) (See Chapter 184b)
Chapter 588p Secs. 32-315 to 32-324h Energy Conservation Loans and Investment in Alternative Fuels
Chapter 588q Secs. 32-325 to 32-339 Regional Economic Development
Chapter 588r Secs. 32-340 to 32-379 Small Business
Chapter 588s Secs. 32-380 to 32-424 Stadium Project
Chapter 588t Secs. 32-425 to 32-449 Connecticut Port Authority (Repealed)
Chapter 588u Secs. 32-450 to 32-499 Financial Assistance: General Provisions
Chapter 588v Secs. 32-500 to 32-529 International Trade
Chapter 588w Secs. 32-530 to 32-599 Insurance and Financial Services Export Zone
Chapter 588x Secs. 32-600 to 32-619 Capital Region Development Authority
Chapter 588y Secs. 32-620 to 32-649 Patriots Stadium (Repealed)
Chapter 588z Secs. 32-650 to 32-699 Adriaen's Landing and Rentschler Field
Chapter 588aa Secs. 32-700 to 32-709 State Assistance for Economic Development
Chapter 588bb Secs. 32-710 to 32-715 Connecticut Rural Development Council
Chapter 588cc Secs. 32-716 to 32-724 Innovation Network for Economic Development
Chapter 588dd Secs. 32-725 to 32-729 Office of the Business Advocate. Office of the Permit Ombudsman
Chapter 588ee Secs. 32-730 to 32-740 Connecticut Competitiveness Council (Repealed)
Chapter 588ff Secs. 32-741 to 32-759 Regional Economic Development Districts
Chapter 588gg Secs. 32-760 to 32-776 Brownfield Remediation and Development
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