Legal Authority

(Cod. Conn. Const. Art. III., Sec. 4, as amended.)

(House of representatives, how constituted.)
Sec. 4. The house of representatives shall consist of not less than one hundred twenty-five and not more than two hundred twenty-five members, each of whom shall have attained the age of eighteen years and be an elector residing in the assembly district from which he is elected. Each assembly district shall be contiguous as to territory and shall elect no more than one representative. For the purpose of forming assembly districts no town shall be divided except for the purpose of forming assembly districts wholly within the town.

Historical Note: This section, as printed here, incorporates Article II., Sec. 2, of the Amendments to the Constitution of the State of Connecticut, and the second section of Article XV., of said Amendments. Said Article II., Sec. 2, was adopted on November 25, 1970, and required that representatives have attained the age of twenty-one. Said Article XV., was adopted on November 26, 1980, and reduced the required minimum age to eighteen. 

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