OLR Research Report

September 15, 1999





By: Lawrence K. Furbish, Assistant Director

You asked if any Connecticut facility has an inpatient treatment program for adult sex offenders.

Apparently, no Connecticut facility has such a program, although the Institute for Living, a private psychiatric facility affiliated with Hartford Hospital may treat some sex offenders on an individual basis. There is also an adolescent sex-offender treatment program in Meriden, but it is a residential program, not an inpatient setting.

We spoke with two experts about your question. Dr. Michael Norko is a psychiatrist who is the medical director of two outpatient mental health agencies and co-director of Yale's Forensic Training Program. He was the director of Whiting Forensic Institute and is considered an expert who has studied and written on sex offenders. David D'Amora is a psychologist and director of the Center for the Treatment of Problem Sexual Behavior, which provides the sex offender treatment for the special intensive probation programs operated by the Office of Adult Probation. He is also a trainer for sex offender treatment practitioners and a member of the Connecticut Association for the Treatment of Sexual Offenders.

Both Norko and D'Amora said no Connecticut facility operates an inpatient treatment program for adult sex offenders. D'Amora said that private facilities, such as the Institute for Living occasionally treat an individual who was a sex offender, but that there was no program for such people. Norko said that he thought a psychologist at the Institute used to have a program for impaired professionals, such as priests, doctors, and lawyers. He believes that substance abuse was the most common reason for people to be in this program, but that it might include some pedophiles. We have as yet been unable to contact the person at the Institute who operated this program, but if we obtain more information we will send a follow-up report.

According to Norko, a private organization called Justice Resource Inc. operates a residential adolescent sex offender treatment program at Cliff House in Meriden for the Department of Children and Families. A residential program is much less structured and intense than inpatient treatment, and it is also usually voluntary and involves less strict security. Because your question involved adult inpatient treatment, we did not attempt to get more information about the Cliff House program, but we would be happy to do so if you wish.