House Bill No. 6591

Public Act No. 99-44

An Act Providing for Review by the Auditors of Public Accounts of Proposed State Agency Contracts for Outside Audit Services.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened:

Section 1. Section 4-216 of the general statutes is repealed and the following is substituted in lieu thereof:

(a) No state agency may execute a personal service agreement having a cost of more than fifty thousand dollars or a term of more than one year, without the approval of the secretary. A state agency may apply for an approval by submitting the following information to the secretary: (1) A description of the services to be purchased and the need for such services; (2) an estimate of the cost of the services and the term of the agreement; (3) whether the services are to be on-going; (4) whether the state agency has contracted out for such services during the preceding two years and, if so, the name of the contractor, term of the agreement with such contractor and the amount paid to the contractor; (5) whether any other state agency has the resources to provide the services; (6) whether the agency intends to purchase the services by competitive negotiation and, if not, why; and (7) whether it is possible to purchase the services on a cooperative basis with other state agencies. The secretary shall approve or disapprove an application within fifteen business days after receiving it and any necessary supporting information, provided if the secretary does not act within such fifteen-day period the application shall be deemed to have been approved. The secretary shall immediately notify the Auditors of Public Accounts of any application which the secretary receives for approval of a personal services agreement for audit services and give said auditors an opportunity to review the application during such fifteen-day period and advise the secretary as to whether such audit services are necessary and, if so, could be provided by said auditors.

(b) Each personal service agreement having a cost of more than fifty thousand dollars or a term of more than one year shall be based on competitive negotiation or competitive quotations, unless the state agency purchasing the personal services applies to the secretary for a waiver from such requirement and the secretary grants the waiver in accordance with the guidelines adopted under subsection (a) of section 4-215.

Sec. 2. This act shall take effect July 1, 1999.

Approved May 27, 1999