Substitute Senate Bill No. 155

Public Act No. 99-3

An Act Concerning the Publication Date of the Comptroller's Annual Report to the Governor.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened:

Section 3-115 of the general statutes is repealed and the following is substituted in lieu thereof:

The Comptroller shall prepare all accounting statements relating to the financial condition of the state as a whole, the condition and operation of state funds, appropriations, reserves and costs of operations; shall furnish such statements when they are required for administrative purposes; and shall issue cumulative monthly financial statements concerning the state's General Fund which shall include a statement of revenues and expenditures to the end of the last-completed month together with the statement of estimated revenue by source to the end of the fiscal year and the statement of appropriation requirements of the state's General Fund to the end of the fiscal year furnished pursuant to section 4-66 and itemized as far as practicable for each budgeted agency, including estimates of lapsing appropriations, unallocated lapsing balances and unallocated appropriation requirements. The Comptroller shall provide such statements, in the same form and in the same categories as appears in the budget act enacted by the General Assembly, on or before the first day of the following month. The Comptroller shall submit a copy of the monthly trial balance and monthly analysis of expenditure run to the Office of Fiscal Analysis. On or before September first, annually, he shall submit a report to the Governor which shall include (1) a statement of all appropriations and expenditures of the public funds during the fiscal year next preceding itemized by each appropriation account of each budgeted agency; (2) a statement of the revenues of the state classified as far as practicable as to budgeted agencies, sources and funds during such year; (3) a statement setting forth the total tax receipts of the state during such year; (4) a balance sheet setting forth, as of the close of such year, the financial condition of the state as to its funds; and such other information as will, in his opinion, be of interest to the public or as will convey to the General Assembly and the Governor the essential facts as to the financial condition and operations of the state government. The annual report of the Comptroller shall be published and made available to the public on or before the [first] thirty-first day of December.

Approved April 6, 1999