Substitute Senate Bill No. 303
          Substitute Senate Bill No. 303

               SPECIAL ACT NO. 98-4


    Be  it  enacted  by  the  Senate  and House of
Representatives in General Assembly convened:
    Notwithstanding section 14-270  of the general
statutes, the Commissioner of Transportation shall
establish a pilot  program beginning July 1, 1998,
and ending June  30,  1999,  for  the  purpose  of
issuing permits allowing the following vehicles to
be  operated  upon  any  highway  or  bridge:  (1)
Manufactured housing with  a  width  greater  than
fourteen feet but no greater than sixteen feet; or
(2)  manufactured housing  attached  to  a  towing
vehicle which has a combined length of one hundred
four  feet if  such  manufactured  housing  has  a
length of eighty  feet  or less. Such permit shall
specify conditions under  which  such manufactured
housing shall be  permitted to operate, including,
but  not limited  to,  the  period  of  time  such
operation shall be  authorized.  A  denial of such
permit shall be  required  to  be accompanied by a
statement of the  basis  for  such  denial.  On or
before January 1,  2000,  the  commissioner  shall
submit his findings and recommendations concerning
the operation of  said  pilot program to the joint
standing committee of  the General Assembly having
cognizance of matters relating to transportation.

Approved May 19, 1998