Senate Bill No. 523
               Senate Bill No. 523

              PUBLIC ACT NO. 98-206


    Be  it  enacted  by  the  Senate  and House of
Representatives in General Assembly convened:
    Section  1.  Section 3 of public act 97-271 is
repealed and the following is substituted in  lieu
    (a)  There  is  created  a  body  politic  and
corporate to be  known  as  the  "Tweed-New  Haven
Airport  Authority".  Said  authority  shall  be a
public instrumentality and  political  subdivision
of this state and the exercise by the authority of
the powers conferred by this act shall  be  deemed
and  held  to  be  the performance of an essential
public and governmental  function.  The  Tweed-New
Haven  Airport Authority shall not be construed to
be a department,  institution  or  agency  of  the
    (b)  The  authority  shall  be  governed  by a
board of directors consisting of fourteen members,
each  member serving not more than two consecutive
four-year terms. The initial terms of the  members
shall  be  staggered  so  that  not more than four
members' terms shall expire at the same time. Nine
members  shall  be  appointed  by the mayor of New
Haven and two members shall be  appointed  by  the
mayor  of East Haven. Not less than six members of
the authority shall be residents of New Haven  and
East  Haven.  Three members of the authority shall
be appointed by the South Central Regional Council
of Governments which appointees shall be residents
of any of the following towns or cities:  Bethany,
Branford,   Guilford,  Hamden,  Madison,  Milford,
North Branford, North Haven, Orange,  Wallingford,
West  Haven  or Woodbridge. The board of directors
shall elect a chairperson from among  its  members
and  shall  annually  elect  one of its members as
vice-chairperson and shall elect other members  as
officers,  and  establish  bylaws as necessary for
the operation of the  authority.  Members  of  the
board  of  directors shall receive no compensation
for the performance of their duties. No member  of
the  board  shall  have  any financial interest in
Tweed-New Haven Airport or any of its  tenants  or
    (c)  The  powers  of  the  authority  shall be
vested  in  and  exercised  by  the  board.  Eight
members of the board shall constitute a quorum and
the affirmative vote of a majority of the  members
present  at  a  meeting  of  the  board  shall  be
sufficient for any action taken by the  board.  No
vacancy  in  the  membership  of  the  board shall
impair the right of a quorum to exercise  all  the
rights  and  perform  all the duties of the board.
Any action taken by the board may be authorized by
resolution  at  any regular or special meeting and
shall take  effect  immediately  unless  otherwise
provided in the resolution. Notice of any meeting,
whether special or regular, shall be given orally,
not  less  than  forty-eight  hours  prior  to the
meeting. The board may delegate to three  or  more
of  its  members,  or  its  officers,  agents  and
employees, such board powers and duties as it  may
deem proper.
    (d)   The   authority   shall  have  perpetual
succession and  shall  adopt  procedures  for  the
conduct  of its affairs in accordance with section
5 of [this act] PUBLIC ACT 97-271. Such succession
shall continue as long as the authority shall have
obligations outstanding and until the existence of
the  authority  is terminated by law at which time
the rights and properties of the  authority  shall
pass  to  and be vested in the [state] CITY OF NEW
    Sec.  2.  Section  4  of  public act 97-271 is
repealed and the following is substituted in  lieu
    (a)  The  authority shall maintain and improve
Tweed-New Haven Airport as an  important  economic
development    asset   for   the   south   central
Connecticut region which is comprised of the towns
and  cities  of  Bethany,  Branford,  East  Haven,
Guilford, Hamden,  Madison,  Milford,  New  Haven,
North  Branford, North Haven, Orange, Wallingford,
West Haven and  Woodbridge.  The  authority  shall
have  the  following  powers  and  duties  and may
exercise such powers  in  its  own  name:  (1)  To
manage,  maintain, supervise and operate Tweed-New
Haven Airport; (2)  do  all  things  necessary  to
maintain  working  relationships  with  the state,
municipalities  and  persons,  and   conduct   the
business of a regional airport, in accordance with
applicable statutes and regulations; (3) to charge
reasonable  fees  for the services it performs and
modify, reduce or  increase  such  fees,  provided
fees  shall  apply uniformly to all airport users;
(4) to enter into contracts, leases and agreements
for  goods  and  equipment  and  for services with
airlines,   concessions,    counsel,    engineers,
architects,  private consultants and advisors; (5)
to contract for the construction,  reconstruction,
enlargement or alteration of airport projects with
private persons and firms in accordance with  such
terms   and  conditions  as  the  authority  shall
determine;  (6)  to  make  plans  and  studies  in
conjunction     with    the    Federal    Aviation
Administration or other state or federal agencies;
[and] (7) to apply for and receive grant funds for
airport purposes; [(7)] (8) to plan and enter into
contracts    with   municipalities,   the   state,
businesses  and  other  entities  to  finance  the
operations  and  debt  of  the  airport, including
compensation to the  host  municipalities  of  New
Haven  and  East  Haven  for  the  use of the land
occupied by the airport; [(8)] (9) to borrow funds
for  airport  purposes  for such consideration and
upon such terms as the authority may determine  to
be  reasonable;  [(9)]  (10)  to  employ  a  staff
necessary to carry out its functions and  purposes
and  fix  the duties, compensation and benefits of
such staff; [(10)] (11) to issue  and  sell  bonds
and  to use the proceeds of such bonds for capital
improvements  to  the  airport;  [(11)]  (12)   to
acquire  property by purchase or lease for airport
purposes, subject to  applicable  requirements  of
federal law and regulation; [(12)] (13) to prepare
and issue budgets, reports, procedures, audits and
such  other  materials  as  may  be  necessary and
desirable to its  purposes;  and  [(13)]  (14)  to
exercise  all  other  powers  granted  to  such an
authority by law.
    (b)  The  authority shall have full control of
the  operation  and  management  of  the  airport,
including  land,  buildings and easements by means
of a lease to the authority by  the  city  of  New
Haven and the town of East Haven.

Approved June 8, 1998