PA 97-210-sSB 260
Public Health Committee
Judiciary Committee
Labor and Public Employees Committee


SUMMARY: This act makes it a discriminatory practice for a place of public accommodation, resort,
or amusement to restrict or limit the right of a mother to breast feed her child. It also prohibits
anyone from restricting or limiting the  right of a mother to breast feed her child.
EFFECTIVE DATE:  October 1, 1997


Discriminatory Public Accommodation Practice

  A person can file a complaint with the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO)
if she believes a discriminatory public accommodation practice has occurred. Upon a finding of a
discriminatory practice, CHRO can order, after an administrative hearing, that the person receive
actual damages and reasonable attorney's fees and costs.  The violator can also be fined between $25
and $100, imprisoned for up to 30 days, or both.

Related Law

  Anyone who is convicted of violating any statute for which no penalty is expressly provided may
be fined up to $100.