Substitute House Bill No. 6813
          Substitute House Bill No. 6813

              PUBLIC ACT NO. 97-258


    Be  it  enacted  by  the  Senate  and House of
Representatives in General Assembly convened:
    Section  1.  (NEW)  (a)  The  Commissioner  of
Transportation,   upon  receipt   of   a   written
complaint,  in  such   form  and  containing  such
information as the  commissioner may require, from
any person alleging  that there have been repeated
landings or takeoffs  by  aircraft  from  any real
property not licensed  as  an  airport,  heliport,
restricted landing area  or  other  air navigation
facility under the provisions of section 13b-46 of
the general statutes,  may  require  the  owner of
such property to  keep records of all landings and
takeoffs made by aircraft from such property for a
period  of  one   year.  The  provisions  of  this
subsection  shall not  apply  to  any  landing  or
takeoff made by  military aircraft or an emergency
medical service organization, any landing made for
emergency purposes or  to  any  landing or takeoff
made  at  an   annual   special   event   or   for
agricultural purposes.
    (b)  The  Commissioner of Transportation shall
adopt regulations in accordance with chapter 54 of
the  general  statutes to implement the provisions
of subsection (a) of this section. The regulations
shall  include, but not be limited to, the type of
information the property owner may be required  to
record,   the  procedures  for  transmitting  such
information to the commissioner and standards  for
determining  what  constitutes  an  annual special
event and agricultural purposes.
    (c)  Any  person who violates any provision of
this section or any regulation adopted pursuant to
this  section  shall  be  fined not more than five
hundred dollars.
    Sec.  2.  This  act  shall take effect July 1,

Approved June 26, 1997