Substitute Senate Bill No. 948
          Substitute Senate Bill No. 948

               PUBLIC ACT NO. 97-38


    Be  it  enacted  by  the  Senate  and House of
Representatives in General Assembly convened:
    Subsection (b) of section 31-23 of the general
statutes  is  repealed   and   the   following  is
substituted in lieu thereof:
    (b)  (1)  Notwithstanding  the  provisions  of
subsection (a) of this section, a  minor  who  has
reached  the  age  of  fifteen  may be employed or
permitted to work in any mercantile establishment,
from  June 19, 1992, to September 30, [1997] 2002,
inclusive, as a bagger, cashier  or  stock  clerk,
provided  such  employment shall be (A) limited to
periods of school vacation during which school  is
not  in session for five consecutive days or more;
(B) for not more than forty hours in any week; (C)
for  not more than eight hours in any day; and (D)
between the hours of seven o'clock in the  morning
and seven o'clock in the evening, except that from
July first to the first Monday in September in any
year,  any  such  minor may be employed until nine
o'clock  in  the  evening.  (2)  Each  person  who
employs a fifteen-year-old minor in any mercantile
establishment pursuant to  this  subsection  shall
obtain  a  certificate  stating that such minor is
fifteen years of age  or  older,  as  provided  in
section  10-193. Such certificate shall be kept on
file at the  place  of  employment  and  shall  be
available  at  all  times during business hours to
the inspectors of the Labor  Department.  (3)  The
Labor   Commissioner  may  adopt  regulations,  in
accordance with the provisions of chapter  54,  as
he  deems necessary to implement the provisions of
this subsection.

Approved May 8, 1997