Substitute House Bill No. 6834
          Substitute House Bill No. 6834

               PUBLIC ACT NO. 97-27


    Be  it  enacted  by  the  Senate  and House of
Representatives in General Assembly convened:
    Section   8-44  of  the  general  statutes  is
repealed and the following is substituted in  lieu
    An  authority  shall  constitute a public body
corporate and politic,  exercising  public  powers
and  having all the powers necessary or convenient
to carry out the purposes and provisions  of  this
chapter, including the following enumerated powers
in addition to others granted by any provision  of
the  general  statutes: (a) To sue and be sued; to
have a seal and to alter the same at pleasure;  to
have  perpetual  succession;  to  make and execute
contracts  and  other  instruments  necessary   or
convenient  to  the  exercise of the powers of the
authority; and to make and from time to time amend
and  repeal  bylaws,  rules  and  regulations  not
inconsistent  with  this  chapter  to  carry  into
effect  the  powers and purposes of the authority;
(b) within its  area  of  operation,  to  prepare,
carry  out,  acquire,  lease  and  operate housing
projects and  to  provide  for  the  construction,
reconstruction,  improvement, alteration or repair
of any housing project or any part thereof  either
directly  or in the form of loans or other similar
assistance  to  developers,   all   such   housing
projects where families with children are eligible
for  occupancy  to  contain  reasonably   adequate
outdoor   playground  areas;  (c)  to  arrange  or
contract for  the  furnishing  by  any  person  or
agency,    public   or   private,   of   services,
privileges,  works  or  facilities  for,   or   in
connection   with,   a   housing  project  or  the
occupants thereof; (d) to  demise  any  dwellings,
houses,    accommodations,    lands,    buildings,
structures or facilities embraced in  any  housing
project  and, subject to the limitations contained
in this chapter, to establish and revise the rents
or charges therefor; to own, hold and improve real
or personal property; to purchase,  lease,  obtain
options  upon or acquire, by gift, grant, bequest,
devise or otherwise, any real or personal property
or any interest therein, provided no real property
or interest therein shall be acquired for the site
of  a  proposed  housing project until the housing
authority has held  a  public  hearing  concerning
such  site,  notice of which has been published in
the form of a legal advertisement in  a  newspaper
having    a   substantial   circulation   in   the
municipality at least twice at  intervals  of  not
less  than  two  days,  the  first  not  more than
fifteen nor less than ten days, and the  last  not
less than two days, before such hearing; to insure
or provide  for  the  insurance  of  any  real  or
personal  property  or operations of the authority
against any risks or hazards; to procure insurance
or  guarantees  from the federal government of the
payment of any debts or parts thereof, whether  or
not   incurred   by  such  authority,  secured  by
mortgages on any property included in any  of  its
housing  projects; (e) to invest any funds held in
reserves  or  sinking  funds,  or  any  funds  not
required    for    immediate   disbursements,   in
investments  legal  for  mutual   savings   banks,
provided that the provisions of subdivision (2) of
subsection (n)  of  section  36-96  shall  not  be
applicable to any such investment, and to purchase
its bonds at a price not more than  the  principal
amount  thereof and accrued interest, all bonds so
purchased to be cancelled; (f) within its area  of
operation,  to  investigate  living,  dwelling and
housing conditions and the means  and  methods  of
improving such conditions; to determine where slum
areas exist  or  where  there  is  a  shortage  of
decent,  safe and sanitary dwelling accommodations
for families of low and moderate income;  to  make
studies   and   recommendations  relating  to  the
problem of clearing, replanning and reconstructing
slum  areas, and the problem of providing dwelling
accommodations for families of  low  and  moderate
income,  and to cooperate with the municipality or
the state or any political subdivision thereof  in
action taken in connection with such problems; (g)
to  promote  the  creation  and  preservation   of
housing  for  low  and moderate income persons and
families, either directly or through an agency  or
instrumentality  designated  or  appointed  by the
authority,  by   lending   or   otherwise   making
available to developers the proceeds from the sale
of obligations which are  tax-exempt  pursuant  to
the  provisions  of  the  Internal Revenue Code of
1986, or  any  subsequent  corresponding  internal
revenue code of the United States, as from time to
time amended,  or  Section  11(b)  of  the  United
States  Housing  Act  of  1937, as amended, or any
successor provisions amendatory  or  supplementary
thereto,  provided  no  such  obligations or other
notes  or  securities  issued  by  any  agency  or
instrumentality  designated  or  approved  by  the
authority  pursuant  to  the  provisions  of  this
subdivision,    shall    create   or   imply   any
indebtedness of  any  kind  on  the  part  of  the
housing  authority,  the  state,  or any political
subdivision thereof; and (h) to  exercise  all  or
any  part or combination of powers herein granted.
No provision of law with respect to the  operation
or  disposition of property by other public bodies
shall be applicable to  an  authority  unless  the
General   Assembly  specifically  so  states.  All
contracts to be made or let for work, supplies, or
for   purchases  of  personal  property  of  every
description, shall be publicly advertised, for the
purpose  of  receiving  bids  upon  the same, in a
local daily paper and,  if  deemed  advisable,  in
other  papers,  provided the several parts of such
work,  supplies  or   personal   property   shall,
together,  involve  the  expenditure  of more than
[ten]  TWENTY-FIVE  thousand  dollars.  The   bids
received  in response to such public advertisement
shall be publicly  opened  at  a  hearing  of  the
authority, the date and time of such hearing being
named  in  such  public  advertisement,  and   the
contract  or  award shall be made by the authority
with or to the  lowest  responsible  bidder.  Such
bidding  may  be  waived  by vote of the authority
when the public interest so requires, provided the
reasons  for  such  waiver  shall be set forth and
made public and provided the total  cost  of  such
work,  supplies  or  personal  property  shall not
exceed [twenty] THIRTY thousand  dollars.  In  any
contract let in connection with a housing project,
an authority, notwithstanding any provision to the
contrary  in this chapter or in any other statute,
may  include  stipulations  requiring   that   the
contractor  and  any  subcontractors  comply  with
requirements as to minimum  wages,  maximum  hours
and any conditions which the federal government or
any other obligee may have imposed as prerequisite
to  the  granting  of financial aid to the housing

Approved May 6, 1997