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At the beginning of each calendar year, the committee typically selected about a half-dozen new topics for program review studies. Study topics could be state agencies, programs, service systems, or policies and usually originated from the committee or other legislators, but sometimes were proposed by the public or the staff (see PRI study process). During each legislative session, the committee might also raise and report bills based on recommendations from previously completed studies.

Find information about PRI studies using the topic area or year. If you can't find what you need, try the search function (to the left), going through each year, or the other CGA nonpartisan office web sites for research that their staffs have completed (see home page).

Final 2016 Committee Reports Approved at December 7, 2016 Meeting

See information about the fourth 2016 PRI Committee project on the use of the Hartford-Brainard Airport site.

Studies By Year Conducted

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Studies by Topic

Children Criminal Justice and the Courts
Economic Development Education & Workforce Development
Elder Care Energy
Environment Health
Human Services Labor and Employment
Permits Public Safety
State Boards, Commissions, and Funds State Government Administration
Sunset Review Reports Taxes
Note: Some older studies are not yet web-accessible. Please contact us if you would like a hard copy of a report.


Criminal Justice and the Courts

Economic Development

Education and Workforce Development

Elder Care




Human Services

Labor and Employment

Permits and Regulation

Public Safety

State Boards, Commissions and Funds

State Government Administration



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Sunset Review Reports

Academic Awards, State Board for (1984)
Accountancy, Board of (1983)
Aging, Advisory Council on (1984)
Agricultural Experiment Station, Connecticut (1983)
Agricultural Lands Preservation Pilot Program (1980)
Alcohol Advisory Council and Drug Advisory Council (1981)
Architectural Registration Board (1983)
Arts, Commission on the (1984)
Barber Examiners, Board of (1980)
Bedding, Upholstered Furniture and Second Hand Hats, Regulation of (1981)
Blind, Board of Education and Services for the (1984)
Capitol Center Commission (1984)
Capitol Preservation and Restoration, Commission on (1984)
Child Day Care Council (1984)
Children and Youth Services, Regional Advisory Councils on (1984)
Children and Youth Services, State Advisory Council on (1984)
Chiropractic Examiners, Board of (1980)
Coastal Management Program (1983)
Connecticut's Future, Commission on (1984)
Crane Operators, Examining Board for (1984)
Deaf and Hearing Impaired, Commission on the (1984)
Demolition, Commission on (1982)
Dental Commission (1980)
Economic Advisors, Council of (1983)
Embalmers and Funeral Directors, Board of Examiners of (1980) Employment Security Review Board (1983)
Energy Advisory Board (1983)
Engineers and Land Surveyors, State Board of Registration for Professional (1982)
Environmental Quality, Council on (1983)
Fire and Codes Services in Connecticut (1982)
Firearms Permit Examiners, Board of (1982)
Hairdressers and Cosmeticians, Regulation of (1980)
Hearing Aid Dealers, Regulation of (1980)
High Unemployment Areas, Advisory Committee on (1983)
Historical Commission/American Revolution Bicentennial Commission, Connecticut (1984)
Homeopathic Medical Examining Board (1980)
Hospitals and Health Care, Commission on (1981)
Housing, Department of (1983)
Human Rights and Opportunities, Commission on (1983)
Hypertricologists, Board of Examiners of (1980)
Insurance Purchasing Board, State (1982)
Investment Advisory Council (1983)
Justice Commission, Connecticut (1982)
Landscape Architects, State Board of (1982)
Library Board, State (1984)
Liquor Control, Department of (1982)
Marketing Authority, Connecticut (1983)
Massage Parlors, Masseurs and Masseuses, Regulation of (1983)
Materials Review, Board of (1982)
Medical Examining Board (1980)
Medicolegal Investigations, Commission on (1981)
Mental Health, Board of/Facility Advisory Boards/Regional Mental Health Boards (1981)
Mentally Retarded, Regional Center Advisory and Planning Councils for the (1984)
Midwives, Regulation of (1980)
Milk Regulation Board (1983)
Municipal Police Training Council (1982)
Natureopathic Examiners, Board of (1980)
Nursing, Board of Examiners for (1980)
Nursing Home Administrators, Board of Licensure of (1980)
Occupational Licensing Boards (1982)
Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission (1983)
Occupational Therapists, Regulation of (1983)
Opticians, Commission on (1980) Optometry, Board of Examiners in (1980)
Organized Crime Prevention and Control, Advisory Committee on (1982)
Osteopathic Examining Board (1980)
Parent Deinstitutionalization Subsidy Aid Pilot Program (1983)
Pharmacy, Commission on (1982)
Physical Therapists, Board of Examiners for (1981)
Podiatry, Board of Examiners in (1980)
Properties Review Board, State (1983)
Psychologists, Board of Examiners of (1980)
Public Transportation Authority (1983)
Real Estate Commission, Connecticut (1982)
Sanitarians, Board of Registration for (1981)
Siting Council, Connecticut (1983)
Solid Waste Management Advisory Council (1983)
Special Education, Advisory Council for (1984)
Speech Pathologists and Audiologists, Regulation of (1980)
Student Loan Foundation, Connecticut (1984)
Subsurface Sewage Disposal System Examiners, Board of (1981)
Sunset Summary Reports General Report 1980 Sunset Reviews: Health Professions (1980)
Summary of 1982 Sunset Reviews (1982)
Summary of 1983 Sunset Reviews (1983)
Summary of 1984 Sunset Reviews (1984)
Television and Radio Service Examiners, State Board of (1983)
Tree Protection Examining Board (1983)
Veterans Home and Hospital Commission (1981)
Veterinary Registration and Examination, Board of (1980)
Voluntary Action, Council on (1984)
Water Company Lands, Council on (1983)
Well Drilling Board, Connecticut (1982)

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