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The nonpartisan staff Office of Program Review and Investigations closed on January 6, 2017, due to cuts in the revised FY 2017 state budget and its implementation (P.A. 16-2 MSS). The Office staffed the bipartisan Legislative Program Review and Investigations Committee (PRI), which was established in 1972 (Public Act 90) and eliminated in 2017 (P.A. 17-60).

The committee’s main charge, carried out with assistance from its fulltime professional staff, was to review and audit state agency programs for efficiency, effectiveness, performance, and compliance, and recommend changes as needed including elimination. At the committee’s direction, PRI staff researched and analyzed agency practices and policies, producing study reports on state programs and systems for final committee approval, which required a majority vote of the equally bipartisan 12-member panel.


Available for reference in the following links are two separate (but linked) archives reflecting the two separate (but linked) CGA websites that formerly housed PRI information: (1) archives of standard committee materials such as minutes, agendas, and Joint Fiscal (JF) reports from 2000 to 2016; and (2) archives of the committee’s study-related material, including copies of all PRI reports from 1973 to 2016.

Statement on Nonpartisanship

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