Department of Public Works
Report - Final

Table of Contents



Chapter I   Overview
Chapter II   Facility Planning Process
Chapter III   DPW Leasing Process
Chapter IV   Property Acquisition
Chapter V   Inventory of State's Real Property
Chapter VI   Survey Results
Chapter VII   Facility Plan
Chapter VIII   Review of Sample Leases
Chapter IX   Review of Sample Acquisitions and Sales
Chapter X   DPW Organization Structure and Other Issues
  Appendix A   FACCAP Space Management Goals
  Appendix B   Analysis of DPW Parking Leases
  Appendix C   Analysis of DPW Miscellaneous Leases
  Appendix D   Analysis of DPW Leases by Region
  Appendix E   Analysis of DPW Leases by State Agency
  Appendix F   Surplus Property
  Appendix G   DPW Survey
  Appendix H   DPW Agency Response

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