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About the PRI Staff Office

The nonpartisan 12-person PRI staff office assists the Legislative Program Review and Investigations Committee in carrying out its statutory oversight duties primarily by conducting evaluation studies of state programs and agencies as directed by the committee.

The PRI staff office is headed by a director, assisted by an executive secretary who additionally acts as the committee clerk. The current director also serves as committee counsel. The 10 full-time professional program review analysts have advanced degrees in public policy, public administration, political science, research and evaluation, and law.

About PRI


We assist the Legislative Program Review and Investigations Committee in providing the General Assembly with objective information and analysis needed to make decisions about state programs and policies in the best interests of Connecticut citizens.


To determine whether state programs and policies are effective, continue to serve their intended purposes, are carried out efficiently and effectively, or require modification or elimination.

Established by statute in 1972, the PRI committee and its staff initially conducted only "program reviews" to "assist the General Assembly in the proper discharge of its duties." In 1975, the committee's function was expanded to include "investigations" and responsibility for performance audits required by the state "sunset" (automatic program termination) law was added in 1977. The PRI committee was given authority to raise and report legislation in 1985.

Statement on Nonpartisanship

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