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Use of Hartford-Brainard Airport’s Site

The study will examine if the state has maximized the economic value of the land upon which Hartford-Brainard Airport sits. The site’s value to the host municipality, region, and the state will be described, which will include an examination of the site’s current use as an airport. Accordingly, the study will assess the airport’s operations, governance, and business volume. It will also discuss and explore other uses of the site that have been previously proposed.


The PRI committee approved the study scope on July 9, 2015. Work on the study began January 2016 when staff became available and will be completed by December 2016. On Wednesday, July 20, 2016, the PRI committee held a committee meeting and informational public hearing on the Hartford-Brainard Airport study. Staff will present staff findings and recommendations at the December 7 PRI committee meeting for committee action.


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