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Health Information Privacy in Selected State Programs

The study focused on how health information privacy is maintained in selected state agency programs. Specifically, the study evaluated the management of personal health information, including certain confidentiality requirements, at the Department of Public Health’s (DPH) Infectious Disease section and the Department of Consumer Protection’s (DCP) Prescription Monitoring Program.


The PRI committee approved the study scope on July 9, 2015. PRI staff presented an interim study update to the committee on October 1, 2015, which was followed by an informational public hearing. On December 16, 2015, after staff presented its findings and recommendations, the committee voted unanimously to approve the staff recommendations as its own. The final committee report is available under Products.

During the current legislative session (2016), PRI raised and recently reported out two bills based on this study’s recommendations: substitute HB 5346 to the Public Health Committee and HB 5373 to the House.


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