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Status Report on State Agency Personal Service Contracting:
     Selection and Monitoring

The short-term status report focused on the contracting activities of executive branch agencies with respect to personal service agreements, and: reviewed current statutory requirements for state contracting using PSAs; provided an overview of competitive selection processes for PSAs; quantified the degree to which competitively bid PSAs are utilized; described PSA contract compliance and performance monitoring methods; and identified best practices for procurement in other selected states.


The PRI committee approved the shorter-term status report project at its May 15, 2014 meeting and the study scope on June 25, 2014. On Friday, December 19, 2014, PRI staff presented the status report to the committee for its discussion and action. The committee amended staff proposed recommendation five by changing the date to July 1, 2015,, after which the committee approved the report and recommendations as amended unanimously.


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