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Hospital Emergency Department Use and Its Impact on
     the State Medicaid Budget

The study determined if Medicaid clients are inappropriately using hospital emergency departments (EDs) for non-emergency care and what impact that may have on the state’s Medicaid budget.  The study also examined use by individuals who need emergency care because of behavioral health or substance use disorders and frequently return to the ED for these reasons. The study reviewed reasons for inappropriate or frequent use, and made recommendations to better manage Medicaid clients' use of emergency departments and contain Medicaid costs.


The study scope was adopted by the committee on June 7, 2013. PRI staff presented update material to the committee on September 26, 2013, followed by a public hearing on the study topic. (Testimony by Hearing Date).

PRI staff presented staff draft findings and proposed recommendations for this study to the committee on January 31, 2014, which the committee approved on February 6, 2014.


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