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While the Connecticut General Assembly established the Legislative Program Review Committee* during the 1972 legislative session, effective July 1, 1972 (Public Act 90), no PRI reports were issued in the committee’s first half-year of existence as it worked to hire staff and develop processes. (Public Act 90 (sH.B. 5371) was vetoed by then-Governor Thomas J. Meskill on April 29, 1972, which the House and Senate overrode on May 2, 1972.)

The committee held its first meeting on August 15, 1972. The committee issued its first program review report in September 1973, entitled Land Acquisition by the State of Connecticut, and issued its first annual report in February 1973.

Historical note: Before the program review committee was established per PA 90 in May 1972, earlier in April, another entity called The Committee on Program Review and Evaluation submitted a report entitled Special Education in Connecticut to the state legislature.

This committee was created by House Joint Resolution 153 in 1971 as an interim legislative committee on program review and evaluation “for the purpose of working cooperatively with the Eagleton Institute of Politics and its legislative review and evaluation demonstration project. The project, funded by the Ford Foundation, is aimed at improving the General Assembly’s performance of reviewing and evaluating on-going programs of the state government.” (from report foreward)

The committee submitted a second report in April 1972 with recommendations directed at improving the legislature's performance of reviewing ongoing programs of state government. One recommendation was to establish a joint bipartisan program review committee.

* Investigations was added to the committee name and function in 1975 (P.A. 75-388), and thus after 1975 was called the Legislative Program Review and Investigations Committee.

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