BH Oversight Committee Coordination of Care Work Group

Meeting Summary: April 18, 2005

Chair: Sheila Amdur

(Next WG meeting: Tuesday May 3, 1-3PM at DSS, Hartford)


_ The BH waiver amendment to the Medicaid (HUSKY A) 1915(b) waiver and DSS/DCF responses to public comment will soon be sent to the legislative Committees of Cognizance.

_ The Appropriation budget proposal released 4/18 does not concur with the Governor's recommendation for the additional $9.8M BH dollars nor the proposed carve-out of BH services (Husky A child/adults, HUSKY B children & DCF Voluntary Services populations). The DSS stated the Administration would be discussing the reasons for the proposed restructuring with legislative leaders in the coming weeks, since the waiver amendment will have been sent to the legislative Appropriations and Human Services Committees.

_ The agencies' contract with the Administrative Service Organization (ASO) will be ready for negotiation after the waiver amendment is reviewed.

Review of Work Group Recommendations up to 4/8/05

The chair reviewed the updated list of recommendations and DSS responded to several items with an update:

HUSKY BH Carve-out Coverage & Coordination of Medical & BH Services Document

The Chair raised the following topics in the document for discussion

There was agreement that sharing BH service information with the patient's PCP needs to be clarified and standards developed before the ASO contract is completed (and consideration in any DSS/MCO new contracts). Next steps: