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Old State House Farmers Market


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About Us

Did you know that the Old State House Farmers Market is the oldest of its kind in Connecticut? In 1643, Hartford was required to establish a "weekly market" at the site of the Old State House. Today, we continue this tradition by hosting the Old State House Farmers Market. The goal of the Old State House Farmers Market is to offer a variety of products from as many farmers and artisan vendors as possible within the available space. We are committed to offering a vibrant marketplace in downtown Hartford where local farmers and artisans can enjoy coming together with the community to share the "best" of what Connecticut has to offer!

The Old State House Farmers Market runs from late spring through mid-fall, ensuring that our patrons enjoy the ultimate in seasonal variety for many months of the year!

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The Old State House Farmers Market, centered in bustling downtown Hartford, provides local workers and city residents with access to farm fresh produce and the opportunity to experience a bit of country atmosphere right in the heart of the city! Featuring Connecticut Grown farmers, crafters, and lively music, shoppers at the farmers market can feel good knowing that they are supporting local agriculture and helping to build the local economy.

If you are unfamiliar with downtown Hartford, the Old State House Farmers Market is located on the brick plaza within the wrought iron fence surrounding the Old State House. The market plaza is bordered by Main Street to the west, Central Row to the south and State House Square to the north. We are conveniently located on the city bus route and are within a few blocks of free DASH shuttle service stops.


The Old State House Farmers Market invites participation from farmers who are able to provide high-quality, Connecticut-grown products, and from artisans of original, hand-crafted and self-manufactured quality goods. This year's market begins on June 18th and ends October 29th. The schedule of market days and times is Tuesdays and Fridays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Vendors may choose to participate on one or both days of the market throughout the season, or to schedule a package of six "guest" appearances on selected dates, dependent on space availability.

To be considered for participation at the 2019 Old State House Farmers Market, please follow the steps below:

  1. Complete and mail in your Application Form, along with copies of required documentation listed therein (certifications/licenses, etc.), to the address below.

  2. Wait for review of your application; you will be contacted within 10 days of receipt of your application.

  3. If accepted, please complete and mail in the Contract along with payment for the day(s) per week of participation for which you have been approved. Make check payable to "CPAN" and mail to:

Nicole Sousa
Connecticut Public Affairs Network, Inc.
Market Master at Connecticut's Old State House
800 Main St.
Hartford, CT 06103

For more information -
Call: (860) 522-6766, extension 23
Fax: (860) 522-2812

Vendor Forms and Information

  1. OSHFM Policies and Procedures

  2. OSHFM Farmer/Food Vendor Application

  3. OSHFM Vendor Contract

  4. OSHFM Crafter Application