The Office of Legislative Research ("OLR") is the Connecticut General Assembly's nonpartisan research arm. We staff all nonfiscal Legislative committees; write reports annually for legislators and committees; analyze bills; summarize public acts; prepare reports summarizing acts affecting particular occupations, industries, and segments of the population; summarize major acts passed each session; and perform other services for the Legislature. OLR is here to help you get the information you need. To find out more, call our office at (860) 240-8400, talk to our staff, or visit us at the Legislative Office Building in Room 5300.

The Legislative Library is organizationally part of OLR. The library provides legislative, legal and general research services, including legislative histories, journal and article searches, and historical research. The library staff collect and maintain a large collection of print and electronic documents and databases, such as board appointments and mandated reports. The Library is in Room 5400 and can be reached at (860) 240-8888 or by email at