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Report Number  Report Title
2024-R-00932024 Bill Tracking Report 
2024-R-01052024 Acts Affecting Children 
2024-R-0110State Laws on Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering  
2024-R-00962024 Acts Affecting Health Professions 
2024-R-01092024 Acts Affecting Transportation 
2024-R-0055Beverage Container Redemption Fraud 
2024-R-00842024 Acts Affecting Criminal Justice and Public Safety 
2024-R-01072024 Acts Affecting Housing and Real Estate 
2024-R-0106Noise Restrictions for Motor Vehicles 
2024-R-01022024 Acts Affecting People With Disabilities  
2024-R-00982024 Acts Affecting Energy and Utilities 
2024-R-00832024 Acts Affecting Environment 
2024-R-0087Regulation of Cottage Food Businesses in the Northeast 
2024-R-00942024 Acts Affecting Town Clerks and Elections 
2024-R-01002024 Acts Affecting Municipalities 
2024-R-00882024 Acts Affecting Insurance 
2024-R-00862024 Acts Affecting Taxes 
2024-R-00992024 Acts Affecting Banking 
2024-R-01042024 Acts Affecting Business and Jobs 
2024-R-00922024 Acts Affecting First Responders 
2024-R-01082024 Acts Affecting Seniors 
2024-R-00952024 Acts Affecting Veterans and the Military 
2024-R-00892024 Acts Affecting Animals and Agriculture 
2024-R-0113Table on Penalties 
2024-R-01012024 Veto Package 
2024-R-0090Service Animals and Registration 
2024-R-0080Minors Voting in Municipal Elections  
2024-R-0085Connecticut's Opioid Drug Abuse Laws 
2024-R-0059Power Outage Compensation 
2024-R-0061Statutory Eelgrass Protections in New York and Connecticut 
2024-R-0079Major Public Acts 
2024-R-0064Questions for Freedom of Information Commission Nominee 
2024-R-0072 Questions for State Elections Enforcement Commission Nominee 
2024-R-0066Questions for the Correction Ombuds Nominee 
2024-R-0067Questions for State Education Resource Center Board Nominee 
2024-R-0063Questions for Milk Regulation Board Nominee 
2024-R-0081Connecticut Public College Enrollment Trends 
2024-R-0078Unofficial Flags on Town and School Property 
2024-R-0068Questions for Student Nominees to the State Board of Education 
2024-R-0073Local Governance in Connecticut 
2024-R-0069Questions for Nominees for the State Board of Education 
2024-R-00752024 Conveyance Legislation Reported Favorably by GAE Committee 
2024-R-0054Questions for Nominee to the Board of Regents for Higher Education 
2024-R-0052Questions for Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities Nominee 
2024-R-0060Indian Child Welfare Act 
2024-R-0077State Paid Sick Leave Laws 
2024-R-00742024-2025 FAFSA Delay Response and Student Loan Services in Other Languages  
2024-R-0065Questions for Human Rights Referee Nominee 
2024-R-0071Questions for the State Board of Labor Relations Nominee 
2024-R-0076Questions for State Auditors Nominee 
2024-R-0058Questions for the Psychiatric Security Review Board Nominees 
2024-R-0057Questions for Judicial Review Council Nominees 
2024-R-0035Questions for Department of Economic and Community Development Commissioner Nominee 
2024-R-0056Questions for the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection Commissioner Nominee 
2024-R-0053Questions for the Consumer Protection Deputy Commissioner Nominee 
2024-R-0047Questions for the Children and Families Commissioner Nominee 
2024-R-0049Encryption of Personal Data by Financial Institutions and Utilities in Connecticut and Neighboring States 
2024-R-0046Charter Schools and the School Construction Program  
2024-R-0062Education Mandates Enacted in 2023 
2024-R-0037Laws on Attacks on Sports Officials 
2024-R-0039Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) 
2024-R-0016Pledge to Advance Connecticut 
2024-R-0044Municipal Regulation of Short-Term Rentals in Connecticut 
2024-R-0013History of Motor Vehicle Property Tax  
2024-R-0050Mitigation Funds for Offshore Wind Projects 
2024-R-0014Putnam Phalanx 
2024-R-0048Motor Vehicle Tax Task Force 
2024-R-0041 Child Pornography Possession and Other Sex Crimes Convictions 
2024-R-0033Health Insurers and Pharmacy Benefit Managers: Information on Size and CEO Salaries 
2024-R-0001Updated "Approval of the Location" Certificates for Auto Dealerships and Repair Businesses 
2024-R-0034Copay Accumulator Programs 
2024-R-0030State Investigations of Section 504 Complaints in Schools 
2024-R-0042Hunting, Fishing, and Trapping Fees 
2024-R-0043Connecticut Hate Crime Laws 
2024-R-0040State Laws Affecting Undocumented Immigrants 
2024-R-0021Executive and Legislative Nominations Committee Confirmations 
2024-R-0032Comparing R&D Tax Credits and Incentives in Select States 
2024-R-0038State Property Tax Exemptions on Real Property for 100% Service-Connected Disabled Veterans 
2024-R-0023Education Laws Requiring Parental Notification  
2024-R-0025Connecticut's Public Defender Services Commission 
2024-R-0036Medicaid Coverage for Adult Behavioral Health Peer Support Services 
2024-R-0024Statutory Protections for Private Career School Students 
2024-R-0031Connecticut Penal Code - Updated and Revised 
2024-R-0026Municipalization of Electric Systems 
2024-R-0028Weatherization Assistance Program and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law 
2024-R-0022Seat Belts on School Buses 
2024-R-0029Crumbling Foundations Legislation 
2024-R-0007Presidential Preference Primary 
2024-R-00022024 Major Issues 
2024-R-0019OLR Backgrounder: Connecticut's Volatility Cap and Budget Reserve Fund  
2024-R-0027Pharmacy Benefit Managers - Connecticut Laws 
2024-R-0009Connecticut's Good Samaritan Law 
2024-R-0006Residential Energy Programs 
2024-R-0003State-Mandated Property Tax Benefits for Veterans With P&T Disabilities 
2024-R-0018Veterans Property Tax Exemptions by Town: Municipal-Option Exemptions 
2024-R-0020 Veterans Property Tax Exemptions by Town: Total Benefit Amounts & Recipients 
2024-R-0004Veterans Property Tax Exemptions by Town: State Mandated Exemptions 
2024-R-0008Laws on the Use of Cameras in Child Care Facilities