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2023-R-0255Issue Brief: Roberta B. Willis Scholarship Program  
2023-R-0307Minority Teacher Recruitment Recent Legislation  
2023-R-0308Driver's License Knowledge Test Languages 
2023-R-0298Pesticide Application in Railway Corridors 
2023-R-0306Monitoring Medicaid Provider Rates 
2023-R-0305OLR Backgrounder: Holocaust and Genocide Instruction in Public Schools 
2023-R-0302Incompatible Municipal Offices 
2023-R-0288Criminal Penalties for Alcohol Possession by Minors 
2023-R-0294How Teachers' Retirement System COLAs Are Tied to the System's Investment Performance 
2023-R-0301Body Armor and Connecticut Law 
2023-R-0293State Requirements for Veterans Claiming Municipal Veteran Property Tax Exemptions 
2023-R-0281State Legislation on Female Genital Mutilation 
2023-R-0300"Do Not Call" Registries 
2023-R-0140Issue Brief: Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements and Association Health Plans in Connecticut  
2023-R-0291Permanent Daylight Saving Time vs. Permanent Standard Time 
2023-R-0297Disapproved Regulations 
2023-R-0299State Fiscal Controls 
2023-R-0303Scholarship Transfers 
2023-R-0278Connecticut Group Homes 
2023-R-0289State Law on Health Care Worker Safety 
2023-R-0280Federal and State Policies Regarding Work Requirements in Medicaid and SNAP 
2023-R-0285State Laws to Increase Housing Stock  
2023-R-0296Historic Preservation Reviews in Other States 
2023-R-0295Connecticut's State Historic Preservation Review Board 
2023-R-0274Connecticut Proposals to Repeal the Motor Vehicle Property Tax 
2023-R-0287Veterans With a Permanent and Total Disability by Town  
2023-R-0284JROTC in High Schools 
2023-R-0273OLR Backgrounder: Armed Security in Schools 
2023-R-0271Applicability of Zoning Laws and Regulations to the State 
2023-R-0274-Attach1-News-Times Car TaxConnecticut Proposals to Repeal the Motor Vehicle Property Tax 
2023-R-0282Connecticut's Paid Sick Leave Law 
2023-R-0283School Meal Programs 
2023-R-0196States That Eliminated Their Motor Vehicle Property Tax 
2023-R-0275Statutory Eelgrass Protections in New York and Connecticut 
2023-R-0272Massachusetts's Global Entrepreneur in Residence Program 
2023-R-0251The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Simplification Act 
2023-R-0253Military Discharge Upgrades 
2023-R-0130Use of Colored and Flashing Lights on Motor Vehicles 
2023-R-0016Small Business Express Program and Connecticut Small Business Boost Fund 
2023-R-0106Connecticut Student Loan Forgiveness and Repayment Programs 
2023-R-0238Connecticut's Opioid Antagonist Laws 
2023-R-0259Luxury Tax and Electric Vehicles 
2023-R-0250School Construction Reimbursement Grants 
2023-R-0249Points of Entry for Early Childhood Care and Education in Connecticut 
2023-R-0276Moratoria Granted Under CGS § 8-30g  
2023-R-0270Accessibility Legal Requirements for Buildings 
2023-R-0246State-Mandated Health Insurance Benefits 
2023-R-0239Licensure of Out-of-State Health Professionals 
2023-R-0263Connecticut Craft Cafe Permit 
2023-R-0266Eligibility Criteria for Workers' Compensation Benefits for PTSD in First Responders 
2023-R-0269Waiver Process for a Child to Enroll in Kindergarten Before Turning 5 
2023-R-0267FOIA Response Deadline 
2023-R-0264Deceptive or Coercive Law Enforcement Interrogation Tactics 
2023-R-0256Scholarship Displacement 
2023-R-0242Low-Speed Vehicles 
2023-R-0268CHFA First-Time Homebuyer Programs  
2023-R-0269-Attach1-New Age for Kindergarten EntryWaiver Process for a Child to Enroll in Kindergarten Before Turning 5 
2023-R-0252Land Use Application Fees  
2023-R-0198Assessments on Insurers  
2023-R-0254Ozone Exceedance Days 
2023-R-0125Issue Brief: Connecticut's Early Voting Law  
2023-R-0115State Laws Regulating PFAS in Clothing and Other Textiles 
2023-R-0181Accelerated Rehabilitation Programs 
2023-R-0265Number of Municipal Police Departments in Connecticut 
2023-R-0258PFAS Legislation in Connecticut 
2023-R-0245Special Taxing Districts Created Through the Statutory Process  
2023-R-0189MRSA and MRSF 
2023-R-0257Medicaid State Plan Amendments and Waivers 
2023-R-0194Long Term Care Insurance Legislation in Other States 
2023-R-0234Department of Consumer Protection Gaming Duties and Authority 
2023-R-0224Using Zoning to Require Energy Conservation Measures  
2023-R-0227Auto Theft-Related Legislation and Funding (2019 – 2023) 
2023-R-0247Protections Against Rent Increases  
2023-R-0175Veterans' Property Tax Exemptions 
2023-R-0240Naturopath Licensing and Prescriptive Authority in Other States 
2023-R-0235Connecticut's Opioid Drug Abuse Laws 
2023-R-0205Automatic Transfer of Juveniles From Juvenile to Adult Criminal Court 
2023-R-0237Tax Incentives for Businesses Employing People With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities 
2023-R-0244Domestic Violence-Related Legislation (2020-2023) 
2023-R-0243State Laws for Employees Working in Excessive Heat 
2023-R-0209First-Time Homebuyer Savings Accounts 
2023-R-0210Racial Profiling Law 
2023-R-0229Alliance District Designation 
2023-R-0231Changes to Connecticut's Littering Law 
2023-R-0226Long-Term Care Rate Request Data, 2010-2023 
2023-R-0216 Removal of Condominium Board Members 
2023-R-0233Minimum Number of Accessible Parking Spaces in Condominium and Apartment Parking Lots 
2023-R-0232EMS Treatment and Transportation of Peace Officers' Animals 
2023-R-0199Veterans With a Total Disability Rating by Town 
2023-R-0241Union, Non-Union, and Managerial Pay Plan State Employees, 2008-2023 
2023-R-0223Massachusetts' Income Surtax 
2023-R-0228Required Home Inspections Before Residential Home Sales 
2023-R-0188Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - Employment and Training Program (SNAP E&T) 
2023-R-0183State Apprenticeship Programs 
2023-R-0220Eviction Process and Recent Related Changes  
2023-R-0215Guide to Connecticut's Business Tax Credits 
2023-R-0204Recent Legislation Affecting People Who Are Blind, Deaf, or Hard of Hearing 
2023-R-0015Issue Brief: Extended Producer Responsibility  
2023-R-0222Nuclear and Hydroelectric Power Generation in Renewable Portfolio Standard Laws  
2023-R-0219Affordable Housing Under CGS § 8-30g  
2023-R-0213Property Foreclosure Notice to Tenants 
2023-R-0178Sunday Hunting Limitations 
2023-R-0190History of PILOT Program Reimbursement Rates 
2023-R-0177Statewide Motor Vehicle Property Taxes  
2023-R-0192History of the Constitutional Limitation on Salary Increases for Elected Municipal Officials 
2023-R-0200Waiving a Home Inspection  
2023-R-0217State Infrastructure Banks 
2023-R-0218New England Rail Safety Efforts and Federal Preemption 
2023-R-0168Serious Firearm Offenders 
2023-R-0150State Agencies' Eminent Domain Authority 
2023-R-0206Presidential Preference Primary 
2023-R-0169High-THC Hemp Products 
2023-R-0214Property Tax Exemptions for Solar Installations 
2023-R-0211Homeowners Insurance in Rural Connecticut 
2023-R-0203Notice to Consumer When Trial Offer Ends  
2023-R-0171Connecticut Drug Advertisement Restrictions 
2023-R-0170Home Improvement and New Home Construction Guaranty Fund Statistics 
2023-R-0202Legislative History of sSB 358 (2022) 
2023-R-0186Direct Sales by Tesla in Connecticut 
2023-R-0151States that Ban the Sale of Cosmetics Tested on Animals 
2023-R-0162Medicaid Unwinding 
2023-R-0159Legislation Related to the Metropolitan District Commission (MDC) and Hartford Flooding  
2023-R-0132Enforcement and Penalties for Nursing Home Negligence 
2023-R-0185New Student Loan Programs 
2023-R-0195Gift Card Cash Back Laws 
2023-R-0184New Requirements for Disclosing the Price of Entertainment Event Tickets 
2023-R-0167Cannabis Advertising 
2023-R-0173Recent Changes to Connecticut's Telehealth Laws 
2023-R-0157State Programs for Older Adults 
2023-R-0193Legislative History of the Municipal Veteran Representative Program 
2023-R-0138Purple Paint No-Trespassing Laws 
2023-R-01642023 Bill Tracking Report 
2023-R-0156Issue Brief: The Connecticut Insurance Fund  
2023-R-0191Unclaimed Bottle Deposits 
2023-R-0180Comparison of State Income Taxes in Select States 
2023-R-0187Violations With Driver's License Suspension Penalties 
2023-R-0165Changes in Judicial Compensation in the Last 10 Years 
2023-R-0166Statutory CUTPA Violations 
2023-R-0179Personal Motor Vehicle Property Tax Assessments and Rates  
2023-R-0158Non-Service Dogs on Restaurant Patios 
2023-R-01442023 Acts Affecting Education 
2023-R-01312023 Acts Affecting Transportation 
2023-R-0152Facility Fee Limits 
2023-R-0163Rhode Island Laws on Plastic Straws, Beverage Stirrers, and Polystyrene Foam Food Containers 
2023-R-0176Table on Penalties 
2023-R-0174Pharmacists' Authority to Prescribe Contraception to Minors 
2023-R-01222023 Acts Affecting First Responders 
2023-R-01192023 Acts Affecting Business and Jobs 
2023-R-01262023 Acts Affecting Criminal Justice and Public Safety 
2023-R-01432023 Acts Affecting Health Professions 
2023-R-01452023 Acts Affecting Taxes 
2023-R-0121 2023 Acts Affecting Banking 
2023-R-01462023 Acts Affecting Children 
2023-R-01532023 Acts Affecting Housing and Real Estate 
2023-R-01552023 Acts Affecting People With Disabilities  
2023-R-01242023 Acts Affecting Town Clerks & Elections 
2023-R-01232023 Acts Affecting Veterans and the Military 
2023-R-0161Board of Pardons and Paroles 
2023-R-01342023 Acts Affecting Animals and Agriculture 
2023-R-01392023 Acts Affecting Insurance 
2023-R-0120 2023 Acts Affecting Environment 
2023-R-01472023 Acts Affecting Municipalities  
2023-R-0142 2023 Veto Package 
2023-R-01482023 Acts Affecting Energy and Utilities 
2023-R-0133The Emergency Food Assistance Program and Food Pantry Eligibility Requirements 
2023-R-01492023 Acts Affecting Seniors 
2023-R-0127Assessment Limit on Antique Vehicles 
2023-R-0154Step Therapy in Fully Insured Commercial Health Insurance Plans in Connecticut 
2023-R-0128Tow Truck Warning Light Colors in Other States 
2023-R-0136Wake Boats 
2023-R-0129Income Tax Exemptions for Retirement Income 
2023-R-0116Sackett v. Environmental Protection Agency 
2023-R-0111Major Public Acts 
2023-R-0118Agricultural Tourism and Landowner Immunity 
2023-R-0117Grandparents' Visitation Rights 
2023-R-0109Finland's Housing First Policy 
2023-R-01142023 Conveyance Legislation Reported Favorably by GAE Committee 
2023-R-0110Case Statistics for Firearms – Related Offenses (Dispositions) 
2023-R-0097The Dual Roles and Responsibilities of Local and Regional Boards of Education 
2023-R-0031Questions for State Contracting Standards Board Executive Director Nominee 
2023-R-0039Questions for Judicial Review Council Nominees  
2023-R-0041Questions for Nominees to the Connecticut Technical Education and Career System Board 
2023-R-0043Questions for the Psychiatric Security Review Board Nominees 
2023-R-0054Questions for Executive Director of the Office of Military Affairs Nominee 
2023-R-0056Questions for Connecticut Airport Authority Board of Directors Nominee 
2023-R-0063Questions for the Connecticut Commuter Rail Council Nominee 
2023-R-0080Questions for the Nominee for Executive Director of the Connecticut Technical Education and Career System 
2023-R-0088Questions for Student Nominees to the State Board of Education 
2023-R-0084Questions for Nominees to the State Board of Education 
2023-R-0085Questions for the Workers' Compensation Commission Advisory Board Nominee 
2023-R-0086Questions for the State Board of Labor Relations Nominee 
2023-R-0087Questions for the Consumer Protection Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0083Questions for Nominees to the Board of Regents for Higher Education 
2023-R-0107Jennifer's Law (Connecticut) 
2023-R-0095Questions for Neutral Nominees to the Education Arbitration Panel 
2023-R-0105Questions for Nominees to the State Education Resource Center Board 
2023-R-0091Questions for Connecticut Port Authority Board of Directors Nominee 
2023-R-0104Questions for Freedom of Information Commission Nominee 
2023-R-0099Money Transfer and Other Technology Services in Correctional Facilities  
2023-R-0103Stray Voltage 
2023-R-0102Domestic Violence-Related Legislation 2020-2022 
2023-R-0100Public Assistance Program Eligibility and Benefits Cliffs 
2023-R-0079Questions for the Department of Veterans Affairs Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0098Connecticut's E-Cigarette Laws 
2023-R-0093Address Confidentiality for Domestic Violence Victims 
2023-R-0082Connecticut Penal Code - Updated and Revised 
2023-R-0094Board of Education Taxing Authority 
2023-R-0078Budgets and Endowments of Flagship State Universities 
2023-R-0090State Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements 
2023-R-0092Car Dealer Document Fee Caps 
2023-R-0076 State Regulation of MEWAs 
2023-R-0081Benefits to Surviving Families of Police Officers  
2023-R-0077Qualifications for School Paraeducators in Other States 
2023-R-0074State Treasurer's Fiduciary Responsibilities and Selection Process in Other States 
2023-R-0071Questions for Social Services Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0072Questions for Commissioner of Correction Nominee 
2023-R-0066Questions for the Banking Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0067Questions for the Office of Workforce Strategy Nominee 
2023-R-0049Questions for Labor Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0064Questions for Education Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0061Questions for the Department of Public Health Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0045Questions for Department of Developmental Services Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0070Electronic Monitoring of Family Violence Offenders 
2023-R-0053Questions for Motor Vehicles Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0047Questions for the Office of Higher Education Executive Director Nominee 
2023-R-0057Questions for the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0069Questions for the Office of Health Strategy Executive Director Nominee 
2023-R-0032Questions for Administrative Services Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0068Use of Surveillance Cameras in Residential Areas 
2023-R-0033State and Federal Laws on Ammunition Record-keeping Requirements 
2023-R-0073Legislative History of the Community Investment Account 
2023-R-0060Media Literacy 
2023-R-0055Qualifications-Based Selection 
2023-R-0048Questions for Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0046Questions for Insurance Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0050Questions for Revenue Services Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0058Questions for Department of Economic and Community Development Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0018Early Voting 
2023-R-0059Connecticut's Diversionary Program for Family Violence Offenders 
2023-R-0040Questions for Department of Transportation Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0035Questions for the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0044Questions for the Office of Early Childhood Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0036Questions for Aging and Disability Services Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0037Questions for the Children and Families Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0042Questions for Department of Housing Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0038Questions for Department of Agriculture Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0052Small Claims Court Limits 
2023-R-0034Questions for Office of Policy and Management Secretary Nominee 
2023-R-0007Methods of Merging and Consolidating Municipalities 
2023-R-0021Public School Truancy and Chronic Absenteeism Law  
2023-R-0021-Attach1-Truancy Pilot Program ReportPublic School Truancy and Chronic Absenteeism Law  
2023-R-0009Certificate of Need Task Force Final Report January 17, 2023 
2023-R-0026Conversion to Municipal Sewer 
2023-R-0020Public Investment Communities  
2023-R-0017Distressed Municipality Designation  
2023-R-0024Online Databases for Municipal Financial Information 
2023-R-0028Shared Clean Energy Facilities 
2023-R-0030Executive and Legislative Nominations Committee Confirmations 
2023-R-0022Live Theater Tax Credits  
2023-R-0029Pandemic-Related Utility Arrearages  
2023-R-0011State and Federal Programs for Individuals With Alzheimer's Disease 
2023-R-0006Property Tax Assessment Ratios 
2023-R-0019Drug-Free Zone Law 
2023-R-0027Utility-Related Funding Questions 
2023-R-00032023 Major Issues 
2023-R-0002"Approval of the Location" Certificates for Auto Dealerships and Repair Businesses