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2023-R-0098Connecticut's E-Cigarette Laws 
2023-R-0093Address Confidentiality for Domestic Violence Victims 
2023-R-0082Connecticut Penal Code - Updated and Revised 
2023-R-0094Board of Education Taxing Authority 
2023-R-0078Budgets and Endowments of Flagship State Universities 
2023-R-0090State Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements 
2023-R-0092Car Dealer Document Fee Caps 
2023-R-0076 State Regulation of MEWAs 
2023-R-0081Benefits to Surviving Families of Police Officers  
2023-R-0077Qualifications for School Paraeducators in Other States 
2023-R-0074State Treasurer's Fiduciary Responsibilities and Selection Process in Other States 
2023-R-0072Questions for Commissioner of Correction Nominee 
2023-R-0071Questions for Social Services Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0066Questions for the Banking Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0064Questions for Education Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0049Questions for Labor Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0067Questions for the Office of Workforce Strategy Nominee 
2023-R-0045Questions for Department of Developmental Services Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0061Questions for the Department of Public Health Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0053Questions for Motor Vehicles Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0070Electronic Monitoring of Family Violence Offenders 
2023-R-0057Questions for the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0069Questions for the Office of Health Strategy Executive Director Nominee 
2023-R-0047Questions for the Office of Higher Education Executive Director Nominee 
2023-R-0032Questions for Administrative Services Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0068Use of Surveillance Cameras in Residential Areas 
2023-R-0033State and Federal Laws on Ammunition Record-keeping Requirements 
2023-R-0073Legislative History of the Community Investment Account 
2023-R-0060Media Literacy 
2023-R-0055Qualifications-Based Selection 
2023-R-0048Questions for Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0046Questions for Insurance Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0050Questions for Revenue Services Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0058Questions for Department of Economic and Community Development Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0018Early Voting 
2023-R-0059Connecticut's Diversionary Program for Family Violence Offenders 
2023-R-0040Questions for Department of Transportation Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0035Questions for the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0044Questions for the Office of Early Childhood Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0036Questions for Aging and Disability Services Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0037Questions for the Children and Families Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0038Questions for Department of Agriculture Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0042Questions for Department of Housing Commissioner Nominee 
2023-R-0052Small Claims Court Limits 
2023-R-0034Questions for Office of Policy and Management Secretary Nominee 
2023-R-0007Methods of Merging and Consolidating Municipalities 
2023-R-0021Public School Truancy and Chronic Absenteeism Law  
2023-R-0021-Attach1-Truancy Pilot Program ReportPublic School Truancy and Chronic Absenteeism Law  
2023-R-0009Certificate of Need Task Force Final Report January 17, 2023 
2023-R-0026Conversion to Municipal Sewer 
2023-R-0020Public Investment Communities  
2023-R-0017Distressed Municipality Designation  
2023-R-0022Live Theater Tax Credits  
2023-R-0024Online Databases for Municipal Financial Information 
2023-R-0028Shared Clean Energy Facilities 
2023-R-0030Executive and Legislative Nominations Committee Confirmations 
2023-R-0029Pandemic-Related Utility Arrearages  
2023-R-0011State and Federal Programs for Individuals With Alzheimer's Disease 
2023-R-0006Property Tax Assessment Ratios 
2023-R-0019Drug-Free Zone Law 
2023-R-0027Utility-Related Funding Questions 
2023-R-00032023 Major Issues 
2023-R-0002"Approval of the Location" Certificates for Auto Dealerships and Repair Businesses