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2022-R-0283Termination of Parental Rights in Sexual Assault Cases 
2022-R-0225Nip Surcharge and Disbursements 
2022-R-0057Department of Children and Families Reunification Process 
2022-R-0282Judgment of Loss Mitigation  
2022-R-0246Cannabis Advertising 
2022-R-0272Drugged Driving and Compelled Testing 
2022-R-0001State Requirements for Bilingual Education Programs 
2022-R-0090Acts Affecting Environment 
2022-R-0091Issue Brief: Connecticut's Cottage Food License  
2022-R-0093Comparison of Outdoor Dining Authorizations Under State Law (Updated) 
2022-R-0094Acts Affecting Municipalities 
2022-R-0096Acts Affecting Criminal Justice and Public Safety 
2022-R-0095Acts Affecting Transportation 
2022-R-0088 Acts Affecting Banking 
2022-R-0098Traffic Noise on State Roads 
2022-R-0099Income Tax Deductions for Retirement Income 
2022-R-0100Connecticut Health Insurance Provider and Facility Mandates 
2022-R-0101Transportation Network Company Automobile Insurance Requirements 
2022-R-0102Benefit Eligibility and Marriage for People With Disabilities 
2022-R-0103Federal and State Anti-Discrimination Protections for High School and College Students Based on Sex and Gender 
2022-R-0089Acts Affecting First Responders 
2022-R-0085Bottle Bill Handling Fees 
2022-R-0087Connecticut Unfair Insurance Practices Act (CUIPA) 
2022-R-0086Major Public Acts 2022 Legislative Session 
2022-R-0083Questions for Nominees to the UConn Board of Trustees 
2022-R-0082Risk-Limiting Audits 
2022-R-00812022 Conveyance Legislation Reported Favorably by GAE Committee 
2022-R-0080Issue Brief: Risk-Limiting Audits  
2022-R-0079Municipalities and Utility Infrastructure 
2022-R-0078Questions for Nominees to the Board of Regents for Higher Education 
2022-R-0077Legislation in Neighboring States Pertaining to Invasive Plants 
2022-R-0076Questions for Office of Policy and Management Secretary Nominee 
2022-R-0075Questions for Connecticut Airport Authority Board of Directors Nominee 
2022-R-0074An Act Suspending Certain Gas Taxes and Sales and Use Taxes on Certain Clothing and Allocating Funds for Free Public Bus Services 
2022-R-0072Questions for the Workers' Compensation Commission Advisory Board Nominee 
2022-R-0104Insurance Coverage Requirements for the Treatment of PANDAS/PANS 
2022-R-0107Backgrounder: Connecticut's State and Municipal Taxes on Recreational Cannabis 
2022-R-0105Body Armor and Connecticut Law 
2022-R-0124Acts Affecting Energy and Utilities 
2022-R-0138Acts Affecting Children 
2022-R-0137Connecticut Long-Term Care Insurance Legislation, 2017-2022  
2022-R-0136The Income Spenddown Process in Connecticut's Medicaid Program 
2022-R-0135Acts Affecting Housing and Real Estate 
2022-R-0134Translation of the Driver's License Knowledge Test 
2022-R-0133Acts Affecting Veterans and the Military 
2022-R-0132Acts Affecting Education 
2022-R-0131State Programs for Older Adults 
2022-R-0130 Changes to Judicial Compensation Since 2013  
2022-R-0129Connecticut's "Get One Free" Law 
2022-R-0128Acts Affecting Insurance 
2022-R-0127Credit and Debit Card Holds at Gas Stations 
2022-R-01262022 Veto Package  
2022-R-0125Unclaimed Bottle Deposits 
2022-R-0123Animal Cruelty Cases in Connecticut (2011-2021) 
2022-R-0070Connecticut's Technical High Schools' Student Population Demographics 
2022-R-0122Acts Affecting Town Clerks and Elections 
2022-R-0121Acts Affecting Taxes 
2022-R-0120Acts Affecting Health Professions 
2022-R-0119Acts Affecting Animals & Agriculture 
2022-R-01182022 Acts Affecting Seniors 
2022-R-0117Acts Affecting Business and Jobs  
2022-R-0116Affordable Housing Under CGS § 8-30g  
2022-R-0115Protections Against Rent Increases  
2022-R-0114Housing Tax Credit Contribution (HTCC) Program  
2022-R-0113Acts Affecting People With Disabilities 
2022-R-0112Special License Plates 
2022-R-0110Child Tax Rebate 
2022-R-0109Small Claims Jurisdiction and Transfers 
2022-R-0108OLR Backgrounder: A Guide to Connecticut's Personal Income Tax 
2022-R-0071Questions for Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities Nominee 
2022-R-0066Medicaid Eligibility 
2022-R-0069Questions for Milk Regulation Board Nominee 
2022-R-0068Connecticut Penal Code - Updated and Revised 
2022-R-0034Questions on Quality-Adjusted Life Years (QALY)  
2022-R-0033Updated: Questions Concerning the Disposition of Neglected Burial Grounds  
2022-R-0032Overview of the 1986 Education Enhancement Act 
2022-R-0032-Attach3-PA 88-358Overview of the 1986 Education Enhancement Act 
2022-R-0032-Attach2-PA 86-1 Summary May Special SessionOverview of the 1986 Education Enhancement Act 
2022-R-0032-Attach1-PA 86-1 May Special SessionOverview of the 1986 Education Enhancement Act 
2022-R-0031Business Insurance Rating Factors 
2022-R-0030Health Insurers and Pharmacy Benefit Managers: Information on Size and CEO Salaries 
2022-R-0029Pharmacy Benefit Manager Oversight Laws in New York and Other States 
2022-R-0028Statutes Concerning Public Cemeteries  
2022-R-0026States That Ban the Use of Exotic or Wild Animals in Traveling Shows or Circuses 
2022-R-0025Number of Municipal Police Departments in Connecticut 
2022-R-0024Executive and Legislative Nominations Committee Confirmations 
2022-R-0023Motor Vehicle Fines and Charges Remitted to Municipalities 
2022-R-0022Absentee Ballot Processing 
2022-R-0021Required K-12 Student Standardized Tests and Teacher and Superintendent Performance Reviews 
2022-R-0019Corporation Business Tax Surcharge 
2022-R-00182022 Major Issues 
2022-R-0017Sales and Use Tax on COVID-19 Test Kits 
2022-R-0016COVID-19 Executive Orders Extended Through February 15, 2022 
2022-R-0015Connecticut Adjusted Gross Income 
2022-R-0012No Surprises Act 
2022-R-0010Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) 
2022-R-0009Connecticut Population Change: 2010 to 2020  
2022-R-0007School Construction Grant Process 
2022-R-00062019-2020 Changes to the Transfer Act 
2022-R-0005Connecticut Whistleblower Laws 
2022-R-0003Tax Increment Districts Under CGS § 7-339cc et seq. 
2022-R-0002Fixed Property Tax Assessments Under CGS § 12-65b 
2022-R-0036Questions for Nominees to MIRA Board of Directors 
2022-R-0037Copay Accumulator Programs 
2022-R-0053Questions for the Nominee for Education Commissioner 
2022-R-0067Questions for Neutral Nominees to the Education Arbitration Board 
2022-R-01402022 Bill Tracking 
2022-R-0065Questions for Student Nominees to the State Board of Education 
2022-R-0064Questions for Connecticut Lottery Corporation Board of Directors Nominee 
2022-R-0063Questions for the Consumer Protection Deputy Commissioner Nominee 
2022-R-0062Policy Options to Respond to the School Bus Driver Shortage 
2022-R-0061Case Statistics for Firearms – Related Offenses (Dispositions) 
2022-R-0060Comparison of Outdoor Dining Authorizations Under State Law 
2022-R-0059Questions for the Psychiatric Security Review Board Nominees 
2022-R-0058Questions for Judicial Review Council Nominees 
2022-R-0056State Legislative Terms of Office 
2022-R-0055Minority Teacher Recruitment Legislation 
2022-R-0054OLR Backgrounder: Restrictions on Municipal Regulation of Family and Group Child Care Homes 
2022-R-0052Questions for the Department of Developmental Services Ombudsperson Nominee 
2022-R-0038Juvenile Diversionary Programs and Court Services 
2022-R-0051Questions for the Department of Public Health Commissioner Nominee 
2022-R-0050Questions for Administrative Services Commissioner Nominee 
2022-R-0049Questions for Labor Commissioner Nominee 
2022-R-0048Questions for the Consumer Counsel Nominee 
2022-R-0047Questions for Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services Commissioner Nominee 
2022-R-0046Questions for Human Rights Referee Nominee 
2022-R-0045SNAP Enrollment by Town 
2022-R-0044Community Investment Account 
2022-R-0043State Laws Requiring Health Insurance Policies to Cover Ovarian Cancer 
2022-R-0042Health Insurance Coverage for Behavioral Therapy 
2022-R-0041State Balloon Release Laws 
2022-R-0040Questions for the Connecticut Commuter Rail Council Nominees 
2022-R-0039Questions for Connecticut Port Authority Board of Directors Nominee 
2022-R-0139OLR Backgrounder: School Transportation Requirements 
2022-R-0143Table on Penalties 
2022-R-0141Community Investment Fund 2030 
2022-R-0247Prepaid Home Heating Fuel Contracts 
2022-R-0243Age Verification Requirement for Tobacco Sales 
2022-R-0242Traffic Data Near Watertown Public Schools 
2022-R-0241Shurtleff v. City of Boston: Municipal Discretion to Raise Flags  
2022-R-0240Issue Brief: Connecticut's Black Bear Population (Ursus americanus)  
2022-R-0239School Construction Grant Program 
2022-R-0238Solar Incentive Programs in Connecticut and Neighboring States 
2022-R-0237State Initiatives Related to Employing Individuals With Disabilities 
2022-R-0236Workers' Compensation Laws Enacted 2014-2022 
2022-R-0235Legislation Limiting Investor Purchases of Residential Properties  
2022-R-0234Connecticut Law on Landlords Installing Security Cameras 
2022-R-0233Recent Legislation Regarding Dyslexia and Special Education 
2022-R-0232Methadone Clinic Regulation 
2022-R-0231Noncitizen Voting 
2022-R-0229Food Waste Diversion Law 
2022-R-0228Board of Regent Member Designation Process in Connecticut and Other States 
2022-R-0227State Abortion Laws Enacted Post-Dobbs Decision 
2022-R-0226Maine PFAS Law 
2022-R-0224Fire Fighter Certification Requirements 
2022-R-0223Carrying Tasers and Other Electronic Defense Weapons 
2022-R-0222Firearm Use on Private Land 
2022-R-0221Jury Summons Process 
2022-R-0220Solid Waste Management Legislation, 2018-2022 
2022-R-0219OLR Backgrounder: Veterans' Property Tax Exemptions 
2022-R-0218South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority's Rate-Setting 
2022-R-0217Issue Brief: Motor Vehicle Mill Rate Cap  
2022-R-0216School Indoor Air Quality Standards for Neighboring States 
2022-R-0215Criteria for "Connecticut-Based" Employers and Employees in the State's Labor Statutes 
2022-R-0214State Spending Cap 
2022-R-0213State Fiscal Controls 
2022-R-0245OLR Backgrounder: Faculty Representation on Public University Governing Boards 
2022-R-0248Schedule of Municipal Property Revaluations  
2022-R-0142Union, Non-Union, and Managerial Pay Plan State Employees, 2008-2022 
2022-R-0249Drug-Impaired Driving Laws 
2022-R-0281Connecticut Abortion Law 
2022-R-0280Tax Treatment of Natural Gas and Propane 
2022-R-0277Issue Brief: Connecticut's Laws on Abortion and Contraception  
2022-R-0276Issue Brief: State Abortion Laws  
2022-R-0275Amendments to the Connecticut Constitution Since the 1955 Revision 
2022-R-0274Refugee Assistance 
2022-R-0273Issue Brief: Teacher Shortage  
2022-R-0273-Attach1-Staffing SurveyIssue Brief: Teacher Shortage  
2022-R-0271Issue Brief: Connecticut's COVID-19 Essential Workers Programs  
2022-R-0270Issue Brief: Juvenile Justice Laws (Recent Changes)  
2022-R-0269Issue Brief: Connecticut's Assisted Living Facility Regulations  
2022-R-0268CT Veterans Tuition Waiver 
2022-R-0267Department of Children and Families Language Interpretation and Translation Services 
2022-R-0266Heat Pump Incentive Programs in Maine and Rhode Island 
2022-R-0265School Resource Officers  
2022-R-0263Issue Brief: Foreclosure Mediation Program  
2022-R-0262Legislative Changes to the Foreclosure Mediation Program 
2022-R-0261FDA Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy Program for Abortion Medication 
2022-R-0260Issue Brief: Amending the State Constitution  
2022-R-0259Questions on Temporary Assistance for Needy Families 
2022-R-0258Issue Brief: Heating Fuel Consumer Protections  
2022-R-0257Issue Brief: Connecticut's "Red Flag" Firearm Law  
2022-R-0256Issue Brief: Budget Reserve Fund 
2022-R-0255Issue Brief: Student Debt Relief  
2022-R-0254Issue Brief: CGS § 8-30g The Affordable Housing Land Use Appeals Procedure  
2022-R-0253Internet Providers and Paper Billing Fees  
2022-R-0252Housing Authority Payments in Lieu of Taxes  
2022-R-0251Issue Brief: Connecticut's Health Insurance Rate Review Process  
2022-R-0250Ectopic Pregnancies and State Abortion Laws 
2022-R-0212Child Care Staffing Ratios in Connecticut and Select States 
2022-R-0211Comprehensive Energy Strategy 
2022-R-0210Bear Baiting Restrictions 
2022-R-0208Connecticut's Family and Medical Leave Act 
2022-R-0175Quasi-Public Agency Boards of Directors 
2022-R-0174Municipal Approvals, Moratoriums, and Bans on Recreational Cannabis 
2022-R-0172Modifying Election Day 
2022-R-0171Bentley's Law 
2022-R-0169Isolated Confinement 
2022-R-0168Connecticut's Opioid Drug Abuse Laws 
2022-R-0167States Allowing Non-Physicians to Provide Abortion Services 
2022-R-0166Legislation on Higher Education Institutions Offering On-Site Medication Abortions 
2022-R-0165State and Federal Incentives for Residential Solar Projects 
2022-R-0164Disclosure of Body Camera Recordings 
2022-R-0162Select Health and Property and Casualty Insurer Data 
2022-R-0161State Laws Prohibiting Property Insurers From Considering a Dog's Breed 
2022-R-0160School Bus Driver License Renewal 
2022-R-0159Step Therapy Provisions in Regional States 
2022-R-0157Ballot Question and Explanatory Text for 2022 Proposed Constitutional Amendment on Early Voting 
2022-R-0156Administrative Purposes Only Agencies 
2022-R-0155Benefits for Veterans Without Wartime Service 
2022-R-0154Issue Brief: Understanding Voter Turnout  
2022-R-0153Condominium Dispute Resolution  
2022-R-0152Connecticut's Human Trafficking-Related Case Statistics 
2022-R-0151Address Confidentiality Program 
2022-R-0150Connecticut Homestead Laws 
2022-R-0149Reimbursement of Incarceration Costs in Connecticut 
2022-R-0148Recent Juvenile Justice Measures 
2022-R-0147Moratoria Granted Under CGS § 8-30g  
2022-R-0146Northeast Waste Incineration Bans 
2022-R-0145Required Public School Program of Study 
2022-R-0144Residential Solar Programs 
2023-R-0002"Approval of the Location" Certificates for Auto Dealerships and Repair Businesses 
2022-R-0176Quasi-Public Agencies 
2022-R-0177Interest on Lottery Sales Agent Delinquency Assessments 
2022-R-0178CGS § 12-572b Prohibition on Advance Deposit Wagers 
2022-R-0194Refunding Property Tax Overpayments  
2022-R-0207Wanton Waste Laws in New England 
2022-R-0206Problem Gambling Laws and Services in Certain Northeastern States 
2022-R-0205Tax Benefits for Volunteer Firefighters and EMS Personnel 
2022-R-0204Connecticut-New York Railroad Passenger Transportation Compact Exemption From State Regulation 
2022-R-0203OLR Backgrounder: Capital Region Development Authority 
2022-R-0202Black Bear Legislation 2012-2022 
2022-R-0201Issue Brief: Ranked-Choice Voting  
2022-R-0200Connecticut Prison Population Over the Last Five Years 
2022-R-0199Statutory CUTPA Violations 
2022-R-0198Occupational, Registration, Certification, and Licensing Requirements for Individuals 
2022-R-0197Parental Control and Teenagers' Rights 
2022-R-0196General Assembly Employees and the Prohibition on Unionization 
2022-R-0195Undocumented Immigration and State Law 
2022-R-0193Difference Between a Town and City 
2022-R-0179Civilian Complaints of Police 
2022-R-0192Income Taxes on Pension and Annuity Income in Select States 
2022-R-0191State-Mandated Health Insurance Benefits 
2022-R-0190Produce Prescription Programs in Select States  
2022-R-0190-Attach2-SNEB Pharmacy to Farm PosterProduce Prescription Programs in Select States  
2022-R-0190-Attach1-FFY 2022 NYS SNAP Nutrition Ed State Plan Amendment 1Produce Prescription Programs in Select States  
2022-R-0189Condominium Executive Boards 
2022-R-0187 U.S. Supreme Court Decision in Carson v. Makin 
2022-R-0186OLR Backgrounder: State Veterans' Benefits  
2022-R-0185Aid in Dying Legislation in Connecticut 
2022-R-0183Condominium Unit Owners' Access to Financial Information 
2022-R-0182Issue Brief: Connecticut Hydrogen and Electric Automobile Purchase Rebate Program  
2022-R-0181Facility Fee Limits 
2022-R-0180License Renewal Requirements for Older Drivers