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2022-R-0070Connecticut's Technical High Schools' Student Population Demographics 
2022-R-0086Major Public Acts 2022 Legislative Session 
2022-R-0077Legislation in Neighboring States Pertaining to Invasive Plants 
2022-R-0041State Balloon Release Laws 
2022-R-0080Issue Brief: Risk-Limiting Audits  
2022-R-0044Community Investment Account 
2022-R-00812022 Conveyance Legislation Reported Favorably by GAE Committee 
2022-R-0078Questions for Nominees to the Board of Regents for Higher Education 
2022-R-0067Questions for Neutral Nominees to the Education Arbitration Board 
2022-R-0069Questions for Milk Regulation Board Nominee 
2022-R-0036Questions for Nominees to MIRA Board of Directors 
2022-R-0058Questions for Judicial Review Council Nominees 
2022-R-0046Questions for Human Rights Referee Nominee 
2022-R-0052Questions for the Department of Developmental Services Ombudsperson Nominee 
2022-R-0048Questions for the Consumer Counsel Nominee 
2022-R-0039Questions for Connecticut Port Authority Board of Directors Nominee 
2022-R-0064Questions for Connecticut Lottery Corporation Board of Directors Nominee 
2022-R-0040Questions for the Connecticut Commuter Rail Council Nominees 
2022-R-0072Questions for the Workers' Compensation Commission Advisory Board Nominee 
2022-R-0065Questions for Student Nominees to the State Board of Education 
2022-R-0059Questions for the Psychiatric Security Review Board Nominees 
2022-R-0076Questions for Office of Policy and Management Secretary Nominee 
2022-R-0075Questions for Connecticut Airport Authority Board of Directors Nominee 
2022-R-0071Questions for Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities Nominee 
2022-R-0074An Act Suspending Certain Gas Taxes and Sales and Use Taxes on Certain Clothing and Allocating Funds for Free Public Bus Services 
2022-R-0066Medicaid Eligibility 
2022-R-0061Case Statistics for Firearms – Related Offenses (Dispositions) 
2022-R-0055Minority Teacher Recruitment Legislation 
2022-R-0063Questions for the Consumer Protection Deputy Commissioner Nominee 
2022-R-0051Questions for the Department of Public Health Commissioner Nominee 
2022-R-0053Questions for the Nominee for Education Commissioner 
2022-R-0049Questions for Labor Commissioner Nominee 
2022-R-0047Questions for Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services Commissioner Nominee 
2022-R-0068Connecticut Penal Code - Updated and Revised 
2022-R-0050Questions for Administrative Services Commissioner Nominee 
2022-R-0038Juvenile Diversionary Programs and Court Services 
2022-R-0062Policy Options to Respond to the School Bus Driver Shortage 
2022-R-0007School Construction Grant Process 
2022-R-0060Comparison of Outdoor Dining Authorizations Under State Law 
2022-R-0054OLR Backgrounder: Restrictions on Municipal Regulation of Family and Group Child Care Homes 
2022-R-0026States That Ban the Use of Exotic or Wild Animals in Traveling Shows or Circuses 
2022-R-0043State Laws Requiring Health Insurance Policies to Cover Ovarian Cancer 
2022-R-0045SNAP Enrollment by Town 
2022-R-0030Health Insurers and Pharmacy Benefit Managers: Information on Size and CEO Salaries 
2022-R-0037Copay Accumulator Programs 
2022-R-0033Updated: Questions Concerning the Disposition of Neglected Burial Grounds  
2022-R-0042Health Insurance Coverage for Behavioral Therapy 
2022-R-00062019-2020 Changes to the Transfer Act 
2022-R-0034Questions on Quality-Adjusted Life Years (QALY)  
2022-R-0029Pharmacy Benefit Manager Oversight Laws in New York and Other States 
2022-R-0031Business Insurance Rating Factors 
2022-R-0032Overview of the 1986 Education Enhancement Act 
2022-R-0025Number of Municipal Police Departments in Connecticut 
2022-R-0032-Attach1-PA 86-1 May Special SessionOverview of the 1986 Education Enhancement Act 
2022-R-0032-Attach2-PA 86-1 Summary May Special SessionOverview of the 1986 Education Enhancement Act 
2022-R-0032-Attach3-PA 88-358Overview of the 1986 Education Enhancement Act 
2022-R-0021Required K-12 Student Standardized Tests and Teacher and Superintendent Performance Reviews 
2022-R-0024Executive and Legislative Nominations Committee Confirmations 
2022-R-0019Corporation Business Tax Surcharge 
2022-R-0010Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) 
2022-R-0012No Surprises Act 
2022-R-0015Connecticut Adjusted Gross Income 
2022-R-0001State Requirements for Bilingual Education Programs 
2022-R-0017Sales and Use Tax on COVID-19 Test Kits 
2022-R-00182022 Major Issues 
2022-R-0016COVID-19 Executive Orders Extended Through February 15, 2022