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2021-R-0173Local Option Property Tax Relief Programs for Homeowners 
2021-R-0210Connecticut's Mental Health Parity Law 
2021-R-0188Issue Brief: Voting Rights After Felony Conviction  
2021-R-0189Eviction Process, Time Frame, and Impact of COVID-19 Executive Orders 
2021-R-0184RGGI Auction Proceeds and C&LM Funds 
2021-R-0207Labor Committee Employer Mandates Enacted Since 2016 
2021-R-0204Eligibility Requirements for Public Assistance Programs 
2021-R-0107Animal Control Officers and PA 20-1, JSS 
2021-R-0203History of the State Education Resource Center 
2021-R-0202Feral Cat Laws in Select States 
2021-R-0168Income Tax Deductions for Retirement Income 
2021-R-0102Jake Brake Restrictions 
2021-R-0197Connecticut's Opioid Drug Abuse Laws 
2021-R-0165Backgrounder: Connecticut's State and Municipal Taxes on Recreational Cannabis 
2021-R-0159Private Mortgage Insurance 
2021-R-0170 Connecticut Abusive Home Loan Lending Practices Act (CGS § 36a-746 et seq.) and Nonprime Lending Statutes (CGS § 36a-760 et seq.) 
2021-R-0093Issue Brief: Connecticut COVID-19 Migration Trends  
2021-R-0182Juvenile Delinquency Procedure 
2021-R-0199Insurance Coverage for Telehealth Services 
2021-R-0198Recent Changes to Connecticut's Telehealth Law 
2021-R-0196States Without Religious Exemptions to Childhood Immunization Requirements 
2021-R-0181Youthful Offenders 
2021-R-0178Status of the Connecticut Retirement Security Authority 
2021-R-0166Automatic Transfer of Juveniles from Juvenile to Adult Criminal Court 
2021-R-0186Long-Term Care Insurance 
2021-R-0156Store Obligations to Take Back Beverage Containers 
2021-R-0179Serious Juvenile Offenses 
2021-R-0169Natural Gas System Expansion Plan 
2021-R-0185"Solar Rights" Laws in Arizona, California, Florida, Massachusetts, and New York 
2021-R-0187Income-Based Veterans Exemptions Under CGS § 12-81g 
2021-R-0176Breast Cancer Screening 
2021-R-0161Issue Brief: Hemp Production in Connecticut  
2021-R-0150Insurance Data Security Law 
2021-R-0171Municipal Revenue Sharing Account 
2021-R-0164Q&A on Unsolicited Calls and Texts 
2021-R-0162Solar Projects on Brownfields, Carports, and Canopies  
2021-R-0167State Income Tax Benefits for Contributions to 529 Plans and ABLE Accounts 
2021-R-0163Compensation for Municipal Officials 
2021-R-0155Unclaimed Bottle Deposits 
2021-R-0148Availability of Deposited Funds 
2021-R-0152Issue Brief: Connecticut's PA 490 Program  
2021-R-0153State Agencies Serving People who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing  
2021-R-0157Consumer Disposal of Pharmaceuticals 
2021-R-0154Remote Learning and the 2021-2022 School Year 
2021-R-0104Connecticut Hate Crime Laws 
2021-R-0139Acts Affecting Education 
2021-R-0128Issue Brief: Covered Connecticut  
2021-R-0151Waiving Interest on Delinquent Property Taxes 
2021-R-0113Acts Affecting Business and Jobs 
2021-R-0122Acts Affecting Health Professions 
2021-R-0131Acts Affecting Criminal Justice and Public Safety 
2021-R-0143Acts Affecting Children 
2021-R-0117Housing Authorities  
2021-R-0145Acts Affecting First Responders 
2021-R-0119Acts Affecting Transportation 
2021-R-0112 Acts Affecting Banking 
2021-R-0140 2021 Bill Tracking 
2021-R-0132History of Connecticut School Immunization Requirements 
2021-R-0137Acts Affecting Town Clerks and Elections 
2021-R-0111Acts Affecting Environment 
2021-R-0109 Acts Affecting Seniors 
2021-R-0141COVID-19 Executive Orders Extended Through September 2021 
2021-R-0135Acts Affecting Municipalities 
2021-R-0133Philosophical Exemption From School Immunization Requirements 
2021-R-0125Acts Affecting People with Disabilities  
2021-R-0136Acts Affecting Energy and Utilities 
2021-R-0127Acts Affecting Veterans and the Military 
2021-R-0126Frequently Asked Questions About Special Education 
2021-R-0130Acts Affecting Taxes 
2021-R-0138Acts Affecting Housing and Real Estate 
2021-R-0134Connecticut School Immunization Requirements 
2021-R-0108State Crash Statistics and Backseat Passengers (2016-2021) 
2021-R-0129Acts Affecting Insurance 
2021-R-0118 2021 Veto Package  
2021-R-0110State Programs for Older Adults 
2021-R-0124Acts Affecting Animals & Agriculture 
2021-R-0123Table on Penalties 
2021-R-0105Connecticut Law on Background Checks for Child Care Employees 
2021-R-0115Union, Non-Union, and Managerial Pay Plan State Employees, 2008-2021 
2021-R-0101Expired and Extended COVID-19 Executive Orders  
2021-R-01062021 Major Public Acts 
2021-R-0114The PCA Workforce Council 
2021-R-01002021 Conveyance Legislation Reported Favorably by GAE Committee 
2021-R-0092Municipal Affordable Housing Stock (2010-2020)  
2021-R-0094Use of Deadly Force by Law Enforcement Officers 
2021-R-0099Questions for Legislative Commissioner Nominee 
2021-R-0097Questions for Connecticut Commuter Rail Council Nominee 
2021-R-0091Questions for Freedom of Information Commission Nominees 
2021-R-0088Questions for the Public Utility Regulatory Authority Nominee 
2021-R-0090Questions for Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities Nominee 
2021-R-0089Questions for Healthcare Advocate Nominee 
2021-R-0096COVID-19 Executive Orders Extended Past April 20 
2021-R-0098State Laws Governing Early Voting 
2021-R-0095The Siting Council  
2021-R-0087Questions for State Auditors Nominee 
2021-R-0086Summary of sHB 6610, as Amended by House Amendment "A" (LCO #6080) 
2021-R-0075Questions for the Psychiatric Security Review Board Nominee 
2021-R-0070Questions for Milk Regulation Board Nominee 
2021-R-0085Questions for Connecticut Airport Authority Board of Directors Nominee 
2021-R-0065Questions for Nominees to the New England Board of Higher Education 
2021-R-0059Questions for Nominees to MIRA's Board of Directors 
2021-R-0080Connecticut Penal Code - Updated and Revised 
2021-R-0083An Act Concerning Non-Compete Agreements (SB 906) 
2021-R-0082Summary of HB 6107 (2021) 
2021-R-0066Questions for Connecticut Port Authority Board of Directors Nominee 
2021-R-0078Questions for Nominees to the Board of Regents for Higher Education 
2021-R-0045Questions for Nominees to the UConn Board of Trustees 
2021-R-0043Questions for the Child Advocate Nominee 
2021-R-0062Questions for State Elections Enforcement Commission Nominee 
2021-R-0039Questions for Connecticut Lottery Corporation Board of Directors Nominee 
2021-R-0064Questions for Non-Neutral Education Arbitration Board Nominees 
2021-R-0076Campus Climate Reporting Tools 
2021-R-0077States with Automatic or Guaranteed College Admissions Policies 
2021-R-0071Voter Identification Requirements in Connecticut 
2021-R-0072Connecticut's Raise-the-Age Legislation (2007 – Present) 
2021-R-0073Teacher Certification Laws for Trades Workers in Other States 
2021-R-0069Questions for Claims Commissioner Nominee 
2021-R-0074Electric Vehicles 
2021-R-0068Flat Glass Licenses 
2021-R-0057Zebra Mussels in New England 
2021-R-0067Questions for Judicial Review Council Nominees 
2021-R-0063Teacher Certification Requirements for Trade Workers in Connecticut  
2021-R-0046Impact of COVID-19 on the State's Leisure and Hospitality Industry  
2021-R-0040Special Services Districts (SSDs) in Connecticut's Downtowns 
2021-R-0056Executive Orders Extending Property Tax Relief Programs for Veterans, Older Adults, and Individuals With Disabilities 
2021-R-0054 Health and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts and the COVID-19 Pandemic 
2021-R-0041Issue Brief: Flavored E-Cigarette Bans  
2021-R-0053Questions for Nominees to the State Board of Education 
2021-R-0049Felony Convictions and Employment 
2021-R-0055Agricultural Virtual Net Metering 
2021-R-0042Medicaid Expansion Debate 
2021-R-0048Questions for Commissioner of Correction Nominee 
2021-R-0047Human Sexuality Curriculum in Connecticut and California 
2021-R-0029Guide to Connecticut's Business Tax Credits 
2021-R-0031National Popular Vote Interstate Compact 
2021-R-0038Health Reinsurance Association and the Connecticut Small Employer Health Reinsurance Pool 
2021-R-0012Legal Challenges to Connecticut Redistricting Plans 
2021-R-0050Sales and Use Tax Rates Since 2010 
2021-R-0051Education Mandates Enacted in 2019 
2021-R-0025Connecticut's Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)  
2021-R-0018Laws Permitting Vacating Convictions for Human Trafficking Victims 
2021-R-0037Statute of Limitations to Prosecute a Mandated Reporter's Failure to Report Child Abuse or Neglect 
2021-R-0030Internet Data Caps and Use 
2021-R-0033Questions for Revenue Services Commissioner Nominee 
2021-R-0008Convenience of the Employer Rule 
2021-R-0028Executive and Legislative Nominations Committee Confirmations 
2021-R-0023State Faithless Elector Laws  
2021-R-0004 Special License Plates 
2021-R-0024Utility Tree Trimming and Vegetation Management Laws 
2021-R-0019Tax Benefits for Volunteer Firefighters and EMS Personnel 
2021-R-0017Electric Supplier Variable Rates 
2021-R-0009Interest Rates on State and Local Tax Underpayments and Overpayments 
2021-R-0011State Income Taxes on Capital Gains in Surrounding States 
2021-R-0007Income Tax on Long- and Short-Term Gains 
2021-R-0003Motor Fuel Taxes 
2021-R-0010Major Issues 2021 Legislative Session 
2021-R-0020Low-Income Energy Advisory Board