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2020-R-0357Homeless Student Legislation (2016-2020) 
2020-R-0358Election Day Registration 
2020-R-0359The Connecticut Uniform Relocation Assistance Act's Application to Municipal Code Enforcements 
2020-R-0263Environment Committee, Bill Tracking 2020 
2020-R-0280HUD Rule: Preserving Community and Neighborhood Choice 
2020-R-0347SEBAC 2017 and the 2022 Retirement Wave 
2020-R-0344Public Policy Components of Electric Bills 
2020-R-0348Unions Representing Adjunct Faculty at Higher Education Institutions in Connecticut and Other States 
2020-R-0354Comparison of Property Tax Structures in Select States 
2020-R-0322Judicial Selection Process 
2020-R-0355Legislative History of Filling Constitutional Officer Vacancies 
2020-R-0350COVID-19 Business Reopening Self-Certifications 
2020-R-0254Bonding Processes in Other States 
2020-R-0332Town Managers  
2020-R-0296Issue Brief: State Park and Forest Funding  
2020-R-0356Nursing Home Transparency 
2020-R-0352Community Gardens 
2020-R-0351Requirements for AEDs at Gyms and Health Clubs 
2020-R-0338OLR Backgrounder: Reimbursable School Construction Project Costs 
2020-R-0349Flexible Holiday Policies for State Employees in Select States 
2020-R-0308Connecticut Insurance Producer Fees 
2020-R-0335Student Loan Forgiveness Programs for Health Care Professionals 
2020-R-0286Connecticut's Environmental Justice Law 
2020-R-0016Background Check and Fingerprinting Requirements for Lifeguards and Swim Coaches 
2020-R-0333Offshore Wind Procurement 
2020-R-0329Food Insecurity in Connecticut 
2020-R-0346Connecticut's Non-Elderly Uninsured Population Demographics 
2020-R-0236History of Changes to Absentee Ballot Eligibility in Connecticut 
2020-R-0323Legal Status of Psychedelic Drugs and Research Involving Possible Medical Uses 
2020-R-0331Connecticut Federal Shutdown Affected Employee Loan Program (SA 19-1) 
2020-R-0330Connecticut's Payment in Lieu of Taxes Program 
2020-R-0303Radon Testing in Private School Buildings 
2020-R-0320Issue Brief: COVID-19 and Connecticut Long-Term Care Facilities  
2020-R-0337Sexual Offender Registration Requirements and Housing Restrictions  
2020-R-0334Unemployment Compensation Offsets 
2020-R-0327Municipal Oversight of State Roads 
2020-R-0272Use of Deadly Force by Law Enforcement Officers 
2020-R-0328Nursing Home Staffing Requirements 
2020-R-0316Police Officers in Connecticut Statistics (2010-2019) 
2020-R-0274Issue Brief: Care 4 Kids  
2020-R-0269Issue Brief: State Veterans Affairs & Military Agencies  
2020-R-0301Issue Brief: Police Recording Equipment  
2020-R-0172Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing 
2020-R-0311Issue Brief: Peer-to- Peer Car Sharing  
2020-R-0291Issue Brief: Budget Reserve Fund  
2020-R-0307Pandemic Business Insurance Proposals 
2020-R-0319Issue Brief: Absentee Voting in the 2020 Election  
2020-R-0324Home Improvement and New Home Builder Guaranty Fund Statistics 
2020-R-0249Issue Brief: Foreclosure Mediation Program  
2020-R-0282Issue Brief: Pandemic-Related Business Assistance  
2020-R-0325Issue Brief: Connecticut's Paid Family and Medical Leave  
2020-R-0321Recent Legislation Affecting School Bus Drivers 
2020-R-0273Issue Brief: Student Loan Relief Options During the COVID-19 Pandemic  
2020-R-0293Legislative Changes to the Foreclosure Mediation Program  
2020-R-0314Issue Brief: COVID-19 Housing Assistance  
2020-R-0305Mandated Reporters of Child Abuse and Neglect 
2020-R-0317Qualifying for Medicaid for Employees With Disabilities (MED-Connect) 
2020-R-0260Subsequent Amendments to Public Act 13-3  
2020-R-0290Issue Brief: Remote Learning and the Digital Divide  
2020-R-0306Issue Brief: Recreational Marijuana  
2020-R-0294Issue Brief: Public Assistance Programs and COVID-19  
2020-R-0271Issue Brief: Connecticut Health Insurance Reform Proposals  
2020-R-0287Issue Brief: Retail CBD Sales  
2020-R-0310UPDATED: Municipal Authority to Address Blight 
2020-R-0315Waiting Period for New Rates Negotiated With a Retail Electric Supplier 
2020-R-0284Court Cases Concerning Legislative Quorum Requirements 
2020-R-0318Verifying In-State Businesses for the Supplier Diversity Program 
2020-R-0283Remote Voting by the General Assembly 
2020-R-0290-Attach1-Mobile Hotspot Devices Distribution 10-21-20Issue Brief: Remote Learning and the Digital Divide  
2020-R-0290-Attach2-Laptop Devices Distributed by SDE by district 10-21-2020Issue Brief: Remote Learning and the Digital Divide  
2020-R-0267Legislative History of the Department of Veterans Affairs  
2020-R-0224Condominium Property Taxes 
2020-R-0298CFSIC Claim Data 
2020-R-0297CFSIC Crumbling Concrete Foundation Replacement, Reimbursement, and Construction Data 
2020-R-0267-Attach3-1947 PA 319Legislative History of the Department of Veterans Affairs  
2020-R-0267-Attach4-1927 PA 264Legislative History of the Department of Veterans Affairs  
2020-R-0267-Attach2-PA 86-175Legislative History of the Department of Veterans Affairs  
2020-R-0267-Attach1-PA 88-285Legislative History of the Department of Veterans Affairs  
2020-R-0267-Attach5-1887 PA 215Legislative History of the Department of Veterans Affairs  
2020-R-0288Connecticut's Automated Victim Notification System and How Other States Notify Victims 
2020-R-0302Charter School Student Enrollment Lotteries 
2020-R-0231School Mandated Reporting in Connecticut and Other States 
2020-R-0246Legislative Changes to Film Industry Tax Credits 
2020-R-0278Issue Brief: Hemp Production in Connecticut  
2020-R-0295Issue Brief: Connecticut School Immunization Requirements  
2020-R-0262Buses on Connecticut Parkways 
2020-R-0266Issue Brief: Motor Vehicle Mill Rate Cap  
2020-R-0292Preschool Teachers and Unemployment Benefit Eligibility 
2020-R-0304Gas Company Notice Requirements for Routine Maintenance Work 
2020-R-0276Issue Brief: Funding the Unemployment System  
2020-R-0285Power of Attorney "Hot Powers" 
2020-R-0299Jury Pools and Fair Cross Section Requirement 
2020-R-02412020 Veto Package  
2020-R-0268Issue Brief: Utility Storm Response  
2020-R-0261Student Transportation Vehicle Signs 
2020-R-0258OLR Backgrounder: State-Mandated Health Insurance Benefits 
2020-R-0300Booster Seat Requirements 
2020-R-0277Landlord Obligations to Allow Assistance Animals 
2020-R-0289Carrying Handguns in Connecticut State Parks or Forests 
2020-R-0252Enterprise Zone Program Overview  
2020-R-0265Siting Law for Renewable Energy Facilities 
2020-R-0259Connecticut Law Governing Golf Cart Use on Roads  
2020-R-0201Facility Fee Limits 
2020-R-0244Benefits for Veterans' Surviving Spouses 
2020-R-0229Food Waste Diversion Law 
2020-R-0255Tenant Protections Against Excessive Rent Increases 
2020-R-0279Trees Falling onto Neighbor's Land 
2020-R-0227Municipal Rainy Day Funds 
2020-R-0275Table on Penalties 
2020-R-0235Absentee Ballot Procedures for Late-Occurring Events 
2020-R-0253Medicaid Eligibility 
2020-R-0250Kennel and Commercial Kennel Licenses 
2020-R-0257Motor Scooter Registration 
2020-R-0225Savings Promotion Raffles 
2020-R-0248Hardship Customers and Electric Suppliers 
2020-R-0247Healthy Homes Fund 
2020-R-0251Setting Prevailing Wage Rates 
2020-R-0230Salt Applicator Training Programs 
2020-R-0209Minority Teacher Recruitment Legislation 
2020-R-0234Maintaining the Voter Registry List: Interstate Moves by Registered Voters 
2020-R-0232Speed Limits 
2020-R-02382009 Memorandum of Agreement Concerning Tweed-New Haven Airport 
2020-R-0199Tweed-New Haven Airport Runway Litigation and CGS § 15-120j 
2020-R-0237Moratoria Granted Under CGS § 8-30g  
2020-R-0243Municipal Tree Removal Legislation 
2020-R-0240Connecticut Insurance Guaranty Funds 
2020-R-0223Child Abuse and Fatality Data Reporting 
2020-R-0242Mental Health First Aid Law 
2020-R-0214ERISA, Self-Insured Benefit Plans, and State Insurance Mandates 
2020-R-0206Law Enforcement Use of Military Equipment from the Federal 1033 Program 
2020-R-0103Questions for Nominees to the State Board of Education 
2020-R-0205OLR Backgrounder: Veterans' Property Tax Exemptions 
2020-R-0177Paycheck Protection Program Assistance to Connecticut Businesses 
2020-R-0222Bioscience Venture Capital Income Tax Deduction 
2020-R-0180Estate, Inheritance, and Gift Taxes in CT and Other States  
2020-R-0219Foreclosure Notification Requirements Applicable to Connecticut Landlords  
2020-R-0220Motor Vehicle Tax Exemption for Active Duty Service Members 
2020-R-0203Millstone Power Procurement 
2020-R-0226Recent Changes to Connecticut's Telehealth Law 
2020-R-0228Documenting Completion of the Canvass of Electors 
2020-R-0215Pet Insurance Regulation 
2020-R-0207Carrying Proof of Boating Education by Out-of-State Boaters 
2020-R-0216Locating a Polling Place Outside of a Voting District's Boundaries  
2020-R-0218Sewage "Right-to-Know" Law 
2020-R-0217Legislative History of Tax Exemptions for Propane for Residential Use 
2020-R-0211OLR Backgrounder: Regional Boards of Education 
2020-R-0196COVID-19 Executive Orders Authorizing Remote Notarization 
2020-R-0213New York Proposed Bill Requiring Police Liability Insurance 
2020-R-0221Storm Legislation and Planning 
2020-R-0210Questions on School Bus Stop Arm Cameras 
2020-R-0202Issue Brief: Health Insurance Coverage for Insulin and Diabetes Under PA 20-4 (JSS)  
2020-R-0168U.S. Cities Attracting Young Adults  
2020-R-0194Connecticut Public and Private College and University Police 
2020-R-02082020 Tax Benefits for Volunteer Firefighters and EMS Personnel 
2020-R-0191OLR Backgrounder: A Guide to Connecticut's Personal Income Tax 
2020-R-0212Insurance Coverage of Telehealth Services 
2020-R-0173OLR Backgrounder: Body Cameras, Dashboard Cameras, and Other Police Recording Equipment 
2020-R-0193Claims Against the State 
2020-R-0175OLR Backgrounder: English Learner Identification and Education Programs in Public Schools 
2020-R-0204Health Insurance Requirements for Surprise Bills in Connecticut 
2020-R-0195Connecticut Imports and Exports 
2020-R-0197Criminal Laws on Encouraging Suicide 
2020-R-0170OLR Backgrounder: Siting On-Shore Wind Facilities  
2020-R-0189Connecticut's Admissions and Dues Taxes 
2020-R-0052Local Plans of Conservation and Development (Updated) 
2020-R-0190OLR Backgrounder: Alcoholic Beverages Tax 
2020-R-0176State Funded Assistance Programs for Homeowners With Crumbling Concrete Foundations  
2020-R-0187State Department of Education 2020-2021 School Reopening Plan  
2020-R-0183Ice Cream Truck Traffic Safety Laws 
2020-R-0178Issue Brief: Open Educational Resources  
2020-R-0174Workers' Compensation Presumption for COVID-19 
2020-R-0130Waiver of Certain Child Care Licensing Requirements in Response to COVID-19 
2020-R-0184COVID-19 Executive Orders Affecting Older Adults 
2020-R-0162Lead Sinker Laws in Select States 
2020-R-0163Probate Court Operations During the COVID-19 Pandemic 
2020-R-0169Use of Deadly Force by Law Enforcement Officers 
2020-R-0020Real Estate Conveyance Tax 
2020-R-0181Taxes on Motor Vehicles Purchased Out of State 
2020-R-0182"Do Not Call" Registries 
2020-R-0179Extension of Circuit Breaker and Other Property Tax Relief by Executive Orders 
2020-R-0148Train Crew Size Mandates 
2020-R-0161Telehealth Reimbursement Parity  
2020-R-0071Property Tax Exemptions for Non-Profits  
2020-R-0070Testing Private Residential Wells 
2020-R-0040Cash Vouchers In Lieu of Change 
2020-R-0159Lime Rock Park Race Track Litigation and CGS § 14-164a 
2020-R-0166Insurance Premiums Tax 
2020-R-0171 Executive Orders Modifying Referenda Requirements Relating to Budgets and Fiscal Actions 
2020-R-0048Three-Tier Alcohol Distribution System 
2020-R-0136Intercepting Federal Stimulus Checks to Offset Overdue Child Support  
2020-R-0147COVID-19 Assistance for Homeowners and Landlords 
2020-R-0165Assisted Living Facility Regulation 
2020-R-0134Issue Brief: Extended Producer Responsibility  
2020-R-0067Assisted Living Facility Staffing Requirements 
2020-R-0167U-Pass CT Program 
2020-R-0164Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions 
2020-R-0155Beverage Container Redemption During the COVID-19 Pandemic 
2020-R-0156OLR Backgrounder: Subsequent Amendments to Education Provisions in Public Act 13-3 
2020-R-0125Civil Orders of Protections During the COVID-19 Pandemic 
2020-R-0119Executive Orders Concerning Municipal (Non-Judicial) Tax Sales 
2020-R-0145Unemployment Systems in Connecticut and Nearby States 
2020-R-0160Corporate Headquarters Located in Connecticut 
2020-R-0157Connecticut COVID-19 Recovery Facilities 
2020-R-0158PBM Reverse Auction Legislation 
2020-R-0149Due Process Under Special Education Law During the COVID-19 Pandemic 
2020-R-0139State Declaration of Supply Emergencies  
2020-R-0152Pandemic-Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) Program 
2020-R-0128OLR Backgrounder: Civil Preparedness Emergency Rights and Responsibilities 
2020-R-0150OLR Backgrounder: Temporary Family Assistance (TFA) 
2020-R-0126 Temporary Family Assistance During COVID-19 
2020-R-0154Connecticut Department of Banking Agreements Related to Privately Held Mortgages and Student Loans 
2020-R-0133Motor Vehicle Repossession 
2020-R-0151Remote Voting in the Massachusetts House of Representatives  
2020-R-0146School Superintendent Duties and Requirement  
2020-R-0135State Economic Assistance for Connecticut Child Care Providers During the COVID-19 Emergency 
2020-R-0096Revenue Caps for Minority-Owned Small Business Certification  
2020-R-0124Residential Tenants' Protections During the COVID-19 Pandemic 
2020-R-0127Municipal Land Use Procedures Modified by Executive Order 7I 
2020-R-0144State Tax Treatment of Paycheck Protection Program Forgiven Loans 
2020-R-0143Condominium Meetings and Elections During COVID-19 Pandemic 
2020-R-0132Local Tax Relief in Response to COVID-19: Deferment and Low Interest Rate Programs 
2020-R-0117State Higher Education Legislation in Response to COVID-19 
2020-R-0129Exemptions in the Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act and Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act 
2020-R-0137COVID-19 Renter Assistance  
2020-R-0123Price Gouging During a Declared Emergency 
2020-R-0140Nursing Home Visitor Restrictions During the COVID-19 Pandemic 
2020-R-0142Payment Protection Program and Health Care Enhancement Act of 2020 
2020-R-0122Connecticut's Conformity With Corporation Tax Provisions in the CARES Act 
2020-R-0131Governor's Executive Order Authority 
2020-R-0138COVID-19 Executive Orders Concerning Telehealth 
2020-R-0036-Attach1-Ordinance allowing Restaurants to sell Beer and Wine"Dry" and "Damp" Municipalities 
2020-R-0113Issue Brief: The CARES and Families First Coronavirus Response Acts: Insurance Provisions  
2020-R-0118Broadened Authority to Produce Hand Sanitizer During COVID-19 Pandemic 
2020-R-0120State Income Tax Treatment of Federal COVID-19 Economic Impact Payments 
2020-R-0115Alcohol Sales Under the COVID-19 Executive Orders 
2020-R-0106Changes to SNAP Benefits due to the COVID-19 Pandemic 
2020-R-0121Student Loan Relief in the Federal CARES Act 
2020-R-0114State Tax Filing and Payment Extensions During COVID-19 Outbreak 
2020-R-0116Certificate of Need Waivers During COVID-19 Public Health Emergency 
2020-R-0107OLR Backgrounder: Unemployment Insurance Provisions in the Federal CARES Act 
2020-R-0109COVID-19 Executive Orders Affecting Business, Labor, and Housing 
2020-R-0112COVID-19 Executive Orders Affecting State and Local Government Operations and Elections 
2020-R-0111COVID-19 Executive Orders Affecting Education and Child Care 
2020-R-0110COVID-19 Executive Orders Affecting Health and Human Services 
2020-R-0014FOIA Functional Equivalent Test 
2020-R-0031Small Business Express Program  
2020-R-0019State and Local Taxes on Recreational Marijuana 
2020-R-0105Proposed Bills Requiring Business Interruption Insurance Coverage for COVID-19 Losses 
2020-R-0104OLR Backgrounder: Employment-Related Provisions in the Families First Coronavirus Response Act 
2020-R-0097Questions for the Child Advocate Nominee 
2020-R-0085Questions for Connecticut Port Authority Board of Directors Nominees 
2020-R-0101Questions for the Board of Regents for Higher Education Nominee 
2020-R-0075State Law on Independent Expenditures  
2020-R-0100Questions for Non-Neutral Education Arbitration Board Nominees 
2020-R-0098Questions for Nominee to the Materials Innovation and Recycling Authority 
2020-R-0099Questions for Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities Nominee 
2020-R-0102Taxes on Boat Mooring and Storage 
2020-R-0093Questions for Student Nominees to the State Board of Education 
2020-R-0080Attribution Requirements for Political Advertisements Made with Independent Expenditures 
2020-R-0005Human Trafficking Laws 
2020-R-0086Questions for Nominees to the UConn Board of Trustees 
2020-R-0089Questions for Judicial Review Council Nominees 
2020-R-0090Residential Solar Incentive Program 
2020-R-0091Connecticut Penal Code - Updated and Revised 
2020-R-0088Case Statistics for Firearms – Related Offenses (Dispositions) 
2020-R-0095State Income Taxes on Retirement Income in Selected States 
2020-R-0092DOC/ DMHAS-Contracted Nursing Home Facility 
2020-R-0022Municipal Landlord Registries  
2020-R-0051State Liens on Real Property of Public Assistance Recipients 
2020-R-0087State Ammunition Taxes 
2020-R-0069Patient Medical Records Access 
2020-R-0082State and Local Liability for 5G-Related Illness 
2020-R-0065State Environmental Remediation Laws 
2020-R-0063Disposal of Household Sharps 
2020-R-0084Questions for the Nominee for Education Commissioner 
2020-R-0077Questions for State Auditors Nominees 
2020-R-0076Questions for the Department of Social Services Commissioner Nominee 
2020-R-0081Questions for Connecticut Lottery Corporation Board of Directors Nominee 
2020-R-0078Questions for Freedom of Information Commission Nominees 
2020-R-0074State Bankruptcy 
2020-R-0061Race Requirements on Marriage Licenses 
2020-R-0083Chlorpyrifos Bans 
2020-R-0058State Enforcement of the Minimum Budget Requirement (MBR) 
2020-R-0037Requirement for Retail Stores to Accept Cash Payments 
2020-R-0068Connecticut's Public Health Quarantine Laws 
2020-R-0046Campaign Finance Law and Foreign Money 
2020-R-0023Connecticut Sex Crimes Statistics (Convictions 2015-2019) 
2020-R-0007Sexual Assault Statute of Limitations 
2020-R-0059Clergy Confidentiality and Mandated Reporting 
2020-R-0062New Jersey Legislation on School Immunization Requirements 
2020-R-0064School Immunization Data Reporting 
2020-R-0013Strategies for Reducing Speeding in Residential Areas 
2020-R-0066Philosophical Exemption from School Immunization Requirements 
2020-R-0073Executive and Legislative Nominations Committee Confirmations 
2020-R-0041Legislator Compensation in Connecticut and Other States 
2020-R-0060Clostridium Difficile Reporting Requirements 
2020-R-0025Summary of State Gun Laws 
2020-R-0057Issue Brief: Flavored E-Cigarette Bans  
2020-R-0055Annual Claims Data for California's Paid Family Leave and Disability Insurance  
2020-R-0001QALY Methodology 
2020-R-0044Caps on Special Education Private Provider Tuition 
2020-R-0036"Dry" and "Damp" Municipalities 
2020-R-0056An Act Concerning the Sustainability of Connecticut's Transportation Infrastructure 
2020-R-0043Statewide Appellate Tax Boards in Connecticut and Massachusetts 
2020-R-0032Laws Banning Cetacean Sales or Breeding 
2020-R-0050PURA Evaluation of Electric Supplier Solvency 
2020-R-0028Approaches for Regulating Speculative Ticket Sales 
2020-R-0029Regulating Deceptive URLs Used by Entertainment Ticket Brokers 
2020-R-0024Approaches for Regulating Ticket Resales 
2020-R-0047Connecticut Prescription Monitoring Program and Animal Patients 
2020-R-0018State Voter Competence Laws 
2020-R-0053Diversity on State Boards and Commissions 
2020-R-0054Vending Machine Operations in Public Buildings 
2020-R-0035Comparison of Sports Wagering Tax Rates  
2020-R-0045Research & Development Tax Credit Program and Stranded Credits 
2020-R-0033Massachusetts' Monitoring of Independent Higher Education Institutions' Financial Health 
2020-R-0038Open Payments Program  
2020-R-0012Photo ID Options for Non-Drivers 
2020-R-0042Grant Programs to Help Municipalities Address Homelessness 
2020-R-0030Sales Tax Refunds for Returned Goods 
2020-R-0039Residency for Tax Purposes 
2020-R-0027Licensing for After-School Programs  
2020-R-0006Mandatory School Expulsion Laws 
2020-R-0021Effective Dates of Tax Changes in FY 20-21 Budget Act 
2020-R-00112020 Major Issues