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2019-R-0218Quasi-Public Agency Boards of Directors 
2019-R-0260Neighborhood Assistance Act 
2019-R-0310Prescription Drug Formulary Changes 
2019-R-0311Copay Accumulators 
2019-R-0328Using Campaign Funds to Pay for Childcare Costs Associated With Running for Office 
2019-R-0329Petitioning for a Special Session 
2019-R-0335Massachusetts and Connecticut Property Tax Deferral Programs for Seniors 
2019-R-0341Undocumented Students Attending Public Schools 
2019-R-0324Transportation and Climate Initiative 
2019-R-0319Alcoholic Liquor Licensing Changes Effective in 2020 
2019-R-0304Funeral and Burial or Cremation Expenses for Indigent Individuals 
2019-R-0328-Attach1-Kentucky Guidance on ChildcareUsing Campaign Funds to Pay for Childcare Costs Associated With Running for Office 
2019-R-0331Recoveries from Public Assistance Recipients: FYs 16 to 19 
2019-R-0341-Attach2-Enrollment Guidance Commissioners Memo 8-22-17Undocumented Students Attending Public Schools 
2019-R-0341-Attach1-US Dept of Education Colleague Letter-201405Undocumented Students Attending Public Schools 
2019-R-0338Holocaust and Genocide Education Curriculum Guidance 
2019-R-0309OLR Backgrounder: Free Feminine Hygiene Products in Schools 
2019-R-0314OLR Backgrounder: Truancy Policies for Public Schools 
2019-R-0289Teachers' Retirement System Financial Stabilization Law 
2019-R-0339OLR Backgrounder: Vetting Applicants for Public School Employment 
2019-R-0237State Grants to Municipalities 
2019-R-0293Community Choice Aggregation 
2019-R-0334Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fee 
2019-R-0289-Attach1-TRF SCRF CertificationTeachers' Retirement System Financial Stabilization Law 
2019-R-0315Cake Making Under Connecticut's Cottage Food Law 
2019-R-0333Immunity for Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Members  
2019-R-0208Anti-Lunch Shaming Legislation in Other States 
2019-R-0270New Markets Tax Credit Program in Connecticut 
2019-R-0340Free Air for Tires at Gas Stations 
2019-R-0336Prevailing Wage Debarment Procedures in Massachusetts, New York, and Ohio 
2019-R-0273Insurance Coverage for Bariatric Surgery 
2019-R-0302Money Follows the Person (MFP) 
2019-R-0321Raw Milk Sales and Distribution 
2019-R-0281Department of Correction Inmate Gender Non-Conforming Policy  
2019-R-0332Petitioning for Relief from Vexatious Requesters Under the Freedom of Information Act 
2019-R-0313Local Health Directors 
2019-R-0326Federal Overtime Pay Rules and Nonprofit Organizations 
2019-R-0320Connecticut Hunting Accident Data, 2000-2019 
2019-R-0323Donating or Repurposing Excess School Meals 
2019-R-0327Questions on Public Employee Supersedence Laws 
2019-R-0305State Fiscal Controls 
2019-R-0325Local Capital Improvement Program  
2019-R-0286Insurance Coverage for PANDAS/PANS 
2019-R-0291Body Camera Grant Allocations 
2019-R-0248Maryland Prescription Drug Affordability Board 
2019-R-0317Establishment Dates of Quasi-Public Agencies 
2019-R-0318Debt-Free Community College Program Eligibility 
2019-R-0290 Fur Sale Bans  
2019-R-0330Overview of the Hospital Settlement Agreement 
2019-R-0303Issue Brief: Living Donor Protection Act  
2019-R-0287Greenhouse Gas Emissions Sources 
2019-R-0264Combined Criminal Justice Degree and Police Training Programs 
2019-R-0275Electronic Waste Collection Locations in Connecticut and Washington 
2019-R-0295Prevailing Wage Debarment Laws in Connecticut and Other States 
2019-R-0283Counseling and Advocacy Services at Connecticut Higher Education Institutions 
2019-R-0284Repair and Payment Duties After Casualty Loss in Condominium Unit 
2019-R-0288Connecticut's Opioid Drug Abuse Laws 
2019-R-0285Distribution of Revenue from Sample Speeding Ticket 
2019-R-0301Issue Brief: Medicaid 101  
2019-R-0308Opioid Drug Overdose Deaths in Connecticut 
2019-R-0296Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) 
2019-R-0306 Reporting Tip Income for Tax Purposes 
2019-R-0263Issue Brief: Inmate Electoral Privileges  
2019-R-0288 Connecticut's Opioid Drug Abuse Laws 
2019-R-0292Prenatal Care and Pregnancy Related Deaths in Connecticut 
2019-R-0300Procedures for Excluding Unvaccinated Students 
2019-R-0280E-Cigarettes and Minors 
2019-R-0200Issue Brief: Plastic Bag Law  
2019-R-0282Issue Brief: 1915(c) Medicaid Waivers: Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities  
2019-R-0297State Spending Cap 
2019-R-0258Contractor Guaranty Funds in Other States  
2019-R-0299Moratoria Granted Under CGS § 8-30g  
2019-R-0298Required Notice Before Zone Change 
2019-R-0219Municipal Carryout Bag Ordinances 
2019-R-0228Overview of the 2018 Connecticut Tolling Options Evaluation Study 
2019-R-0271OLR Backgrounder: Public School Residency Requirements 
2019-R-0278New York's Cat Declawing Ban 
2019-R-0280 E-Cigarettes and Minors 
2019-R-0268 Summary of Colorado State Public Option Health Insurance Draft Proposal  
2019-R-0205Mandatory Property Tax Relief for Homeowners  
2019-R-0262Student Loan Debt Legislation in Connecticut and Other States 
2019-R-0234Landlords' Responsibilities for Abandoned Property 
2019-R-0232Pharmacists' Administration of Vaccines 
2019-R-0276Room Occupancy Tax Rates on Hotels, B&Bs, and Short-Term Rentals 
2019-R-02362019 State Programs For Older Adults 
2019-R-0279Connecticut's E-Cigarette Laws 
2019-R-0251Issue Brief: 1915(c) Medicaid Waivers: Autism Lifespan Waiver  
2019-R-0255Issue Brief: 1915(c) Medicaid Waivers: Mental Health Waiver  
2019-R-0274Recent Acts Affecting Anaerobic Digesters 
2019-R-0277Proposed and Enacted Autism Legislation 
2019-R-0266Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions 
2019-R-0259Vermont's Abortion Rights Legislation 
2019-R-0267Workers' Compensation Rates  
2019-R-0114Issue Brief: 1915(c) Medicaid Waivers: Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) I & II  
2019-R-0249Issue Brief: 1915(c) Medicaid Waivers: Personal Care Assistance (PCA) Waiver  
2019-R-02472014-2019 Behavioral Health Legislation 
2019-R-0250Body Armor and Connecticut Law 
2019-R-0269State Minimum Wages, Minimum Wage Indexing, and the Employment Cost Index 
2019-R-0227OLR Backgrounder: State and Federal Unemployment Tax 
2019-R-0261Quarantine Period for Animal with a Wound of Unknown Origin 
2019-R-0222"Anti-Maintenance of Certification" Laws 
2019-R-0265Health and Sex Education Requirements 
2019-R-0167State Benefits for Veterans' Spouses and Surviving Spouses 
2019-R-0240Eligibility for Public School Sports 
2019-R-0238Use of Colored and Flashing Lights on Vehicles 
2019-R-0226Regulating Aggregate Quarries: Other States 
2019-R-0225 Testing Structural Concrete Aggregate for Pyrrhotite  
2019-R-0252Issue Brief: Personal Services Agreements  
2019-R-0242Automatic Transfer of Juveniles from Juvenile to Criminal Court 
2019-R-0256Issue Brief: Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)  
2019-R-0225-Attach1-UConn Testing Structural Concrete Aggregate for Pyrrhotite  
2019-R-0225-Attach2-Path Forward on Pyrrhotite-Technical Testing Structural Concrete Aggregate for Pyrrhotite  
2019-R-0246Regulation of Private Residential Wells 
2019-R-0241States Without Religious Exemptions to Childhood Immunization Requirements 
2019-R-0145Tweed-New Haven Airport Authority's Residential Sound Insulation Program and Future Policy Considerations 
2019-R-0233New Home Construction Contractor Requirements 
2019-R-0210Statute of Limitations for Prosecutions 
2019-R-0239Medical Marijuana Advertisements 
2019-R-0166OLR Backgrounder: State Veterans' Benefits 
2019-R-0243Public Education Options for Students Who Opt Not to be Immunized 
2019-R-0235Nonmedical Exemptions from Childhood Immunization Requirements 
2019-R-0229Issue Brief: Supplier Diversity  
2019-R-0190Shared Appreciation Mortgages 
2019-R-0245Connecticut's School Immunization Requirements 
2019-R-0244Pesticide Notification Requirements for Railroad Companies 
2019-R-0178OLR Backgrounder: Veterans' Property Tax Exemptions 
2019-R-0186State Laws on Retail CBD Sales 
2019-R-0192State Income Tax Credits for Sales Tax Paid 
2019-R-0203Shock Therapy Law and Court Rules 
2019-R-0189Health Insurance Benefit Mandate Reimbursement Process 
2019-R-0214Connecticut's Equal Pay and Pay Equity Laws 
2019-R-0224Issue Brief: State Contracting 101  
2019-R-0216Definition of Meal for State Meals Taxes 
2019-R-0193State Regulation of Stop Loss Insurance 
2019-R-0087Food Waste Policies 
2019-R-0160Special Transportation Fund 
2019-R-0206Breastfeeding in the Workplace Laws 
2019-R-0179Benefits for Veterans Without Wartime Service 
2019-R-0207Mental Health Education in Public Schools 
2019-R-0184Issue Brief: Crumbling Concrete Foundations Legislation (2019)  
2019-R-0198State Fines and Other Penalties for Passing a Stopped School Bus 
2019-R-0197Animal Protection Laws in Select States 
2019-R-0213Connecticut Concrete Aggregate Quarries 
2019-R-0034Local Option Property Tax Relief Programs for Homeowners 
2019-R-0223Issue Brief: Connecticut's Bottle Bill *updates Issue Brief 2017-R-0176*  
2019-R-0123Acts Affecting Seniors 
2019-R-0221Cigarette Sales at Pharmacies 
2019-R-0183OLR Backgrounder: State-Mandated Health Insurance Benefits 
2019-R-0220Reusing Concrete from Crumbling Foundations  
2019-R-0211 State Building Code: Pyrrhotite in Concrete Aggregate  
2019-R-0030Legislative History of Connecticut Public Higher Education Governance 
2019-R-0194Permitted Charter School Waivers from Public School Requirements  
2019-R-0215Opioid and Addiction Services Legislation 
2019-R-0202Health Insurance Mandates in Connecticut and Other States 
2019-R-0021Legality of Retail Cannabidiol (CBD) Products under Federal Law  
2019-R-0151Statewide Referenda in Connecticut 
2019-R-0199Connecticut Law on Passing a Stopped School Bus 
2019-R-0191Changes in State Laws on Civil Statute of Limitations for Sexual Assault Victims  
2019-R-0196Connecticut's Animal Cruelty Laws and Recent Legislation 
2019-R-0185Gift Card Cash Back Laws 
2019-R-0154Animal Cruelty Cases in Connecticut (2008 - 2018) 
2019-R-0164Public School Instructional Requirements 
2019-R-0175Aid in Dying Legislation in Connecticut 
2019-R-0188Toll Revenue in Northeastern States 
2019-R-0187Apprentice Ratios 
2019-R-0182Quasi-Public Agencies 
2019-R-0181Motor Vehicle Fines and Charges Remitted to Municipalities 
2019-R-0130Residential Contractor Registration  
2019-R-0177Plastic Straw Bans that Accommodate Individuals with Disabilities 
2019-R-0171Payments to Parent Providers for Children with Disabilities in California 
2019-R-0172Connecticut's Academic Achievement Gap 
2019-R-0138Drug Importation Programs 
2019-R-0180The Federal WARN Act 
2019-R-0173Connecticut Food Policy and Agricultural Development Councils 
2019-R-0174ATV Use on Private Property 
2019-R-0170Interim Telework Agreement and Guidelines 
2019-R-01692019 Table on Penalties 
2019-R-0162Special Education Students in the Technical and Education Career System 
2019-R-0161Community Action Agencies 
2019-R-0119Regulation Adoption Process 
2019-R-0121Connecticut's Human Trafficking-Related Case Statistics 
2019-R-0163Connecticut Pet Shop Laws 
2019-R-0144Acts Affecting First Responders 
2019-R-0135Tribal Casino Revenue Sharing in Other States 
2019-R-0150Acts Affecting Municipalities  
2019-R-0146Acts Affecting Criminal Justice and Public Safety 
2019-R-0124Acts Affecting Business and Jobs 
2019-R-0149Acts Affecting Housing and Real Estate 
2019-R-0147Acts Affecting People with Disabilities 
2019-R-0158State-level Regulation of PFAS 
2019-R-0140Acts Affecting Taxes 
2019-R-0141Acts Affecting Insurance 
2019-R-0131Acts Affecting Transportation 
2019-R-0142Acts Affecting Health Professions 
2019-R-01552019 Veto Package  
2019-R-0136Acts Affecting Education 
2019-R-0153Acts Affecting Children 
2019-R-0148Acts Affecting Energy and Utilities 
2019-R-0133State and Local Meals Taxes 
2019-R-01432019 Bill Tracking 
2019-R-0152Acts Affecting Town Clerks and Elections 
2019-R-0137Acts Affecting Animals & Agriculture 
2019-R-0132Local Income and Sales Taxes 
2019-R-0127Acts Affecting Environment 
2019-R-0157Group Homes Siting  
2019-R-0134History of the Mashantucket Pequot and Mohegan Fund 
2019-R-0122Acts Affecting Veterans and the Military 
2019-R-0156Washington State Laws Regulating PFAS 
2019-R-0128Education-Related Task Forces and Working Groups 
2019-R-0139Acts Affecting Banking 
2019-R-0117Using Campaign Funds to Pay for Childcare Costs Associated with Running for Office 
2019-R-01202019 Major Public Acts 
2019-R-0116Amendments to the Connecticut Constitution Since the 1955 Revision 
2019-R-0110Protections for Pregnant Employees in Connecticut and Select States 
2019-R-0115Questions for State Elections Enforcement Commission Nominee 
2019-R-0107Questions for the Workers' Compensation Commission Advisory Board Nominee 
2019-R-0112Questions for Judicial Review Council Nominees 
2019-R-0109Questions for Nominees to the State Board of Education 
2019-R-0113Questions for the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority Nominee 
2019-R-0108Questions for Student Nominees to the State Board of Education 
2019-R-0014Connecticut's Unclaimed Property Law 
2019-R-0111Union, Non-Union, and Managerial Pay Plan State Employees, 2008-2019 
2019-R-0106HB 7055: An Act Creating a Competitive Bidding Process for a Resort-Casino Facility 
2019-R-0104Sales Tax on Business and Professional Services in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York 
2019-R-0102Questions For Criminal Justice Commission Nominee 
2019-R-0103Municipal Officers, Boards, Commissions, Departments, and Agencies 
2019-R-0098Income Tax Deductions for Social Security and Pension Income  
2019-R-0100Questions for the Department of Agriculture Commissioner Nominee 
2019-R-0061Questions For Department of Public Health (DPH) Commissioner Nominee 
2019-R-0094Questions for Motor Vehicles Commissioner Nominee 
2019-R-0101Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement and Certified Service Providers 
2019-R-0095Reciprocity for Public Water Treatment Plant Operator Certification 
2019-R-0056Drug-Impaired Driving Laws 
2019-R-0096State E-Cigarette Taxes 
2019-R-0097History of Sales and Use Tax Exemptions in SB 877 
2019-R-0083Questions for Insurance Commissioner Nominee 
2019-R-0089Questions for Department of Housing Commissioner Nominee 
2019-R-0090Questions for the Office of Higher Education Executive Director Nominee 
2019-R-0092Income Tax Credits for Tolls Paid 
2019-R-0091Questions for Nominees to the Board of Regents for Higher Education 
2019-R-0055Major Changes to Film Tax Credit Programs in Selected States 
2019-R-0088Arguments For and Against Direct Sales by Motor Vehicle Manufacturers 
2019-R-0035Tourism Administration and Funding in Connecticut, Maine, and Massachusetts 
2019-R-0084Veterans' Discounts for Public Bus Fares 
2019-R-0081 Fifth-Generation (5G) Infrastructure and Related Federal Standards 
2019-R-0079History of Admissions Tax Exemptions 
2019-R-0085Questions for the Department of Economic and Community Development Commissioner Nominee  
2019-R-0080Municipal and Education Binding Arbitration Decisions in Select States 
2019-R-0082Nail Salon Regulation in Massachusetts and New York 
2019-R-0059Paths to Teacher Certification 
2019-R-0078Questions for Transportation Commissioner Nominee 
2019-R-0074Questions for Department of Developmental Services Commissioner Nominee 
2019-R-0072Questions for the Banking Commissioner Nominee 
2019-R-0069Questions for the Administrative Services Commissioner Nominee 
2019-R-0076Questions for the Department of Veterans Affairs Commissioner Nominee 
2019-R-0077Questions for the Office of Military Affairs Executive Director 
2019-R-0028Racial and Ethnic Representation in the State Workforce and Management 
2019-R-0043Seat Belt Laws  
2019-R-0058Criminal and Juvenile Delinquency Record Erasure  
2019-R-0047Cyber Threats and Cybersecurity 
2019-R-0016Issue Brief: The Connecticut Higher Education Supplemental Loan Authority  
2019-R-0057Questions for Commissioner of Correction Nominee 
2019-R-0067Questions for the Office of Health Strategy Executive Director Nominee 
2019-R-0073Questions for the Labor Commissioner Nominee  
2019-R-0066Questions for the Office of Early Childhood Commissioner Nominee 
2019-R-0064Questions for the Consumer Protection Commissioner Nominee 
2019-R-0075Boards of Education and Cooperative Arrangements 
2019-R-0068Questions for the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection Commissioner Nominee  
2019-R-0065Questions for the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Commissioner Nominee 
2019-R-0063Questions for Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management Nominee 
2019-R-0060Questions for Children and Families Commissioner Nominee 
2019-R-0015State Benefits For Veterans' Surviving Spouses 
2019-R-0071Impact of New Cottage Food Operation License on Maple Syrup and Honey Producers 
2019-R-0070Questions for Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services Commissioner Nominee 
2019-R-0053 Student Loan Forgiveness and Repayment Programs 
2019-R-0044Industrial Hemp Laws in Select States 
2019-R-0045Midyear Formulary Changes: Comparing Illinois Law to a Connecticut Proposal 
2019-R-0046Institute for Clinical and Economic Review 
2019-R-0054Non-Consensual Pelvic Examinations 
2019-R-0051Questions for Rehabilitation Commissioner Nominee 
2019-R-0052Questions for Nominee to the MIRA Board of Directors 
2019-R-0050Questions for Connecticut Commuter Rail Council Nominee 
2019-R-0048Questions for the Connecticut Airport Authority Board of Directors Nominee 
2019-R-0049Questions for Revenue Services Commissioner Nominee 
2019-R-0039 Regional Education in Small Towns 
2019-R-0033Major Party Nominating Procedures in States With Conventions 
2019-R-0004Fines for Violating Motor Vehicle Laws in Work Zones 
2019-R-0003Taxes Paid by Motor Carriers in Connecticut 
2019-R-0038Executive and Legislative Nominations Committee Confirmations 
2019-R-0037State-Sponsored First-Time Homebuyer Assistance Programs  
2019-R-0023State and Local High Speed Internet Initiatives  
2019-R-0019State Programs Supporting Entrepreneurship and Job Growth  
2019-R-00022019 Major Issues Report