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2018-R-0267License Requirements for Sales of Vaping Products  
2018-R-0201How Other States Regulate AirBnb Rentals 
2018-R-0259State Tax Incentives for Microbreweries 
2018-R-0271State Income Tax Exemptions for Social Security Benefits 
2018-R-0277Firefighters Cancer Relief Fund and Post-Traumatic Stress Legislation 
2018-R-0272Issue Brief: Medicaid 101  
2018-R-0258State Income Tax Exemptions for Social Security Benefits 
2018-R-0264State Laws Prohibiting Pet Leasing 
2018-R-0266State Law Governing Funding for Retired Teachers' Health Insurance Plans 
2018-R-0268Connecticut's Genetically Engineered Food Labeling Law "Trigger" 
2018-R-0253Application of Municipal Ordinances to State Property and Private Enterprises on State Property 
2018-R-0214DNA Sampling and Analysis 
2018-R-0216Alcohol Possession by Minors 
2018-R-0235OLR Backgrounder: State Veterans' Benefits 
2018-R-0195Connecticut Abortion Law 
2018-R-0246State Treasurer's Authority Over State Pension Investments 
2018-R-0262DEEP Energy Procurements 
2018-R-0254Banning Plastic Straws 
2018-R-0200Regulating Airbnb Rentals through Zoning in Connecticut  
2018-R-0252People's United Bank's Acquisition of Farmington Bank Under Federal and State Law 
2018-R-0263Institutional Aid at New England Public Colleges and Universities 
2018-R-0247The Use of Financial History Measurement Programs in Automobile Insurance Underwriting or Rating 
2018-R-0260Medicaid and Abortion 
2018-R-0240OLR Backgrounder: State-Mandated Health Insurance Benefits 
2018-R-0250Health Insurance Breast Ultrasound Law in Connecticut 
2018-R-0228Connecticut's Property Tax Credit Against the State Income Tax 
2018-R-0113Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions  
2018-R-0255Armed Forces Members' Motor Vehicle Tax Exemption 
2018-R-0120National Popular Vote Legislation 
2018-R-0241Post-Judgment Exemption Law 
2018-R-0249Sexual Assault Statute of Limitations 
2018-R-0248Statute of Limitations for Prosecutions 
2018-R-0233Mold Laws 
2018-R-0239Crumbling Concrete Foundations in Connecticut 
2018-R-0226Connecticut's Health Insurance Rate Review Requirements 
2018-R-0238Mattress Recycling Program 
2018-R-0230Ballot Question and Explanatory Test for 2018 Proposed Constitutional Amendments 
2018-R-0225ATM Lighting Requirements 
2018-R-0207Juror Pay 
2018-R-0218Issue Brief: State Health Reinsurance Programs  
2018-R-0222Statistics on Firearms-Related Arrests 
2018-R-0227Connecticut's Good Samaritan Law 
2018-R-0229Small Claims Jurisdiction and Transfers 
2018-R-0211Prison Telephone Policies 
2018-R-0232Late Rent Grace Period and Fees  
2018-R-0110Benefit Corporations  
2018-R-0133Alcohol Use in State Parks and Forests 
2018-R-0196Opportunity Zones 
2018-R-0209Connecticut's Abortion Clinics 
2018-R-0130Sober Living Homes 
2018-R-0221"No Pay, No Play" Auto Insurance Laws 
2018-R-0223Tiered Minimum Wage Laws 
2018-R-0220Kutcha v. Arisian: Municipal Authority to Regulate Signs Under CGS Sec. 8-2 
2018-R-0217 Property Tax Due Dates 
2018-R-0219Waiving Interest on Delinquent Property Taxes 
2018-R-0018Case Statistics for Firearms-Related Offenses (Dispositions) 
2018-R-0192Comparison of Connecticut's Paid Family Medical Leave Bill to Recently Enacted Programs in Massachusetts and Washington  
2018-R-0208New Jersey Law Prohibiting Smoking at Public Parks and Beaches 
2018-R-0204Issue Brief: Federal and State Individual Mandate Penalties  
2018-R-0098Rebuilding Commercial and Industrial Property Tax Bases  
2018-R-0215Connecticut's Animal Cruelty Laws 
2018-R-0179Inmate Wages 
2018-R-0164State Law Regarding Homeschooling Students in Other States 
2018-R-0180Prison Furloughs 
2018-R-0203OLR Backgrounder: Medicaid Eligibility 
2018-R-0199Issue Brief: Service Animals and The Law  
2018-R-0198Massachusetts' Negating Archaic Statutes Targeting Young Women Act 
2018-R-0168Connecticut's Tax Treatment of Federal Bonus Depreciation 
2018-R-0197Municipal Responsibility for Renters' Rebate Program Costs 
2018-R-0170Issue Brief: Importing Prescription Drugs  
2018-R-0188Address Confidentiality Program  
2018-R-0193Federal Fine for Not Having Health Insurance 
2018-R-0185Statutory Limits on Municipal Bonded Debt 
2018-R-0189Special Act Special Taxing Districts' Use of Proxy Voting 
2018-R-0186Lyme Disease Testing 
2018-R-0183Issue Brief: Connecticut Marketing Authority  
2018-R-01602018 Bill Tracking Report 
2018-R-0184Limit on Number of Drinks Served to an Individual Concurrently 
2018-R-0187Maple Syrup Production Requirements 
2018-R-01652013-2018 Behavioral Health Legislation 
2018-R-0181Abortion Laws 
2018-R-0182Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement 
2018-R-0176Minimum Nurse Staffing Requirements for Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities  
2018-R-0173Absentee Ballot Application Procedures 
2018-R-0175Esthetician Licensure 
2018-R-0172Janus v. AFSCME Council 31 
2018-R-0166Allowing Law Enforcement and First Responders to Carry EpiPens 
2018-R-0167A Comparison of Recent Federal and State Consumer Protection Security Freeze Legislation 
2018-R-0169Limitations on Rehiring Retired State Police in Connecticut and Maryland 
2018-R-0129Connecticut's Opioid Drug Abuse Laws 
2018-R-0161Use of Colored and Flashing Lights on Vehicles 
2018-R-0150Electronic Visit Verification 
2018-R-0162Retail Sales by Ophthalmologists and Optometrists 
2018-R-0163Tree Roots Damaging Neighbor's Property 
2018-R-0158State Regulation of Swimming Pools 
2018-R-0146 Acts Affecting Town Clerks and Elections 
2018-R-0145Acts Affecting First Responders 
2018-R-0143 Acts Affecting Education 
2018-R-01562018 Veto Package 
2018-R-0148Programs for Individuals with Autism 
2018-R-0152 Acts Affecting Children 
2018-R-0140 Acts Affecting Transportation 
2018-R-0157Falling Trees Damaging Others' Property 
2018-R-0058 Connecticut Income Tax Rates and Brackets Since 1991 
2018-R-0144 Acts Affecting People with Disabilities 
2018-R-0151Maximum Residential Customer Charge 
2018-R-0155 Acts Affecting Insurance 
2018-R-01262018 State Programs For Older Adults 
2018-R-0124Municipal Accountability Review Board  
2018-R-0127Acts Affecting Health Professions 
2018-R-0159 Acts Affecting Housing 
2018-R-0132 Acts Affecting Business and Jobs  
2018-R-0154Acts Affecting Banking 
2018-R-0137 Acts Affecting Criminal Justice and Public Safety 
2018-R-0149Issue Brief: Net Neutrality  
2018-R-0112History of the Executive and Legislative Nominations Committee 
2018-R-0139Acts Affecting Real Estate 
2018-R-0138 Acts Affecting Animals and Agriculture 
2018-R-0142 Acts Affecting Taxes 
2018-R-0141 Acts Affecting Energy and Utilities 
2018-R-0136 Acts Affecting Veterans and the Military 
2018-R-0131 Acts Affecting Environment 
2018-R-0128Telehealth and Prescribing Controlled Substances 
2018-R-0135Acts Affecting Municipalities 
2018-R-0147Issue Brief: State Administered General Assistance  
2018-R-0125 2018 Acts Affecting Seniors 
2018-R-0134Refugee Processing and Settlement  
2018-R-0118Acting on a Veto During a Legislative Session 
2018-R-0119Access to Voter Registration Information in Other States  
2018-R-01212018 Major Public Acts 
2018-R-0123Issue Brief: Select State Actions on Crumbling Concrete Foundations  
2018-R-0063Motor Vehicle Dealer Conveyance Fees 
2018-R-0122UConn Student Code Violations  
2018-R-0116State Referees, Judges Trial Referees, and Senior Judges 
2018-R-0114Ranked Choice Voting 
2018-R-0115Municipal Affordable Housing Stock (2010-2017) 
2018-R-0111Animal Cruelty Cases in Connecticut (2007 – 2017)  
2018-R-0108Questions for the Connecticut Airport Authority Board of Directors Nominee 
2018-R-0109sHB 5305: An Act Concerning a Request for Proposals to Qualify an Entity to Develop a Casino Gaming Facility in the State 
2018-R-0103Questions for Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities Nominee 
2018-R-0105Questions for the Workers' Compensation Commission Advisory Board Nominee 
2018-R-0104Questions for State Elections Enforcement Commission Nominee 
2018-R-0106Questions for Freedom of Information Commission Nominee 
2018-R-0107Questions for Human Rights Referee  
2018-R-0101Federal and State Taxes on Capital Gains 
2018-R-0094School Resource Officers 
2018-R-0100Questions for the Public Utility Regulatory Authority Nominee 
2018-R-0099Questions for Nominee to the Connecticut River Valley Flood Control Commission 
2018-R-0027Bitcoin - Virtual Currency 
2018-R-0086Surplus Property 
2018-R-0089School Bus Driver Licensing and Training Requirements 
2018-R-0097Commission on Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth's Recommendations 
2018-R-0095Sterilization Laws 
2018-R-0091State Income Tax Deductions for Federal and Local Taxes  
2018-R-0090Entity-Level Income Taxes on Pass-Through Businesses 
2018-R-0082Restraining Pregnant Inmates 
2018-R-0092Comparison of Business Tax Structures in Surrounding States 
2018-R-0093State Capital Base Taxes  
2018-R-0096State Laws Restricting Insurers' Use of Utilization Management Tools 
2018-R-0073Connecticut Penal Code - Updated and Revised 
2018-R-0057State Laws Prohibiting Leaving Animals In Unattended Vehicles 
2018-R-0088Special Transportation Fund 
2018-R-0083State Laws Concerning Pharmacy Benefit Managers 
2018-R-0079Questions for Nominee to MIRA Board of Directors 
2018-R-0078Questions for Nominee to MIRA Board of Directors 
2018-R-0080Massachusetts Gaming Commission 
2018-R-0085 Prescription Monitoring Programs in Connecticut and New York 
2018-R-0084Health Insurers and Pharmacy Benefit Managers: Information on Size, CEO Salaries, and Fiduciary Relationships 
2018-R-0087Café Alcohol Permits 
2018-R-0081States Authorizing Rent Control  
2018-R-0056Quasi-Public Agencies  
2018-R-0061Connecticut Law on Spite Fences 
2018-R-0075Duties of Cemetery Sextons 
2018-R-0049Distressed Municipalities and Public Investment Communities  
2018-R-0030Comparison of Charter, Magnet, Agricultural Science Centers, and Technical High Schools 
2018-R-0077Whiting Forensic Hospital Patient Abuse Investigations 
2018-R-0042Municipal Accountability Review Board Law  
2018-R-0064Credentials for Individual Unarmed Security Guards  
2018-R-0072Questions for Student Nominees to the State Board of Education 
2018-R-0070Questions for Nominees to the Board of Regents for Higher Education 
2018-R-0074Questions for Nominees to the UConn Board of Trustees 
2018-R-0076Questions for the Psychiatric Security Review Board Nominee 
2018-R-0071Questions for the Department of Veterans Affairs Commissioner Nominee 
2018-R-0067Questions for Connecticut Port Authority Board of Directors Nominee 
2018-R-0065Questions for Connecticut Lottery Corporation Board Chairperson 
2018-R-0066Questions for Commuter Rail Council Nominee 
2018-R-0060Questions for the Office of Health Strategy Executive Director Nominee 
2018-R-0059States Offering Legal Sports Betting  
2018-R-0053Reverse Mortgage Counseling Requirements  
2018-R-0068Mandatory Reporting of Elder Abuse 
2018-R-0033Institutional Aid for Undocumented Students 
2018-R-0062Questions on Fire Districts 
2018-R-0026Tenant's Security Deposit 
2018-R-0047Micro and Minority Business Assistance Entities and Programs  
2018-R-0038Special Parole 
2018-R-0051Utility Rate Discounts for Low-Income Customers in Other States 
2018-R-0050Tenants, Lodgers, and Long-Term Guests  
2018-R-0041OLR Backgrounder: Connecticut's Volatility Cap 
2018-R-0048Toll Revenue, Gas Taxes, and Gas Prices in Selected States 
2018-R-0052Commercial Activity at Interstate Rest Areas 
2018-R-0054Motor Fuel Taxes 
2018-R-0036Federal Changes to 529 Plans 
2018-R-0040Connecticut's E-Cigarette Laws 
2018-R-0034State and Local Taxes on Recreational Marijuana 
2018-R-0039E-Cigarettes and Minors  
2018-R-0019California's Proposed Drug Pricing Standards Initiative 
2018-R-0037Medical Marijuana Program Timeline - Updated 
2018-R-0031Executive and Legislative Nominations Committee Confirmations 
2018-R-0024Occupational, Registration, Certification, and Licensing Requirements for Individuals  
2018-R-0028Impact of Limiting the SALT Deduction on Connecticut 
2018-R-0032Miscarriage Burial Laws 
2018-R-00052017 Changes to Income Tax Exemptions for Social Security and Pension Income  
2018-R-0029Income Tax on Pension and Annuity Income  
2018-R-0004Denver Health 
2018-R-00162018 Major Issues Report 
2018-R-0001Issue Brief: Medicaid 101  
2018-R-0023Dog Bite and Quarantine Law