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Report Number  Report Title
2018-R-0001Issue Brief: Medicaid 101  
2018-R-0004Denver Health 
2018-R-00052017 Changes to Income Tax Exemptions for Social Security and Pension Income  
2018-R-00162018 Major Issues Report 
2018-R-0018Case Statistics for Firearms-Related Offenses 
2018-R-0019California's Proposed Drug Pricing Standards Initiative 
2018-R-0023Dog Bite and Quarantine Law 
2018-R-0024Occupational, Registration, Certification, and Licensing Requirements for Individuals  
2018-R-0025Veterans' Property Tax Benefits in the New England States and New York 
2018-R-0026Tenant's Security Deposit 
2018-R-0028Impact of Limiting the SALT Deduction on Connecticut 
2018-R-0029Income Tax on Pension and Annuity Income  
2018-R-0031Executive and Legislative Nominations Committee Confirmations 
2018-R-0032Miscarriage Burial Laws 
2018-R-0033Institutional Aid for Undocumented Students 
2018-R-0034State and Local Taxes on Recreational Marijuana 
2018-R-0036Federal Changes to 529 Plans 
2018-R-0037Medical Marijuana Program Timeline - Updated 
2018-R-0038Special Parole 
2018-R-0039E-Cigarettes and Minors  
2018-R-0040Connecticut's E-Cigarette Laws 
2018-R-0041OLR Backgrounder: Connecticut's Volatility Cap 
2018-R-0047Micro and Minority Business Assistance Entities and Programs  
2018-R-0048Toll Revenue, Gas Taxes, and Gas Prices in Selected States 
2018-R-0050Tenants, Lodgers, and Long-Term Guests  
2018-R-0051Utility Rate Discounts for Low-Income Customers in Other States 
2018-R-0052Commercial Activity at Interstate Rest Areas 
2018-R-0053Reverse Mortgage Counseling Requirements  
2018-R-0054Motor Fuel Taxes 
2018-R-0059States Offering Legal Sports Betting  
2018-R-0060Questions for the Office of Health Strategy Executive Director Nominee 
2018-R-0062Questions on Fire Districts 
2018-R-0064Credentials for Individual Unarmed Security Guards  
2018-R-0065Questions for Connecticut Lottery Corporation Board Chairperson 
2018-R-0066Questions for Commuter Rail Council Nominee 
2018-R-0067Questions for Connecticut Port Authority Board of Directors Nominee 
2018-R-0068Mandatory Reporting of Elder Abuse 
2018-R-0070Questions for Nominees to the Board of Regents for Higher Education 
2018-R-0071Questions for the Department of Veterans Affairs Commissioner Nominee 
2018-R-0072Questions for Student Nominees to the State Board of Education 
2018-R-0074Questions for Nominees to the UConn Board of Trustees 
2018-R-0076Questions for the Psychiatric Security Review Board Nominee