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2017-R-0001 Issue Brief: Education Cost Sharing Grant Formula 
2017-R-0002 Public Education Funding Mechanisms in Other States 
2017-R-0003 Property Tax Caps 
2017-R-0004 Executive and Legislative Nominations Committee Confirmations 
2017-R-0005 Supreme Court Decision in the Dattco Case 
2017-R-0008 Non-Medical Switching of Medications 
2017-R-0009 Questions on Pharmacy Benefit Managers and Formularies 
2017-R-0013 Issue Brief: The Affordable Housing Land Use Appeals Procedure 
2017-R-0018 Issue Brief: Federal Preemption and Oversight in Banking 
2017-R-0019 States Allowing Income Tax 
2017-R-0020 Legislators Testifying in Litigation 
2017-R-0021 Connecticut's Hedge Fund Industry 
2017-R-0022 Local Government Bond Maturity in Selected States 
2017-R-0023 Summary of the Revised Juan F. Consent Decree Exit Plan 
2017-R-0024 Connecticut Job and Output Growth by Industry Sector, 2011 - 2015 
2017-R-0025 Questions for Healthcare Advocate Nominee 
2017-R-0026 Questions for Auditor of Public Accounts Nominee 
2017-R-0027 Questions for the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority Nominee 
2017-R-0028 Questions for the Nominee for Connecticut Health and Educational Facilities Authority Chairperson 
2017-R-0030 Data on Municipal Police Employment 
2017-R-0031 Questions for the Nominee to the UConn Board of Trustees 
2017-R-0032 Questions for Connecticut Airport Authority Board of Directors Nominee 
2017-R-0033 Broker-Dealers’ Standard of Care 
2017-R-0035 Questions for Freedom of Information Commission Nominees 
2017-R-0036 Honor Guard at Veterans’ Funerals 
2017-R-0037 OLR Backgrounder: Sex Offenders on Probation and Parole – Treatment and Housing Restrictions 
2017-R-0038 Questions for DESPP Commissioner 
2017-R-0040 State Income Taxes on Social Security and Other Retirement Income 
2017-R-0041 Snapshot of Connecticut's Banking Industry 
2017-R-0042 Questions for Nominees to the Board of Regents for Higher Education 
2017-R-0043 Questions About Connecticut Lottery Corporation 
2017-R-0044 Questions for Nominees to the Education Arbitration Board as Neutral Arbitrators 
2017-R-0045 Questions for Non-Neutral Education Arbitration Board Nominees 
2017-R-0046 Municipal Affordable Housing Stock (2010-2015) 
2017-R-0047 Constructive Trust 
2017-R-0048 Questions for Student Nominees to the State Board of Education 
2017-R-0049 Animal Cruelty Cases in Connecticut 
2017-R-0050 Auto Liability Insurance Requirements in Other States 
2017-R-0051 Sober Houses 
2017-R-0052 Questions For Nominees To The State Board Of Education 
2017-R-0053 Medicaid Glossary 
2017-R-0054 OLR Backgrounder: Inmate Sentence Reduction Methods 
2017-R-0055 Crime Victim Compensation 
2017-R-0056 The Planning and Placement Team Process 
2017-R-0057 Wrongful Incarceration Compensation 
2017-R-0059 Municipal Authority to Address Blight 
2017-R-0060 Nonmedical Exemptions from Childhood Immunization Requirements 
2017-R-0061 Prepaid Cards — New Federal Rules 
2017-R-0062 Questions for Casino Hearing 
2017-R-0063 Questions for Casino Hearing 
2017-R-0064 Issue Brief: Frequently Asked Questions on Indian Casinos and Gaming Compacts 
2017-R-0065 Broker Price Opinions 
2017-R-0066 Gun Permit and License Fees 
2017-R-0067 States that Ban Smoking in State Parks 
2017-R-0068 Issue Brief: DOC’s Nutritional Guidelines and Commissary Services 
2017-R-0069 OLR Backgrounder: Off-Reservation Casino 
2017-R-0070 Connecticut Technical High School System 
2017-R-0071 Sexual Assault Statute of Limitations 
2017-R-0072 Restraining Orders and Gun Possession 
2017-R-0073 Teaching Certification Requirements for Connecticut Technical High School Teachers 
2017-R-0074 Technical High School Teacher Certification Requirements and Student Transfer Models in Other States 
2017-R-0076 Court Appointed Special Advocates 
2017-R-0077 Captive Insurance Requirements and Statistics in Select States 
2017-R-0078 Stun Gun Statutes 
2017-R-0079 Small Business Assistance Programs 
2017-R-0080 Questions for Judicial Review Council 
2017-R-0081 Questions for the Workers' Compensation Advisory Board Nominee 
2017-R-0082 Questions For Connecticut Lottery Corporation Nominee 
2017-R-0083 sHB 7239: An Act Concerning a Request for Proposals to Qualify an Entity to Develop a Casino Gaming Facility in the State 
2017-R-0085 Statistics on Assaults Against Police Officers in Connecticut (2009-2016) 
2017-R-0087 Summary of sSB 849 
2017-R-0088 Summary of sHB 6954 
2017-R-0089 Statutes Concerning Cemetery Associations 
2017-R-0090 Municipal Affordable Housing Stock (2010-2016) 
2017-R-0092 Service of Legal Papers by an Indifferent Person 
2017-R-0093 An Act Concerning a Request for Proposals for a Casino Gaming Facility in the State 
2017-R-0094 Juvenile Record Erasure 
2017-R-0095 Questions for Human Rights Referee Nominee 
2017-R-0098 Questions for the Nominee for Office of Early Childhood Commissioner 
2017-R-0100 Questions For Criminal Justice Commission Nominee 
2017-R-0101 Questions for Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities Nominee 
2017-R-0102 Questions for the Department of Developmental Services Commissioner Nominee 
2017-R-0103 Backgrounder: Connecticut's Renewable Portfolio Standard 
2017-R-0105 Uniform Relocation Assistance Act and Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act 
2017-R-0106 Connecticut Property Tax Credit 
2017-R-0107 OLR Backgrounder: Real Estate Conveyance Tax 
2017-R-0108 AMBER Alerts 
2017-R-0109 Sex Offender Statistics 
2017-R-0110 OLR Backgrounder: Cigarette and Tobacco Taxes 
2017-R-0111 Collective Bargaining Agreements Presented to the General Assembly 
2017-R-0112 Public Hearings in Other State Legislatures 
2017-R-0113 Backgrounder: Termination of Parental Rights 
2017-R-0114 Issue Brief:Short-Term and Long-Term Care Insurance 
2017-R-0115 2017 VETO PACKAGE 
2017-R-0116 Acts Affecting Insurance 
2017-R-0117 Adopting Charters, Ordinances, and Bylaws 
2017-R-0118 2017 Major Public Acts 
2017-R-0119 2017 Legislative Session Bill and Act Distribution 
2017-R-0120 Acts Affecting Environment 
2017-R-0122 Acts Affecting Municipalities 
2017-R-0123 Backgrounder: Medicaid and Opioids 
2017-R-0124 History of State Action in the Absence of an Approved Budget 
2017-R-0125 State Action in the Absence of a Budget Before the Beginning of a New Fiscal Year 
2017-R-0126 Acts Affecting Children 
2017-R-0127 Acts Affecting Animals and Agriculture 
2017-R-0128 Acts Affecting Real Estate 
2017-R-0130 Connecticut Boxing Commission 
2017-R-0131 Acts Affecting Banking 
2017-R-0132 State Action in the Absence of a Budget Before the Beginning of a New Fiscal Year 
2017-R-0133 Acts Affecting Crime and Public Safety 
2017-R-0134 Crimes with Mandatory Minimum Prison Sentences — Updated and Revised 
2017-R-0135 Acts Affecting Transportation 
2017-R-0136 Acts Affecting Health Professions 
2017-R-0137 Acts Affecting People with Disabilities 
2017-R-0138 Acts Affecting Education 
2017-R-0139 The Wholesale Electricity Market 
2017-R-0140 Acts Affecting Business and Jobs 
2017-R-0141 Acts Affecting Veterans and the Military 
2017-R-0142 Broker-Dealers' Standard of Care Under New Nevada Law 
2017-R-0143 Acts Affecting Town Clerks and Elections 
2017-R-0144 Land Survey Requirements for Residential Real Estate Sales 
2017-R-0145 Acts Affecting Taxes 
2017-R-0146 State Programs for Older Adults 
2017-R-0147 Acts Affecting Energy & Utilities 
2017-R-0148 2017 Bill Tracking Report 
2017-R-0149 Acts Affecting Housing 
2017-R-0150 Issue Brief:Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program 
2017-R-0151 Acts Affecting Seniors 
2017-R-0152 Connecticut’s Opioid Drug Abuse Laws 
2017-R-0153 Union, Non-union, and Managerial Pay Plan State Employees, 2008-2017 
2017-R-0154 Backgrounder: Connecticut Unfair Insurance Practices Act (CUIPA) 
2017-R-0158 Issue Brief: CGS § 8-30g The Affordable Housing Land Use Appeals Procedure 
2017-R-0159 Issue Brief: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals 
2017-R-0160 Issue Brief: Connecticut's PA 490 Program 
2017-R-0161 Condominium Budget Approval — Legislative History 
2017-R-0163 Cooperative Postadoption Agreements 
2017-R-0164 Competency to Stand Trial 
2017-R-0165 Calculating Insurance Settlements on Totaled Vehicles 
2017-R-0166 History of Changes to Small Claims Court Limit 
2017-R-0167 COBRA Coverage Versus Special Enrollment in Access Health CT Plan 
2017-R-0170 OLR Backgrounder: Veterans’ Property Tax Exemptions 
2017-R-0172 Bingo Regulation 
2017-R-0173 State Newborn Screening Fees 
2017-R-0174 Telehealth and Prescribing Controlled Substances 
2017-R-0175 Community Health Workers 
2017-R-0176 Issue Brief:Connecticut’s Bottle 
2017-R-0177 Moratoria Granted Under CGS § 8-30g 
2017-R-0179 Residential Leases: Rent Payments 
2017-R-0180 Changing Revaluation Schedule to Participate in a Regional Revaluation 
2017-R-0181 Nursing Home Personal Needs Allowance 
2017-R-0182 Work Opportunity Tax Credit 
2017-R-0183 Credit Reports and Utility Service Customer's Delinquency 
2017-R-0184 School Bus Idling Law 
2017-R-0185 Health Insurance Rate Review Standards in Vermont 
2017-R-0186 Traveling Zoos 
2017-R-0189 Connecticut's Limit on Opioid Drug Prescriptions 
2017-R-0195 DEEP's Draft 2017 Comprehensive Energy Strategy: Electric Power Sector 
2017-R-0197 Legislative Changes to Sex Offender Registration Laws, 2008-2017 
2017-R-0198 Outdoor Wood-burning Furnace Law 
2017-R-0199 Agritourism Definition 
2017-R-0201 Non-Medical Switching of Medications in Select States 
2017-R-0202 CGS § 38a-518f — Insurance Coverage for Certain Prescription Drugs Removed from a Formulary 
2017-R-0203 Prescription Drug Formulary Legislation in Select States 
2017-R-0204 No-Excuse Absentee Voting 
2017-R-0206 Cost of Public Construction Projects in Connecticut and Selected Other States 
2017-R-0207 Toll Revenue in Neighboring States 
2017-R-0208 Subsidized Guardianship Program 
2017-R-0209 Program Approval for Private Higher Education Institutions 
2017-R-0210 Restriction on Mileage-Based User Fee Expenditures 
2017-R-0211 Issue Brief:Concussion Laws 
2017-R-0212 Teachers and Social Security 
2017-R-0213 Regional School District Dissolution 
2017-R-0214 Other States Distressed Municipalities Programs 
2017-R-0215 Merger of Municipalities 
2017-R-0217 Red Light and Speed Cameras 
2017-R-0218 Whiting Forensic Division 
2017-R-0219 Budgets and Endowments of Flagship State Universities 
2017-R-0220 Student Enrollment at Select State Universities 
2017-R-0221 Trees Falling onto Neighbor’s Land 
2017-R-0222 Tenant Selection: Use of Criminal Records by Landlords 
2017-R-0223 New Car Seat Requirements Under PA 17-230 
2017-R-0224 State University Systems 
2017-R-0225 Acts Affecting Lakes, 2012-2017 
2017-R-0227 Connecticut Penal Code — Updated and Revised 
2017-R-0228 Comparison of Connecticut and Selected States Millionaires Per Capita 
2017-R-0229 Out-of-State Tuition for Public Flagship Universities 
2017-R-0230 Gubernatorial Line Item Veto Power in Connecticut 
2017-R-0231 Recanvass of the Vote After a Municipal Primary or Election 
2017-R-0232 Meetings Requirements for Municipal Agencies Under The Freedom of Information Act 
2017-R-0235 Schedule for Paying Property Taxes 
2017-R-0236 Taxing Blighted or Abandoned Absentee Landlord Property at a Higher Mill Rate 
2017-R-0242 Public-Private State Marketing Organizations 
2017-R-0246 Rhode Island Student Loan Authority Income Based Repayment 
2017-R-0247 Projected Impact of Proposed Federal R&D Spending on Connecticut 
2017-R-0248 Medicaid Overpayments 
2017-R-0249 Will Registries 
2017-R-0250 Displaced Children From Puerto Rico and the Federal McKinney-Vento Act 
2017-R-0252 Special Act Special Taxing Districts' Use of Absentee Ballots 
2017-R-0254 Issue Brief: Children's Health Insurance Program 
2017-R-0255 Misrepresentation of a Service Animal 
2017-R-0258 Light Pollution Laws 
2017-R-0259 Unclaimed Bottle Deposits 
2017-R-0260 Acts Affecting Environment – 2017 Regular and Special Sessions 
2017-R-0261 Tolls and Transportation Funding 
2017-R-0262 Issue Brief:Weatherization Assistance Program 
2017-R-0265 State E-Cigarette Taxes 
2017-R-0266 Budget Act Changes to the Renters' Rebate Program 
2017-R-0267 Federal Government Retirees In Connecticut and Other States 
2017-R-0268 Budget Bill Changes to the Elderly/Disabled Circuit Breaker Program 
2017-R-0269 Connecticut's Admissions and Dues Taxes 
2017-R-0271 Issue Brief:Temporary Family Assistance 
2017-R-0272 U-Pass CT Program 
2017-R-0273 Connecticut’s State Colleges and Universities and Access to Public Transit 
2017-R-0274 OLR Backgrounder: State-Mandated Health Insurance Benefits 
2017-R-0275 Price Gouging During Severe Weather 
2017-R-0277 Connecticut Hospital Regulation 
2017-R-0278 Medicare Savings Program 
2017-R-0280 The Manufacturing Innovation Fund Apprenticeship Program 
2017-R-0282 Business Starts and Stops in Connecticut, 2000-2015 
2017-R-0283 Emissions Enterprise Fund