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Recent Publications

AAA Contracts with Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island

This report answers questions concerning AAA contracts with Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

Marijuana Penalties

This report summarizes the authorized penalties in Connecticut law for various marijuana-related offenses.

Other States' Laws on Temporary Healthcare Structures

This report describes laws in other states concerning temporary healthcare structures, including how the laws treat such structures for zoning and tax purposes.

Initiation of Special Legislation by Special Taxing Districts

This report explains the statutory process special taxing districts must follow to request special legislation.

Room Occupancy Tax on Airbnb

This report answers whether Airbnb rental charges are subject to the state's room occupancy tax, and if so, whether hosts are collecting and remitting the tax.

Discharging Nursing Home Residents

This report answers the question: Does state law protect a nursing home resident from being discharged from the facility while waiting for a Medicaid application determination from the Department of Social Services?

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