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Recent Publications

Residential Solar Programs

This report discusses the recent history of state programs to encourage residential solar installations.

Credit and Debit Card Holds at Gas Stations

This report summarizes what Connecticut requires gas stations to do when they place credit and debit card holds for gas purchases, and how gas stations process credit and debit card transactions for gas purchases.

Backgrounder: Connecticut's State and Municipal Taxes on Recreational Cannabis

This report briefly explains the state and municipal taxes on recreational cannabis.

Body Armor and Connecticut Law

This report summarizes Connecticut's laws on body armor.

Federal and State Anti-Discrimination Protections for High School and College Students Based on Sex and Gender

This report provides a legislative history for Connecticut's passage of anti-discrimination protections based on sex and gender for Connecticut high school and college students.

Income Tax Deductions for Retirement Income

This report briefly explains the state tax deductions for Social Security, pension and annuity, and individual retirement account (IRA) income.

Traffic Noise on State Roads

This report provides information on laws related to noise levels on state roads and possibilities for noise abatement.

Municipalities and Utility Infrastructure

This report answers questions on the role of municipalities in decisions related to utility infrastructure.

State Legislative Terms of Office

This report outlines state legislative terms of office and term limits.

Absentee Ballot Processing

This report describes the process for submitting, receiving, and counting absentee ballots and temporary measures implemented due to the COVID-19 pandemic.