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Recent Publications

Connecticut Public College Enrollment Trends

This report describes enrollment trends at Connecticut's public colleges and compares them to general enrollment trends nationwide.

Unofficial Flags on Town and School Property

This report summarizes the law governing unofficial flags on town property and school property in Connecticut.

State Paid Sick Leave Laws

This report compares states' paid sick leave laws, particularly their provisions on covered employers, employees, and family members; leave accrual; and qualifying reasons for using the leave.

Local Governance in Connecticut

This report (1) describes Dillon's Rule and Home Rule as theories of local government powers; (2) discusses home rule authority in Connecticut; and (3) lists charters for each municipality in the state, updating, in part, OLR Report 97-R-1307.

Education Mandates Enacted in 2023

This report summarizes the local education mandates the legislature enacted during the 2023 session.

Statutory Eelgrass Protections in New York and Connecticut

This report summarizes (1) New York's Seagrass Protection Act that protects eelgrass and other seagrasses and (2) any statutory protections for eelgrass in Connecticut. It updates OLR Report 2023-R-0275.

Encryption of Personal Data by Financial Institutions and Utilities in Connecticut and Neighboring States

This report answers the question of whether Connecticut and its surrounding states require financial institutions and utility companies to protect a consumer's personal data with encryption.

Municipal Regulation of Short-Term Rentals in Connecticut

This report answers several questions related to short-term rentals in Connecticut.

Hunting, Fishing, and Trapping Fees

This report lists the various hunting, fishing, and trapping licenses, permits, stamps, and other credentials available to Connecticut residents and the associated fees for each under state law.

Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)

This report discusses state policy options for (1) direct certification and other ways to coordinate enrollment between WIC and other programs (i.e., Medicaid and Head Start) and (2) locating local WIC agencies and services. It also provides information on WIC enrollment trends in Connecticut.