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Recent Publications

Property Tax Caps

This report describes Massachusetts' Proposition 2 1/2 and its effect on property taxes in the state, whether a similar cap has ever been proposed in Connecticut, and the arguments for and against property tax caps.

Local Government Bond Maturity in Selected States

This report describes state-imposed maximum maturity bonds issued by local governments in Connecticut, other Northeast states, and larger states.

Treatment Programs for Drug-Involved Offenders

This report summarizes the programs available in Connecticut for drug-involved offenders.

Service of Civil Orders of Protection

This report explains who is authorized to serve civil orders of protection in Connecticut.

Landlord's Protections Regarding Tenant's Abandoned Possessions

This report describes the protections Connecticut law provides to a landlord when a tenant abandons his or her possessions or personal effects.

Refugee Resettlement

This report explains the process for vetting, accepting, and placing refugees in Connecticut.

Criminal Convictions and Judicial Deportation

This report lists the criminal convictions that may result in deportation under immigration laws.

Lice in Schools

This report summarizes the state's laws and procedures for how schools handle cases of head lice.

Gun Storage Requirement

This report explains the law governing safe storage of guns to prevent minors from accessing them.

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