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Recent Publications

Mattress Recycling Program

This report describes the state's mattress recycling program created by PA 13-42.

Post-Judgment Exemption Law

This report updates OLR Report (2005-R-0368) in discussing what property is exempt from a court judgment, under Connecticut law.

Mold Laws

This report provides answers to various questions about the different types of mold, health effects, and liabilities.

Statute of Limitations for Prosecutions

This report updates and expands upon a previous OLR Report (2015-R-0098) in describing the statutes that limit the time period for bringing a prosecution against someone for committing a crime under Connecticut law.

Sexual Assault Statute of Limitations

This report updates a prior OLR Report (2017-R-0071) in summarizing the statute of limitations for sexual assault cases under Connecticut law.

Crumbling Concrete Foundations in Connecticut

This report summarizes the crumbling concrete foundations in Connecticut, and the steps to mitigate the problem.

National Popular Vote Legislation

This report summarizes PA 18-9, which adopts the interstate compact entitled "The Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote," under which Connecticut commits its presidential electors to the national popular vote winner of a presidential election.

Armed Forces Members' Motor Vehicle Tax Exemption

This report discusses the motor vehicle tax exemption afforded to Armed Forces members, under CGS Sec. 12-81(53), and whether it applies to Connecticut residents only.

Connecticut's Health Insurance Rate Review Requirements

This report replaces OLR Report (2010-R-0507) in describing Connecticut's statutory rate review requirements for individual and group health insurance policies, and what factors are used by the Connecticut Insurance Department to approve an insurer's proposed rate increase.