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Recent Publications

2018 Major Issues Report

This report identifies and provides brief descriptions of important issues the General Assembly may face in the upcoming session.

2017 Changes to Income Tax Exemptions for Social Security and Pension Income

This report explains how the legislature changed the conditions under which taxpayers may claim state tax deductions for Social Security and pension and annuity income.

Miscarriage Burial Laws

This report provides a brief summary of the laws in Connecticut and other states regarding the disposition of miscarriage remains.

Denver Health

This report provides a brief overview of Denver Health, an integrative public health care system that provides coordinated care to Denver County residents, regardless of their ability to pay.

Income Tax on Pension and Annuity Income

This report describes the (1) phase-out of the income tax on pension and annuity income and (2) withholding requirement applicable to this income during the phase-out period.