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Recent Publications

Summary of the Revised Juan F. Consent Decree Exit Plan

This report summarizes the revised exit plan for the Juan F. consent decree that was ordered by the court in September 2016.

Executive and Legislative Nominations Committee Confirmations

This report describes the various titles and obligations of department heads, non-department heads, boards and commissions, higher education boards, and quasi-public agencies for which confirmations will be held before the Executive and Legislative Nominations Committee.

Issue Brief: CGS § 8-30G The Affordable Housing Land and Use Appeals Procedure

This report provides a brief overview of the affordable housing land use and appeals procedure, its history, and its guidelines.

Non-Medical Switching of Medications

This report addresses specific questions regarding non-medical switching of medications.

Questions on Pharmacy Benefit Managers and Formularies

This report addresses specific questions regarding pharmacy benefit managers and formularies

Legislators Testifying in Litigation

This report describes whether or not legislators have immunity from testifying about legislative activity in civil lawsuits if subpoenaed.

Supreme Court Decision in the DATTCO Case

This report summarizes the state Supreme Court's decision in Dattco Inc. et al v. the Commissioner of Transportation.

Lice in Schools

This report summarizes the state's laws and procedures for how schools handle cases of head lice.

Gun Storage Requirement

This report explains the law governing safe storage of guns to prevent minors from accessing them.

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