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Recent Publications

Public-Private State Marketing Organizations

This report provides examples of public-private partnership organizations that market and promote their states as a good place to do business.

Tolls and Transportation Funding

This report answers the questions: How many states have toll roads? In what other ways do states fund transportation projects?

Misrepresentation of a Service Animal

This report summarizes Massachusetts’s proposed bill about misrepresenting a service animal. It discusses whether Connecticut or any other state enacted a similar law?

Business Starts and Stops in Connecticut, 2000-2015

This report provides the number of business starts and stops in Connecticut from 2000-2015.

Light Pollution Laws

This report summarizes Connecticut’s laws that address light pollution and gives a brief overview of related laws in other states.

Connecticut's Admissions and Dues Taxes

This report explains the state’s admissions and dues taxes.

Medicare Savings Program

This report discusses the Medicare Savings Program (MSP), including recent changes to Connecticut’s MSP enacted as part of the FY 18 and 19 budgets.

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