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Recent Publications

The Planning and Placement Team Process

This report describes the events that must occur during the Planning and Placement Team process to determine a student's eligibility for special education services.

Stun Gun Statutes

This report provides examples of stun gun statutues from states in which people may legally carry stun guns.

Small Business Assistance Programs

This report summarizes Connecticut and other state and federal nonprofit programs that provide grants, loans, and tax breaks to small businesses.

Technical High School Teacher Certification Requirements and Student Transfer Models in Other States

This report describes technical high school entry-level teacher certification models in other states and samples of other states' policies for student transfers from traditional to technical high schools.

Court Appointed Special Advocates

This report describes the new court appointed special advocates (CASA) program in Connecticut's juvenile courts.

Sexual Assault Statute of Limitations

This report summarizes the statute of limitations for sexual assault cases under Connecticut law.

Captive Insurance Requirements and Statistics in Select States

This report compares domestic captive insurer requirements and statistics in Arizona, Connecticut, District of Columbia, South Carolina, and Vermont across seven specific measures.

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