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Recent Publications

Demographics: Connecticut's Senior Population

This report describes the demographic characteristics of Connecticut's senior population (e.g., residents age 65 years and older), largely based on the 2011-2015 American Community Survey 5-Year estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Federal Preemption Issues in Banking

This report explains federal preemption of state banking laws that address interest limits, account charges, gift card fees, and certain other topics.

Issue Brief: Disclosure Requirements Under the Truth-In-Lending Act

This issue brief explains, among other things, disclosure requirements under the Truth-In-Lending Act.

2-1-1 Infoline

This report answers the question: What entities oversee the 2-1-1 Infoline and verify the organizations and professionals listed in the 2-1-1 community services database?

Reports Submitted to the Commerce Committee

This report identifies the reports that agencies, commissions, and other entities must submit to the Commerce Committee, breaking out those that are required under 2017 public and special acts.

Economic Development Branding and Marketing in Other States

This report provides (1) an overview of economic development branding and marketing strategies and (2) examples of such efforts from other states.

Benefits for Veterans without Wartime Service

This report summarizes the benefits that state law gives to veterans who do not have wartime service.