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Recent Publications

Teachers and Social Security

This report provides background information explaining why Connecticut public school teachers are not covered by Social Security.

Prescription Drug Formulary Legislation in Select States

This report describes and compares legislation in California, Connecticut, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas that prohibits insurers from making mid plan-year prescription drug formulary changes.

Cost of Public Construction Projects in Connecticut and Selected Other States

This report compares the cost of public construction projects in Connecticut with those in Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New YOrk.

Merger of Municipalities

This report explains how two municipalities can voluntarily merge into one.

CGS Section 38a-518f - Insurance Coverage for Certain Prescription Drugs Removed from a Formulary

This report provides a legislative history of CGS Section 38a-518f and answers specific questions about the statute. Additionally, it addresses whether state law requires health insurers and HMOs to notify enrollees of prescription drug coverage changes, including formulary changes.

Crimes with Mandatory Minimum Prison Sentences

This report lists Connecticut criminal offenses that have mandatory minimum prison sentences. It updates OLR Report 2015-R-0055 to reflect changes from the 2015, 2016, and 2017 legislative sessions.

Cooperative Postadoption Agreements

This report describes the laws on cooperative postadoption agreements and the circumstances in which a birth parent may have contact with his or her child after the child is adopted.

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