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Recent Publications

Comparison of Charter, Magnet, Agricultural Science Centers, and Technical High Schools

This report compares the state laws and funding for four types of public schools: charter schools, interdistrict magnet schools, regional agricultural science and technology education centers and technical high schools.

Municipality Accountability Review Board Law

This report analyzes the new law establishing the Municipal Accountability Review Board and authorizing municipalities to be designated in one of four tiers.

Whiting Forensic Hosital Patient Abuse Investigations

This report briefly describes the mission of Whiting Forensic Hospital and the status of the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services' recent investigations of patient abuse at the hospital and the hospital's Medicare certification.

Mandatory Reporting of Elder Abuse

This report provides information on Connecticut's elder abuse reporting requirements and statutory penalties.

Special Parole

This report provides a summary of Connecticut's Special Parole System.

Motor Fuel Taxes

This report briefly explains the Connecticut taxes that apply to motor fuels and how the rates have changed since 1990. It also provides the revenue raised and how it compares to similar taxes in other states.

E-Cigarettes and Minors

This report describes the laws on the sale or use of electronic nicotine delivery systems and vapor products that apply to minors.

Impact of Limiting the SALT Deduction on Connecticut

This report explains the new federal tax law's (1) limit on the state and local tax deduction and (2) impact on Connecticut taxpayers and the state budget.

Tenants, Lodgers, and Long-Term Guests

This report explains how Connecticut law (1) differentiates between tenants and logers and (2) determines when a guest may gain the protections of a tenant.