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Recent Publications

Budgets and Endowments of Flagship State Universities

This report provides the budget revenue percentage that is state appropriated, per-student amount of state support, and endowment size of flagship public universities in all 50 states.

Meeting Requirements for Municipal Agencies Under the Freedom of Information Act

This report summarizes the requirements for municipal boards and commissions under the Freedom of Information Act with respect to meetings, including those for ntoices, agendas, vote records, minutes, and public participation.

Other States' Distressed Municipalities Programs

This report describes how other states assist distressed municipalities.

Acts Affecting Lakes, 2012-2017

This report summarizes state laws that passed between 2012 and 2017 affecting lakes (e.g., water quality, land use, recreational activity).

Recanvass of the Vote After a Municipal Primary or Election

This report summarizes the circumstances under which a recanvass occurs after a municipal primary or election, the related requirements and procedures, and the involved candidates’ rights.

Gubernatorial Line Item Veto Power in Connecticut

This report explains the governor's line item veto power in Connecticut, including how the governor exercises it and its application to tax provisions and appropriation reductions.

Health Insurance Rate Review Standards in Vermont

This report describes Vermont's health insurance rate review standards.

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