Office of Legislative Management

Building Hours and After Hours Access

  1. The State Capitol and the Legislative Office Building are open to the public from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and at such other times as official public business of the General Assembly is conducted.

    • Public Access to the State Capitol and Legislative Office Building

      • The public entrances are located on the west side of both buildings. Members of the public will be required to walk through a metal detector and have all property scanned through a package scanner. Once a visitor has gone through the screening process, access between the buildings is available via the concourse and additional screening is not necessary.

      • Anyone who does not possess a Connecticut General Assembly issued ID/Access card is considered a member of the public.

    • Connecticut Capitol Complex

      Items Prohibited From Entering the Capitol Complex

      • Any weapon, whether loaded or unloaded, from which a shot may be discharged
      • BB gun
      • A billy, billyclub, nightstick, baton
      • Bludgeon
      • Blackjack, leather sap
      • Metal knuckles, brass knuckles
      • Dirk knife
      • Switch knife, switchblade knife
      • Stiletto knife
      • Gravity knife
      • Any knife with a blade over one and one-half inches in length with an automatic spring release device by which the blade is released from the handle
      • Any knife the edge portion of the blade of which is four inches or more in length,
      • Any knife such as keychain, pen, or pocket
      • Box cutters or razor knives
      • Fogger size pepper spray
      • Martial arts weapon
      • Electronic defense weapon
      • Explosive device
      • Incendiary device
      • Fireworks, firecrackers
      • Any other dangerous or deadly weapon or instrument
      • Any other dangerous or deadly device
  2. The building is normally closed on state observed holidays.

  3. Entrance to any office under the supervision of the Joint Committee on Legislative Management after regular work hours or on days when those offices would normally be closed is prohibited.

  4. The following persons may be admitted to office areas assigned to them for their use in carrying out their official responsibilities outside regular work hours:
  • members of the General Assembly;
  • employees of the General Assembly;
  • executive branch employees who normally work in the Capitol;
  • representatives of the news media who have offices in the Capitol;
  • legislative interns who have made prior arrangements for such entrance with the legislator to whom they are assigned and with the State Capitol Police.
  1. All vendors, service people and contractors working in either the Capitol or Legislative Office Building must sign in with the State Capitol Police before starting work.
  • All such persons will be issued a vendor badge when they sign in and must display the badge at all times while they are in the building or on the grounds.
  • Such persons must show a valid picture ID at the time they sign-in and the ID will be held by the State Capitol Police until the vendor badge is returned.