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President Pro Tempore, Kevin B. Sullivan
Majority Leader, George C. Jepsen
Deputy President Pro Tempore, Alvin W. Penn
Deputy Majority Leader, Thomas P. Gaffey
Deputy Majority Leader, Melodie Peters
Assistant President Pro Tempore, Biagio "Billy" Ciotto
Assistant President Pro Tempore, Eileen M. Daily
Chief Assistant Majority Leader, Thomas A. Colapietro
Assistant Majority Leader, Thomas A. Bozek
Assistant Majority Leader, Eric D. Coleman
Assistant Majority Leader, Toni Nathaniel Harp
Majority Whip, Brian McDermott

Minority Leader, M. Adela Eads
Minority Leader Pro Tempore, James T. Fleming
Deputy Minority Leader, Louis C. DeLuca
Deputy Minority Leader, George L. Gunther
Deputy Minority Leader, Thomas F. (Tim) Upson
Assistant Minority Leader, Judith G. Freedman
Assistant Minority Leader, Robert L. Genuario
Assistant Minority Leader, William H. Nickerson
Assistant Minority Leader, Angelina Lee Scarpetti
Assistant Minority Leader, Winthrop Smith, Jr.
Assistant Minority Leader, Stephen R. Somma
Minority Whip, William A. Aniskovich


Speaker of the House, Thomas D. Ritter
Majority Leader, Moira K. Lyons
Speaker Pro Tempore, David Pudlin
Deputy Speaker of the House, Joan V. Hartley
Deputy Speaker of the House, Wade A. Hyslop, Jr.
Deputy Majority Leader, Melody Currey
Deputy Majority Leader, Mary G. Fritz
Deputy Majority Leader, Robert D. Godfrey
Deputy Majority Leader, Andrea L. Stillman
Assistant Majority Leader, Reginald G. Beamon
Assistant Majority Leader, Annette Carter
Assistant Majority Leader, Thomas F. Conway
Assistant Majority Leader, Nancy A. DeMarinis
Assistant Majority Leader, Patricia A. Dillon
Assistant Majority Leader, Louis P. Esposito, Jr.
Assistant Majority Leader, Edna I. Garcia
Assistant Majority Leader, Frederick A. Gelsi
Assistant Majority Leader, Marie Lopez Kirkley-Bey
Assistant Majority Leader, John J. Lescoe
Assistant Majority Leader, John D. Mordasky
Assistant Majority Leader, Gary Orefice
Assistant Majority Leader, Joseph C. Serra
Assistant Majority Leader, John W. Thompson
Assistant Majority Leader, Vincent J. Tonucci
Assistant Majority Leader, Christel H. Truglia
Majority Whip, Alex Knopp
Majority Whip, Ernest E. Newton, II
Majority Whip, Richard D. Tulisano

Minority Leader, Robert M. Ward
Deputy Minority Leader, Lawrence F. Cafero, Jr.
Deputy Minority Leader, Brian J. Flaherty
Deputy Minority Leader at Large, Richard O. Belden
Assistant Minority Leader, Ann P. Dandrow
Assistant Minority Leader, Ex-officio, Chris DePino
Assistant Minority Leader, Angelo M. Fusco
Assistant Minority Leader, Robert A, Maddox, Jr.
Assistant Minority Leader, Claudia "Dolly" Powers
Assistant Minority Leader, F. Philip Prelli
Assistant Minority Leader, Pamela Z. Sawyer
Assistant Minority Leader, Lenny T. Winkler
Minority Whip, Raymond V. Collins
Minority Whip, Ruth C. Fahrbach
Minority Whip, John E. Piscopo

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