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OFA Budget Sheets FY 20-21


Subcommittee Governor's Budget Agency Hearing Phase Appropriations Committee Budget
Regulation and Protection 02/22/201904/30/2019
Conservation and Development 02/25/201904/30/2019
General Government A 02/26/201904/30/2019
General Government B 02/27/201904/30/2019
Legislative 02/27/201904/30/2019
Health 02/28/201904/30/2019
Judicial and Corrections 02/28/201904/30/2019
Transportation 02/28/201904/30/2019
Human Services 03/01/201904/30/2019
Elementary and Secondary Education 03/04/201904/30/2019
Higher Education 03/04/201904/30/2019

OFA Budget Sheets Revised FY 19                                                                

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