Connecticut Law Revision Commission


  • Rep. Arthur J. O’Neill
    Law Revision Commission Member

  • Mary M. Ackerly
    Gager & Peterson

  • Larry Berliner
    Office of Protection & Advocacy

  • Suzanne S. Bocchini
    Reid and Riege, P.C.

  • John D. Dragat
    West Hartford

  • Carolyn P. Gould
    New Haven

  • Paul A. Hudon
    West Hartford

  • Warren P. Johnson

  • Glenn E. Knierim

  • Honorable F. Paul Kurmay
    Probate Court Administrator

  • Roger P. Morgan
    Uniform Laws Commissioner

  • Sandra A. Trionfini
    Connecticut Legal Services

  • Suzanne Brown Walsh
    Copp & Berall

  • Professor Mary Moers Wenig
    Quinnipiac College School of Law

  • Martin Wolman

  • Professor Elias Clark
    Yale Law School

  • Professor John H. Langbein
    Yale University School of Law
  • October 27, 1999 Memo:  Approval of proposed drafts, actions at October meeting, proposal re appointment of guardian
  • November 10, 1999 Memo:  Notice of Meeting November 18, 1999
  • Recommendations Made to the Judiciary Committee - 1999 Session
  • Public Act 99-84
  • Recommendations Made to the Judiciary Committee - 2000 Session