Joint Committee on Legislative Management

The Joint Committee on Legislative Management conducts the business affairs of the General Assembly. Said committee shall consist of nineteen members of the House who shall be the Speaker, the Deputy Speakers, the Majority Leader, three members appointed by the Majority Leader, four members appointed by the Speaker, the Minority Leader and two Deputy Minority Leaders designated by the Minority Leader of the House and four members designated by the Minority Leader of the House, thirteen members of the Senate who shall be the President Pro Tempore, Majority Leader, a Deputy Majority Leader designated by the Majority Leader, and five members of the Senate designated by the President Pro Tempore, the Senate Republican President Pro Tempore, an Assistant Republican Leader designated by the Senate Republican President Pro Tempore and three members of the Senate designated by the Senate Republican President Pro Tempore. In matters of legislative operations, it shall include the legislative commissioners and the clerks of each House ex officio.

The Joint Committee shall be chaired by the President Pro Tempore, Senate Republican President Pro Tempore and the Speaker. A majority of the membership shall constitute a quorum and all actions shall require the affirmative vote of a majority. At any meeting, if a committee member present of either House requests, a vote of the majority of the members present of each House shall be required for approval of a question. It shall be responsible for the operation of the General Assembly, coordination and supervision of committee work, improvement of legislative operations and deciding on matters of organization, procedures, facilities and working conditions of the General Assembly and compensation of employees of the legislative branch. All bills and resolutions relating to such matters shall be referred to said committee. The committee shall also have cognizance of legislative task forces and studies.



  Committee Membership   

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 Print List

District Position Name  Website Party
S11 Co-Chair Looney, Martin M. D
001 Co-Chair Ritter, Matthew D
S25 Vice Chair Duff, Bob D
009 Vice Chair Rojas, Jason D
S21 Ranking Member Kelly, Kevin C. R
086 Ranking Member Candelora, Vincent J. R
S04 Member Cassano, Steve D
S01 Member Fonfara, John W. D
S15 Member Hartley, Joan V. D
S22 Member Moore, Marilyn V. D
S19 Member Osten, Catherine A. D
072 Member Butler, Larry B. D
032 Member Carpino, Christie M. R
065 Member Cook, Michelle L. D
134 Member Devlin, Laura M. R
110 Member Godfrey, Bob D
003 Member Gonzalez, Minnie D
125 Member O Dea, Tom R
113 Member Perillo, Jason R
076 Member Piscopo, John E. R
075 Member Reyes, Geraldo C. D
046 Member Riley, Emmett D. D
084 Member Santiago, Hilda E. D
126 Member Stallworth, Charlie L. D
089 Member Zupkus, Lezlye R


Joint Committee on Legislative Management
  • Legislative Office Building, Room 5100
  • Hartford, CT 06106
  •   (860) 240‑0100
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  •   Privacy Notice – Important 
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    Please be aware that all submitted testimony is public record. Depending upon the information you supply, this may reveal some or all of the following: Email address, physical address, phone number, name, age, and other personal information. All submissions are uploaded or scanned and linked on the Connecticut General Assembly website.

    All public hearing testimony, written and spoken, is public information. As such, it will be made available on the CGA website and indexed by internet search engines.

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