Task Force on Childhood Obesity

Substitute House Bill No. 6525, Public Act No. 13-173 established a Task Force on Childhood Obesity to study the effects of obesity on children's health. The task force shall: (1) Gather and maintain current information regarding childhood obesity that can be used to better understand the impact of obesity on children's health; (2) examine the nutrition standards for all food procured by the state; (3) explore ways to increase physical activity in children; (4) recommend the implementation of a pilot program through one local or regional board of education to schedule recess before lunch in elementary school; and (5) advise the General Assembly and Governor concerning the coordination and administration of state programs that may reduce the incidents of childhood obesity.


    Task Force on Childhood Obesity
  • Committee on Children
  • State Capitol Building, Room 011
  • Hartford, CT 06106
  •    (860) 240-0370
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