Committee on Children's RBA Report Card Project

All Connecticut children grow up in a stable living environment, safe, healthy, and prepared to lead successful lives.


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CT Kids Report Card Leadership Committee

This group, made up of the heads of key partner agencies and organizations, provides the Committee on Children with high level executive input needed to identify and promote implementation of strategies that ensure Connecticut's young people grow up in stable environments, safe, healthy, and ready to lead successful lives. The Leadership Committee will meet quarterly to help set, steer, and monitor the state's course of action for achieving the quality of life results tracked by the CT Kids Report Card.

Mailing Address:

  • Children's RBA Report Card Project
  • Committee on Children
  • Capitol Building, Room 011
  • Hartford, CT 06106
  • Phone: 860-240-0370

CT Kid's Report Card Working Group

As described in P.A. 11-109, this group of stakeholders who represent many agencies, public and private organizations, and individuals was formed in September 2011 to assist the Committee on Children with the development of initial indicators for an RBA children's report card. After the electronic Report Card was first published in September 2012; many members of the working group took up roles as stakeholders on our leadership committee or as members of Strategic Action Groups. The Working group at large is still called upon periodically to provide feedback on indicator alterations, stories behind the curve, and other changes as needed.

Strategic Action Groups

Chronic Absenteeism
School Based Health Centers