Habeas Corpus Matters Task Force

Special Act 18-18. An Act Establishing a Task Force to Promote Efficiencies in the Filing of Habeas Corpus Matters to study the filing of habeas corpus matters in the state. The task force shall examine methods that allow the state to better evaluate an application for a writ of habeas corpus at the time of filing in order to reduce the number of frivolous applications filed.


Habeas Corpus Matters Task Force

Documents and Meetings

  February 19, 2020   

  February 6, 2020 Successive Habeas Petition Subcommittee  

  January 29, 2020 Pet. Cert. Subcommittee  

  January 15, 2020   

  December 18, 2019 Pet. Cert Subcommittee  

  November 20, 2019   

  October 16, 2019   

  September 18, 2019   

  August 21, 2019   

  July 17, 2019   

  June 25, 2019