Former Interns

Ethan M Ives, 2013 Legislative Session
University of Connecticut, Class of 2014

The Connecticut General Assembly Internship program was one that was incredibly valuable to me. Whether you plan pursuing a career in politics or not this internship is one that helps prepare you for the “real world”. You are forced to learn how to network and interact with professionals on a daily bases, really preparing you for any career you plan on choosing.

Joshua Quintana, 2013 Legislative Session
Manchester Community College, Class of 2013

Being an Intern for the Connecticut General assembly was one of the single greatest things that I have experienced in my life. Not only did I learn how my State Legislature functions, but thanks to the program I met people who not only share my interest in State governance and policy, but have also helped me grow both personally and professionally. I am far better off for having been a part of the Legislative Internship Program and I could not recommend it higher to anyone who has an interest in seeing the nuts and bolts of State Government from the inside.

Ussawin Robin Bumpen, 2012 Legislative Session
Central Connecticut State University, Class of 2013

My experience was simply amazing. The internship program was more than stapling paper and stuffing envelopes. As an intern through the Legislative Internship Program I was immersed in many aspects of the legislative network. I was blessed to have been involved with in-district events, legislative research, and committee tasks. What I appreciate most was building lasting relationships with my fellow interns, office staff, legislators, and other members of both municipal and congressional offices. The internship program certainly is a great stepping stone for anyone interested in public service.

Julia Tao, 2011 Legislative Session
University of Connecticut, Class of 2012

I really enjoyed my internship at the Connecticut General Assembly. I worked with Representative Patricia Billie Miller and responded directly to her constituents. I enjoyed knowing that someone was benefiting from my work. I was also able to make new friends with similar interests whom I would never have met otherwise without this program.

Shayne Koplowitz, 2011 Legislative Session
Central Connecticut State University, Class of 2011

The Connecticut General Assembly Internship really helped me appreciate the complexity of policy creation within the State of Connecticut. It helped me to learn a lot about the type of worker I am, and focus my attentions on the type of career I wish to pursue.

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