Internship Application

Application Procedure

First, contact the official Legislative Internship Program Advisor on your campus. Each school has different registration requirements in relation to eligibility criteria and credit. You must work with this advisor through the application process.
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Second, complete our online application. The application for each program year is posted in the preceding September.

Following submittal of the online application, you will need to email the following four components to

  • a cover letter expressing your interest in applying for the internship;
  • a one page resume that outlines your educational background, honors or recognition, work experience, activities, special skills, etc.;
  • a transcript from the college that you currently attend. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable. Applicants must complete at least 20 college credits by January 2016. The Internship Committee may require an updated transcript at the beginning of the internship if Fall 2015 classes are needed to meet this requirement.

Applications will be considered incomplete until all four of the components above have been submitted. Incomplete applications will not be accepted and/or reviewed.

Third, provide your designated On-Campus Advisor with the following:

  • two letters of recommendation from people who know you well and can provide an accurate view of your strengths and weaknesses;
  • A copy of the transcript you provided with your program application.

Our On-Campus Program Advisors must complete a Campus Advisor Recommendation Form for each student applicant. This form will become part of your application
Without this form, your application will be considered incomplete and will not be accepted by the program.

Unless stated otherwise, all materials are due to your designated On-Campus Advisor in advance of the November 1st application deadline to allow for appropriate follow-up on their part.

Internship On Line Application Form

Campus Advisor Recommendation Form