Human Services Committee

The Human Services Committee has cognizance over all matters relating to the Department of Social Services, including institutions under its jurisdiction, the Office of Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities and the Department of Rehabilitation Services.



  Committee Membership   

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 Print List

District Position Name  Website Party
S22 Co-Chair Moore, Marilyn V. D
083 Co-Chair Abercrombie, Catherine F. D
S17 Ranking Member Logan, George S. R
063 Ranking Member Case, Jay M. R
S05 Vice Chair Slap, Derek D
053 Vice Chair Wilson Pheanious, Pat D
S14 Member Maroney, James J. D
072 Member Butler, Larry B. D
065 Member Cook, Michelle L. D
142 Member Dathan, Lucy D
135 Member Hughes, Anne Meiman D
005 Member McGee, Brandon L. D
084 Member Santiago, Hilda E. D
126 Member Stallworth, Charlie L. D
071 Member D Amelio, Anthony J. R
055 Member Green, Robin R
080 Member Mastrofrancesco, Gale L. R
112 Member Sredzinski, J.P. R
141 Member Wood, Terrie E. R


Human Services Committee
  • Legislative Office Building, Room 2000
  • Hartford, CT 06106
  •   (860) 240‑0492
  •   (860) 240‑0198
  •   Public Hearing Testimony 
  •   Privacy Notice – Important 
  •   Privacy Notice – Important 
  • Public Hearing Testimony and Other Written Submissions

    Please be aware that all submitted testimony is public record. Depending upon the information you supply, this may reveal some or all of the following: Email address, physical address, phone number, name, age, and other personal information. Mail and FAX submissions are scanned and linked on the Connecticut General Assembly website.

    This information would also be available to be found using internet search engines.

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