Office of the House Clerk


Thomas M. Waller

Portrait of Former Speaker Thomas M. Waller (1840-1924)

Speaker of the Connecticut House of Representatives 1876

Born in 1840 at New York, New York


1870-1871 Connecticut Secretary of State

1883-1885 Governor

1885-1889 Consul-General to London

Died in 1924 at New London, Connecticut


Thomas Waller was born in New York City to poor Irish Immigrants. He attended school in New London. His parents died before he was eight. An orphan, Waller survived his plight by selling newspapers. Waller attended law school and used his talents to recruit volunteers to fight for the Union. He served as Mayor of New London, 1873-1879. In 1884, Waller made a speech at the Democratic National Convention where Grover Cleveland was nominated for President.

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