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Jonathan Trumbull, 2nd

Portrait of Former Speaker of the House, Jonathan Trumbull 2nd (1740-1809)

Speaker of the Connecticut House of Representatives 1788-1789

Born in 1740 at Lebanon, Connecticut

Graduate of Harvard College, 1759


1789-1795 U.S. House of Representatives

1795-1796 U.S. Senate

1796-1797 Lt. Governor

1797-1809 Governor of the State of Connecticut

Died in 1809 at Lebanon, Connecticut

Jonathan Trumbull Jr., was the son of the famous Revolutionary era governor of the same name. He served during a time when the two party system first came into being. Trumbull married Eunice Bachus in 1766 and worked as a merchant. He held local office until being elected to the General Assembly. In 1788, he became Speaker of the House.

During the Revolutionary War, Trumbull served as paymaster for the army and then became George Washington's personal secretary. He was elected to the 1st Congress of the United States in 1789 and served on the federal level until returning to Connecticut in 1796. He succeeded Oliver Wolcott as Governor when Wolcott died in 1797.

As Governor, Jonathan Trumbull opposed the Federal government's attempt to use the States troops to enforce the Embargo Act of 1807. He succeeded at keeping State Federalists from pushing the issue of whether Connecticut should leave the union, while maintaining the States autonomy.

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