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bullet Journals - The official record of the events and actions that occur in the Senate and House on each session day. Separate Journals are published for each Chamber of the General Assembly.
bullet Calendars - A daily compilation of bills and resolutions awaiting action by the full Senate or House of Representatives.
bullet Bulletins - Short for Legislative Bulletin, this document illustrates the schedule for legislative sessions, public hearings, committee meetings and other events containing notes of interest to legislators and staff. It is published daily when the General Assembly is in session.
bullet List of Bills - Printed list of bill and resolution containing titles, numbers, suggested committee referrals, and statements of purpose for bills and resolutions filed in the Senate and House Clerks’ offices. Acceptance of a list of bills by the House constitutes each bill’s first reading and automatically refers the bills to their designated committees. In the Senate, bills must also appear on the Senate agenda.
bullet Go Lists - Made available by the Speaker, this list of bills or resolutions on the Calendar reflects the legislation the House intends to take up on a particular session day.
bullet Transcripts - A written verbatim record of the proceedings of House or Senate debates or Committee public hearings. No transcripts are made of committee meetings.

Additional Publications

bullet List of Bills Passed - A running "scoreboard" of action taken on bills or resolutions in each Chamber as well as action taken by the Governor.
bullet CT General Statutes - The codified laws of the State of Connecticut.
bullet Committee Action Reports - A weekly record of committee action taken on legislation in the General Assembly.


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