Office of the House Clerk


Position Descriptions


Clerk and Assistant Clerk
The members elect the Clerk of the House and an Assistant Clerk is appointed by resolution. It is the duty of the Clerk to: (a) keep adequate records of the proceedings of the House; (b) read all bills, resolutions and other instruments presented for action; (c) maintain a Journal and a daily Calendar enumerating accurate records of all transactions between the House and Senate; (d) prepare and distribute to members a thorough record of the action on all bills and resolutions; (e) supervise the distribution of the Journal, Bulletin and Calendar, and (f) sign bills upon engrossment.

Permanent Assistant Clerk
Responsible for the daily management of the House Clerk's Office and insures the proper processing of legislation according to statute and rule. Coordinates, on behalf of leadership, the support operations of the House with service to 151 Members. Works closely with leadership in a wide range of parliamentary matters, requiring political sensitivity, an ability to work under pressure with advanced interpersonal skills. Provides training to incoming Speakers, Deputy Speakers, Deputy Majority Leaders and Committee Chairpersons concerning parliamentary procedures and language of motions used on the House floor when presiding over the Chamber or "bringing out" legislation. Responsible for assisting the Speaker and Senior Aides to the Speaker with planning and preparing annual "Opening Day" agenda. Acts as advisor to legislators, staff, caucus attorneys and committee clerks concerning legislative parliamentary and procedural guidelines. Acts as chief Chamber administrator in the House of Representatives. Advises Speaker, Majority Leader and Minority Leader, as well as Deputies and Counsel, during the Regular Session activities concerning procedure and the status of legislation. Assist with the orientation of freshman legislators, after each election cycle, in conjunction with other core office directors. Provides parliamentary and procedural guidance to visiting dignitaries and guests of the House of Representatives. Coordinates the work of the Bill Room, Messengers, Information Room and Legislative Bulletin Room. Plans, organizes, manages and supervises the full-time permanent staff and session-only staff of the Clerk's Office. Coordinates and oversees the preparation of the daily and permanent records of the House of Representatives. Verifies the accuracy of the transcribed proceedings of Committees as well as the House of Representatives. Supervises the operation of the House voting, sound and lighting systems. Directs the Legislative Information Office. Ensures statutory, constitutional and legislative rules are followed. Functions as Clerk for all technical sessions and Regular Sessions when the Clerk is unavailable. Coordinates record keeping and maintains all official records. Represents the Clerk's Office at all formal and informal educational, training, service/contract related and ceremonial gatherings where the duties of the Clerk's Office and legislative procedure require explanation.

Calendar Clerk
Responsible for preparing the daily House Calendar. Duties require a physical checking of all bills and resolutions for stamping, committee directions and actions. Once the accuracy has been established, the information is promptly inputted into the computer for all users within the legislative information network. Also serves as backup for the Clerk and Assistant Clerk on the floor of the House

Bill Clerk
Author of the Legislative Record Index, an annual publication that provides comprehensive data of bill and resolution history, introducer index, subject index, Public and Special acts and List of Bills approved from the Regular Session, Veto Session and Special Sessions. Responsibilities include the daily recording and posting of all actions relating to legislative proceedings; assisting in the House of Representatives floor operations; presiding over the procedure by which legislation, amendments, and other legislative terms are entered into the legislative indices; correspondence and help desk services to Representatives, Senators, agencies and the public.

Staff Assistant
Answers telephone, greets office visitors and provides legislative information by phone and in person to legislators, staff and members of the public. Assists with general office duties. Perform initial processing of bills for first reading. Responsible for the daily production of the List of Bills. Responsible for filing, receiving and recording all amendments filed in the House of Representatives. Prepares official citations and distribute for official signatures. Receives and distributes House of Representatives "Go-List" at the start of each Regular Session day. Maintains file of all official engrossed public acts for general distribution.

Journal Clerk
Responsible for acquiring, compiling, originating, assembling and editing, in a chronological format, all floor actions of the Connecticut House of Representatives. Process requires complete knowledge and interpretation of legislative actions mandated by the rules. The Journal must be produced with the highest degree of accuracy, judgement, interpretation and appropriate legislative language. Once the Legislature has adjourned the Regular Session, the Journal Clerk combines the daily entries to produce a permanent version, which becomes the official record. The permanent Journal is once again re-edited, re-printed, paginated and proofed extensively. After the document has been re-edited by the Journal Clerk and the Permanent Assistant Clerk, it is then produced as the official record of the Legislative Session for that year. Veto Sessions and all special sessions are handled in the same manner.

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