Education Committee

The Education Committee has cognizance of all matters relating to the Department of Education; local and regional boards of education and the substantive law of collective bargaining covering teachers and professional employees of such boards; vocational rehabilitation; the Commission on the Arts; and libraries, museums and historical and cultural associations.



  Committee Membership   

 Print List

 Print List

District Position Name  Website Party
025 Co-Chair Sanchez, Robert D
S02 Co-Chair McCrory, Douglas D
038 Ranking Member McCarty, Kathleen M. R
S32 Ranking Member Berthel, Eric C. R
031 Vice Chair Barry, Jill D
S13 Vice Chair Daugherty Abrams, Mary D
106 Member Bolinsky, Mitch R
108 Member Callahan, Patrick E. R
095 Member Candelaria, Juan R. D
023 Member Carney, Devin R. R
S35 Member Champagne, Dan R
065 Member Cook, Michelle L. D
102 Member Comey, Robin E. D
011 Member Currey, Jeff D
134 Member Devlin, Laura M. R
019 Member Exum, Tammy R. D
S36 Member Fazio, Ryan R
130 Member Felipe, Antonio D
149 Member Fiorello, Kimberly R
S29 Member Flexer, Mae D
010 Member Genga, Henry J. D
015 Member Gibson, Bobby G. D
034 Member Haines, Irene M. R
107 Member Harding, Stephen G. R
049 Member Johnson, Susan M. D
119 Member Kennedy, Kathy R
S24 Member Kushner, Julie D
132 Member Leeper, Jennifer D
116 Member McGee, Trenee D
S27 Member Miller, Patricia Billie D
073 Member Napoli, Ronald A. D
039 Member Nolan, Anthony L. D
145 Member Paris, Corey P. D
101 Member Parker, John-Michael D
022 Member Petit, William A. R
024 Member Sanchez, Emmanuel D
118 Member Smith, Frank D
030 Member Veach, Donna R
114 Member Welander, Mary D
S10 Member Winfield, Gary A. D


Education Committee
  • Legislative Office Building, Room 3100
  • Hartford, CT 06106
  •   (860) 240‑0420
  •   Public Hearing Testimony 
  •   Privacy Notice – Important 
  •   Privacy Notice – Important 
  • Public Hearing Testimony and Other Written Submissions

    Please be aware that all submitted testimony is public record. Depending upon the information you supply, this may reveal some or all of the following: Email address, physical address, phone number, name, age, and other personal information. All submissions are uploaded or scanned and linked on the Connecticut General Assembly website.

    All public hearing testimony, written and spoken, is public information. As such, it will be made available on the CGA website and indexed by internet search engines.

  •    Committee Calendar

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